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Wow, this is a10.
Sweet but not to sweet. Nice colour. Extremly nice bottle.

This rum is a must at all times.
Those days when you dont want to go to fancy😉

Really like the colour.
Nice simple bottle.
Very smoth taste. Sweet and nice.

Didnt like this so much. To strong in taste. Nice bottle thou.

This is just too unsweet IMO. You get an initial oak and bourbon Barrel flavor that is similar to MGXO and just when you'd expect some kind of sweet finish... nope. That's where it's similarity to MGXO ends. What's interesting is that with the lack of sweetness you might expect a bitter or some kind of off-putting finish, but this rum just sorta smooths itself out. No lingering bitterness or anything that might keep one from continuing to drink it. Definitely smooth stuff. I like it as a complex dry sipper, but I don't prefer it bc I do enjoy some sweetness. Drinking it side by side with Don Q Gran Añejo, the sweetness in the Puerto Rican rum is fantastic and I never appreciated it more. Overall R L Seale's 10 year is solid unadulterated Bajan rum, but I don't like it as much as his Doorly's XO or 12 yr.


I like rum a lot, but I have never wanted to drink it straight. I prefer it in a (diet) Cuba libre. This rum is the smoothest rum that I have ever tasted.


Kraken! It immediately reminded me of Jaeger. Tried neat and it wasn't bad not something I would drink that way all the time.

Mixed with cola and it was ok but I do feel like it would be good with Dr Pepper or mr pibb.

Overall I like the kraken black spiced.

Don't have much to say that hasn't already been said. I personally Wouldn't recommend straight but actually really pretty Good with cola.

Me parece bien el aroma a especias y en boca los toques caracteriscos de esta marca pero sin llegar a impresión

This is really good for the price. It's a mixer that can pass for a sipper when on the rocks. The water smooths it out nicely. Clumsy when drinking neat

This was the first bottle of rum that I spent more than 40 dollars on, and at first I was a little bit disappointed. My go to rum is the Kirk and Sweeney 12 year, and even though I like it better than this Zacapa 23 year after a second tasting I appreciate it a little more. At first sniff, it was a little harsh and needed to breath but after a good breathing it calmed down a bit and more flavors came out. I'm sure many will thumb their nose at me, but I'm not a sipper I prefer to mix my rum with ginger ale but this rum was smooth enough that even I was able to drink it neat without mixing and to me that says something about the quality of the product. Still like K and S 12 year better but this is not a bad rum, and I would definitely recommend it.

A rather atypical flavour that is a bit too smokey or perhaps even whisky-like for my taste. Sweet, fruity, banana nose. And a saffrane note that lingers which I did like.

Me gusta, era lo que esperaba.
Semi dulce. Buen precio calidad.
Me gustaria saber que porcentaje es ron de 23 años... no creo que mucho

Another version of the XV series, I really like this one, same sweetness as the Tawny version, mouth filling loads of taste - who stays a long time, just a bit more dry on the end than the Tawny, and a lot drier than the Xoloroso version.

Det var en rigtig god oplevelse med de høje %er det passer godt til den dejlige sødme og kraftige smag, helt klart en jag skal i skabet

In my opinion to highly priced and compared to the Abuelo - this one for sure looses. Correct sweetness and mouth filling, but the taste us gone very quickly.

Super lækker creme Rom, passer fantastisk til dessert eller bare til lidt hygge

Dit moet de slechtste rum zijn die ik ooit heb gedronken. Ik hou deze in mijn collectie om net aan te tonen hoe het niet moet.
Maar we moeten in alles het positieve zoeken en ja ik moet zeggen dat hun marketing blijkt te werken. Deze fles werd mijn echtgenote aangeprezen in een gerenommeerde wijnhandel. Het moet gezegd het etiket en de fles zelf oogt mooi en zal vaak als cadeau gegeven worden.
Maar het eerstvolgende zintuig wordt onmiddellijk uitgeschakeld bij het openen. Een verfgeur die verdoezelt wordt door kunstmatig geproduceerde aroma's van vanille en appelsien. Nog voor het effectief proeven vragen je hersencellen zich af of we wel met een natuurlijk product te maken hebben.
Al onze sensoren in onze mond slaan alarm wanneer we het eerste zwelgje nemen. Onze tong en gehemelte ervaren geen enkele sensatie en moeten zich afvragen wat hiervan de bedoeling is. Alvorens het in te slikken probeer ik het nog eens te laten walsen, maar al mijn smaakpapillen maken mij duidelijk dit zo snel mogelijk te vergeten.
Een sterke ethanolsmaak en een walm van kunstmatige sinaasaroma's blijven in mijn keel achter terwijl ik de rum werkelijk richting maag voel lopen.
We eindigen hier echt waarmee we begonnen zijn. Ik heb niet alleen de verf geroken, maar nu proef ik hem ook werkelijk!

Het is zeker niet mijn bedoeling een product af te breken (lees mijn andere reviews), maar dit is echt niet de naam rum waardig. Dit ruikt en proeft chemisch alsof het gecreëerd en geproduceerd is in een laboratorium. Jammer.

Super lækker Rom, kan varmt anbefales, har en fantastisk god eftersmag

Arecha Ron carta oro is a rum very similar to Havana Club Anejo Especial for a couple bucks less.Great value for a quality,smooth tasting,slightly sweet rum.Would definitely buy again!

Nez très fort en alcool.
Bouche assez pauvre en arôme et finale alcoolisé.
Bof, bof, bof.

Found a bottle of this in the Bahamas and gave it a try.Did some research on it so I knew what I was in for before I tried it.It was a cheap $10, 750ml bottle and tasted like it.To start,I don't care for rums that taste more like whiskey,which this one does.(they age mostly in used jack daniels barrels ) It has a fairly strong alcohol burn and is suitable,only as a mixer.

I had been waiting for 3 years to taste this rum and I had the opportunity during a rum battle around 10 best ron. It has a beautiful dark amber color. At the nose, there are notes of toffee, coffee and chocolate. There is also honey and vanilla. In the mouth, the dark chocolate takes the top with a beautiful depth and a beautiful roundness. The spices arrive on a medium finish but the chocolate is for me always very present. A little disappointed.