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Really smooth, and flavourful. It makes your clothes fall off. lmao Must try!!

New to sipping rums, but a reasonable rum for the $30 at PA state stores. Bottle is nice. Drinking out of a whiskey glass. Nose is somewhat flat but taste is fairly smooth for the age with only mild alcohol burn. Hints of butter toffee and not overly sweet. A touch of raisin and minimal oak? Could use a bit more depth but for the price worth a try. Zafra 21 year got me started and this is not as complex.


Goodness!! Feels good going down. Have not found anything better.....NOT looking either. :-P

Sugar: estimated at 80 gpl.
This is not rum, and the label is honest about that as it does state that it's an orange rum liqueur. The rum part is smooth enough and it has a very nice aroma of oranges, but drinking this will put you into a sugar coma. I tried it on the rocks, with club soda, and in a Hurricane, but it failed. I suppose that with some effort you could come up with a decent orange flavored rum drink. There is some potential but with so many good rums on the market I think it's a waste of rum time.

Of the 3 Foursquare Cask offerings, the other 2 I'm aware of at least being the 2004 and the Zin, this Port finish is the sweetest. Not in a sugary way though. It seems the port tames the bourbon which in turn brings out the white oak wood with a hint of cedar. It's a lovely sipper with a kick that feels stronger than the noted 40% ABV. Perhaps it's the wood influence that is so tongue numbing.
Yes if you like wood, smoke, pepper and leather.
No if you like sugary candy smooth crap.

Sweet, easy to drink but somewhat artificial taste. Still nice Touch!

Ikke nogen udpræget succes. Tager til i smag når den får lov til at udfolde sig i glasset nogle minutter, også duften. Mindre eksplosion i munden, men falder fint til i eftersmagen hvor cognacfadet kam fornemmes. En smule røg fornemmes, og små noter af frugt. Langt fra min favorit, men prisen er billig og vel fornuftig.

Golden brown, and a wonderfull smell. Il be drinking this slow.

Absolutley fenominal, i can recomend this to everyone.

This is a lovely very vanilla flavoured rum , nice with cola and a slice of lime

I tried it with ice, but the alcohol taste is to strong. Easily consumable when you´r drunk or with coke.

I liked it a lot. A little bit of alcohol taste, but only little. With that cost rate it is a awesome choice.

A realy good rum. Tastes sweet and is a soft touch in mouth. Realy a good choice.

Very nice Barbados rum. Excellent for nice moments and relaxing time

This is very good value for the money. It is perfect for just those moments to sit and enjoy

One of the best from Matusalem. Nice taste! And semi soft flavour

A little strong and not so soft but very good taste

Should you find yourself overstocked with real cane Coke or Pepsi (which I prefer), and an ample supply of limes, and friends who are tolerable only when you got your buzz on, here is he place ot enjoy this inferior spirit. There are many areas where Thailand is numero uno: Muay Thai, Food, Independence, loyalty, big darn cat fish, scenery, and of course, lovely, lovely women. I always a large frozen pilsner glass, start with 2 cut up and muddled limes, a squirt of coconut milk or better creme 3 shots of Pharya Gold,add clear, cracked ice chipped off a block of ice using an Aranyik knife. Fill the glass with cola, light up a Thai stick blunt, enjoy. Do not exceed two of these (drinks). No driving, best not to talk too much and do not be the stoned jack ass to volunteer to be a muay thai punching bag. Chill, enjoy the three hours or so of buzz.

I don;t know what constitutes a flavored Rhum. This cane rhum, made in Brazil, has a distinct vanilla, matched by a clean, cane sweetness. It is very smooth, making me wonder what else is in there? So, for the purists, well, you may be taken aback by the vanilla top and bottom. I really enjoyed it. One of the most important qualities of any spirit is its drinkability. Second, is its adherence to tradition to its genre. Oronoco is as smooth as it gets, and has a cool, sweet pure cane gladness, with, as I've said, this real vanilla presence. Anyone who has purchased Mexican or south American vanilla, knows of its intense, clean and non-alcoholic properties, far different than vanilla bought for baking on the US. It seems this brand is no more. I can't find it anywhere.


Easy to drink rum, likeable by most (I presume). Not too complicated and currently my go-to rum to drink when I cannot decide what else to drink (although this might do it a little short).

not a bad sipper rum from plantation, this is a bit too light in colour and complexity for my palette but it’s still an ok rum. It also lacks a definitive taste complexion of not being dry or sweet

Relatively smooth, nice color and presentation out of the cylinder it came in. This just isn't a rum I'd go for given the price range. I'm finding it hard for me to go back to when it's sitting next to some more refined choices.

Smooth and good taste not too much and defenitely not too little.
A true favorite for good times

Illata intenzív, nekem füstös, fás, érett gyümölcsös. Az ízében is ugyanez jön vissza plusz egy kis vanília A végén egy kicsit csípős alkohol és keserűség, amire az illatából nem számítottam. Ez utóbbiakat nem igazán szeretem, de meglepően itt nem zavart, jól beleillett a kavalkádba. Elég száraz rum, amik nekem nem szoktak ízleni, de ez bejött. Az első jamaikai rumom, de ezek után biztos még kísérletezek tovább.