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Schönes Mahagoni im Glas, ein wenig dunkler als der 20 - Jährige.
In der Nase, deftige Holzdüfte mit Karamell, Leder, Tabak, alles richtig schwer und dunkel.
Im Gaumen prasseln die Aromen nur so auf die Zunge ein, sehr komplex, von allem etwas Zuckerrohr, Kokos, Banane, Papaya, Ananas, Melone, Birne, Apfel, Karamell, dunkle Schokolade, Holz, Harz...…..
Im Abgang super, alle Aromen schwingen mit, herrlich lang hält der Kakao an.
Einer der besten Ron dieser Welt (Kategorie Süss Rum), wie auch der 20 + 30 - yo. Für Einsteiger und Geniesser.

Beautiful mahogany in the glass, a little darker than the 20 - year - old.
In the nose, hearty woody scents with caramel, leather, tobacco, everything really heavy and dark.
On the palate, the flavors patter on the tongue, very complex, from everything a little sugar cane, coconut, banana, papaya, pineapple, melon, pear, apple, caramel, dark chocolate, wood, resin ... ... ..
The finish is great, all the aromas resonate, the cocoa lasts wonderfully long.
One of the best Ron in the world (sweet rum category) as well as the 20 + 30 - yo. For beginners and connoisseurs.

Very dark - strong liquorice aftertaste. Easy to sip neat

Schönes helles Bernstein mit Goldreflexen im Glas.
In der Nase, Holz, Nüsse, Karamell und frisch gepflückte Früchte die noch etwas unreif sind.
Im Gaumen die typische Agricole Schärfe die die Geschmacksknospen aufweckt. Reife tropische Früchte führen den Umzug der Geschmäcker an, gefolgt von leichten Karamelltönen, Nuancen von frisch gesägtem Holz, etwas Harz und Rauch.
Im Abgang bleibt das Karamell mit einer Priese Salz und dezenter Raucharomen sehr lange erhalten.
Ein leckerer Agricole für Liebhaber dieser Art von Rhum. Leider nur ein Muster, trinke Ihn aber noch vor Ort. 7+

Beautiful bright amber with gold reflections in the glass.
In the nose, wood, nuts, caramel and freshly picked fruits that are still a little unripe.
On the palate, the typical Agricole sharpness that wakes the taste buds. Ripe tropical fruits mark the relocation of tastes, followed by light caramel tones, nuances of freshly sawn wood, some resin and smoke.
In the finish, the caramel remains with a pinch of salt and subtle smoke flavors preserved for a long time.
A delicious Agricole for lovers of this type of rhum. Unfortunately only a sample, but i'll drink it locally. 7+

I always thought that Sailor Jerry was a joke but the joke was on me. I bought a bottle and was really impressed. It is an excellent mixer and it is corked! Sailor Jerry blows the doors off Pyrat. I'm sold on my newest well rum.


Beautiful old gold colour. The nose is on nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts. Honey, camphor, wax old furniture, woody. The first mouth is on spices, pepper, chilli. The suite is pastry and the woody gradually takes its place. With a long and hot finale on the spices. It's beautiful. Needs a lot of time of aeration. The only question is what is the share of vintage rum in this blend ??? Real rate = 8,5


Rommen dufter godt af vanilie og karamel. Starter med en eksplosion af smagsnuancer, som stikker i mange spændende retninger, men smagen når desværre at dampe af inden, man når at nyde det hele i fylde drag. Kunne godt få 9, hvis eftersmagen blev hængende. Kan godt anbefales til begyndere.

Beautiful gold colour. The nose is on the solvents, the very ripe exotic fruits. Candied fruits, white fruits like apple. It also has vegetal notes. On the palate, alcohol is present with stewed fruit and of course spices that are super present. A beautiful and long finish woody and spicy, pepper, nutmeg. A powerful rum and well done.


Amber color. The nose is pastry, almond, butter is very present. Vanilla, gingerbread, toast, cinnamon. Plum too. On the palate, exotic fruits come with the coconut. It's always pastry. Alcohol is great but well integrated. The final is medium, sweet, greedy, woody, spicy. An interesting foursquare with power which is quite rare.


Deep mahogany color. The nose is on caramel, mocha, coffee, toffee, butterscotch, nuts. Vanilla, chocolate. figs, prunes, gingerbread. It's promising, it's beautiful. On the palate, it's quite flat, very light like a rum that is past, finished, at the end of life, that has nothing left to give. It's a pity, a promising rum but a final and a rather disappointing mouth. Real rate = 6.5


Deep amber color. The nose is on the solvents, the bitumen, the burned tire. gunpowder. After aeration, we arrive on notes of tobacco, candied fruit, liquorice and exotic fruits. like mango and pineapple. On the palate, we always find bitumen, tobacco, smoked notes, candied fruit. Very nice length in the mouth. It's a nice rum but I prefer 21 years old.


Beautiful mahogany color, the first nose is on solvents then we arrive on more greedy notes, with vanilla, candied fruit. Plums, prunes, anise, licorice. The sherry finish is very present. On the palate, it is always very pastry with the sherry finish that takes up too much space in this rum. We stay on a beautiful Foursquare but we must stop these finishes that distorts the rum. Real rate = 7,5


Enjoyed a half a bottle of Arehucas Ron Miel. Bottle and label design look very cheap and basic. Super strong honey flavor to both nose and palate. Ron Miel is bottled at 40 proof, so its much closer to a liqueur than a real rum. Arehucas is definitely something different, very refreshing indeed. This is much better than the Oliver y Oliver equivalent.


Aromas and flavours of caramel, honey and oak. Slightly dry, long persistent oaky finish. But too expensive at 170USD.

Not as smooth as other rums, in fact at first it feels at but harsh. It is less sweet though. Flavours of oak, almond and coffee. Great aftertaste.

Amazing rum, very smooth and the right amount of sweetness. Flavours of vanilla and honey with oak notes.

but smooth, oh, smooth, i'm not a spirits guy, but, since red wines don't go well in the summer, with this rum i guess i just became one. I hope my rating is fair, as it is my first aged rum, but certainly its not my last one.

Once you're looking for the best rum, La favor is the right choice. Even after visiting the factory and verifying the storage I have only to recommend its excellent taste. Taste matured many years for jewel of rum.

Beautiful color and balanced taste with a touch of sweet taste for enjoying cool moments

Beautiful bottle, wrapped in twine. Gorgeous amber color, with a subtle and natural vanilla, nutmeg, pepper aroma. I say a natural aroma, because it doesn't impress as overpowering, just subtle and soft. The taste in the mouth, the swallow, and the aftertaste are simply perfection. Divinely balanced flavors in the highest quality aged rum. Want to mix ? NO, this is for sipping only, it's just too good. I doubt I'll ever buy another brand of top shelf rum, customer for life.