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Ron centenario 25 year rum

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73 Ron Centenario 25-Year ratings

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I was gifted this nice bottle by my Ride-Or-Die Chick and had been looking forward to trying it for some time. In the glass, the alcohol scent is present but flows nicely with the molasses and cola aroma. At first taste, you get rich dark fruit followed by a noticeable but mellow oak flavor. Smooth on the back end with a good heat in the chest. A delicious thing that can only be enjoyed in small doses due to its heaviness, very much like my Ride-Or-Die Chick.


My first review on this site (like the site 😃). I'm a fairly inexperienced rum drinker, especially when it comes to the more expensive bottle. This Centenario 25 is the most expensive I ever bought but fell in love with it, truly a very nice and smooth rum. It's easy to drink and has a great smell to it, enjoy smelling the cork, it's awesome.
Think I finished this bottle way too soon 😃


Sugar: 41to 45 gpl. This is a fantastic rum. Great aroma of brown sugar, Christmas cake, Cedar or fresh cut Oak dipped in Vanilla. Take a couple long sniffs before you even taste this rum to savour the aroma. Similar in sweetness to the 20 year old but the smell and taste of this one is just that much better. No burn on entry, smooth and soft on the palate followed up with some nice long lasting heat but no burn. A fantastic sipping rum. Don't even dare to mix this with anything. This rum is about $20 USD more than the 20 year version, but in my opinion it's well worth the extra money. If you liked the 20 year old vintage, you will love this one. Get 2 bottles. You won't regret it.

I think Centenario 20, 25 and 30 year is some very good rums, but this one must be the best for the price. it has a dark golden color, and is very enjoyable to sid down and smell to. The nose offers notes as caramel, vanilla and hints of chocolate and nuts. The palate is also very enjoyable and easy to drink, and there I find notes as vanilla, caramel and oak that ends up with molasses. The aftertaste is long and sweet!

I received it as a gift for my birthdayand I must say wow!an excellent rum very smooth great taste awesome flavor pricey but well worth it......highly recommend it.enjoy

This is what aged rum is all about. Not super sweet just good tasting smooth delicious rum like a fine cognac! No ice! Just a snifter or rum glass.

If you are ready to move to a sweeter rum than the richly-spice, perhaps perfectly-balanced Ron Zacapa 23, then Ron Centenario 25 is the ideal choice. The 25's sweetness borders on the syrupy. Yet, there is so much piquant rum-ness present that one merely luxuriates in the extra sugar. I prefer big blooming vanilla rums over those that dry out the spices and merely hint at caramel and fruitcake. My favorite budget rum, Ron Abuelo Anejo, for example is more deply satisfying than Ron Centenario 5. Yet, between 5 and 25 years or whatever the numbers stand for, Ron Centenario 25 transforms itself into one of the most delicious libations on the planet. Although it may be cloyingly sweet for purists, RC 25 conveys the casual drinker to the promised land of rum and honey.

Very smooth. Does not need to breath as compared to the younger Centenario rums. Nice aroma, drinks easily and leaves a nice warm after taste.

This Centenario 25 has a nice amber/gold color which is most probably due to the caramel which is well present with a little touch of vanilla. Alcohol taste is well present at the begining but not too much. The after taste is long and pleasant. Really easy to drink. It will stay most probably a long time in my top 5 ! :-) Enjoy !

Got is a a gift from my father in law. A bit sweet, very smooth. Subtle vanilla and caramel. Drinks easy and is very, very enjoyable. Get one, you won't regret it! Can't wait for my next trip to Costa Rica to replenish my stock.

You have to try this one. Drink it neat! It is a benchmark for so many other.

This is one of the easier drinking rums I've had. It doesn't smell or taste like it's 40% (more like 35-39%). It has a wonderful sweet caramel smell to it, and tastes equally nice too. Sweeter than the Centenario 30 (and even slightly better imho), this is simply an exceptional rum!

Super lækker Rom.
Lækker duft.
Smagen er fantastisk.
Eftersmagen er lang og behagelig.

Totally new to fine the fine Rum scene. Was at Burlock Coast in Ft Lauderdale and went through a few tastings. Grabbed this and started making Old Fashioned's with it, but switched to just a block of ice. Smooth and enjoyable.

Cette bouteille m'a été conseillée par La Maison des Rhums à Lyon et je l'ai achetée à l'aveugle. Quelle belle surprise pour un prix abordable ! Une complexité aromatique assez dingue et parfaitement équilibrée, avec en plus beaucoup de douceur. J'adore !

Sweet, smooth, spicy, flavorful, great finish! Excellent price point!

I have tasted 15 or so $100 dollar rums, and this is one of my top 3. Smooth, flavorful, no kick on the back end.


Attended a rum festival in Amsterdam which gave me the opportunity to try this rum. It tasted great but I am not sure if the difference in price compared to the 20 year is worth it. Maybe i drank to much so my taste was disturbed but for now I stick to the 20 year.

In my experience there are sweet rum lovers and more raw rum lovers. I'm the latter, thus my rating, but if you are to sweeter notes you should definitely give this and any of the centenario vintages a go.

En ok sød rom - ikke videre interessant - men som sagt ok

Ron equilibrado, no esperaba que un ron de Costa Rica estuviera tan bueno, ron dulce excelente para tomarlo solo. Sin duda está en mi top ten!


Rich full flavour. Notes of fruit, vanilla, caramel and other. Really soft on tongue. Aftertaste stays mild. My first choice.

One of the best rums i've ever tried. Long smooth aftertaste, not to sweet, very pleasant to sip.

Dejlig. Smagfuld. Mange noter og varme som virkeligt slipper fri i munden

Ron centenario 25 year rum