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This is a great rum, full of flavor and goes down smooth. That being said the only thing I don't like about this rum and why I can't rate it higher is the smell. The smell is, well to be blunt, it is awful. It's smells like it would take paint off walls, so was so bad a smell I almost didn't want to try it, but I'm glad I did. It's one of the smoothest rums I've ever drank I just wish the smell wasn't as bad.

I didn't expect much, but have been pleased with this rum. I've used it in cocktails and it has a nice flavor. It's also good as an easy sipper on the rocks.

I was pleased to find a stash of the limited edition at regular Superior prices at my local store. It's been my go-to for daiquiris and I think it provides a great quality flavor with a nice kick of alcohol. The bottle also has a great look to it that impresses guests.

Picked up a bottle in Grand Cayman after a sampling at the Tortuga store while on a cruise. Really good flavor without a lot of burn or harshness. Can almost be drank straight, but really not a sipper as it's just too sweet to me. However, it mixes very well in most any drink where a bit of pineapple flavor is wanted. My wife loves it in OJ with an extra shot of good rum or tequila. Really wish I'd picked up more as it's not available in the US. Might be time to book another cruise....

This is my favorite rum and the rum that helped me explore beyond rum-based cocktails. I enjoy it neat with a touch of cold water or with a cube of ice. It's very nice on the nose and the sweetness makes it an easy sipper.

Good for mixing and makes a decent daiquiri. On par with Bacardi, but HC has the novelty factor in the US.

Nochmal eine deutliche Steigerung zum 20er. Der ganze Mund voll mit Aromen. Viele Fassaromen, angenehme, leichte Süße. Meine Nr 1

würzig, aromatisch, auch sehr mild und nicht zu süß. Aber doch irgendwie enttäuschend.

I compare this rum to his big brother of the brand, the selection del maestro.
You can find the same leather and tobacco notes but much more covered by the alcohol. Very Cuban.
Not bad.

This is undoubtedly the worst rum, I ever had. Its taste was horrible somewhat like paint thinner. I would never dare to touch this horrible thing ever again.

Verry good rum. Great tastes of vanilla and cocoa. When you open the bottle the smell alone is fantastic.

Worthy to try. Not to much sweet.. caramel flavours.. a bit smokey.. Very easy to drink..

Nepříliš výrazná nebo specifická vůně. Chuť pouze sladká. Trochu fádní.

Sweet, smooth, good body, with all the good notes found in a high end sipping rum at a more reasonable price. I keep this one stocked in my liquor cabinet.

A nice one with a silky smooth aroma. For the cold winter evenings

This rum smells and tastes like an appricot marmelade. For me It is too sweet and fruity and you cant almost recognize that you are drinking a rum.

The best Rum ive ever hat.
Absolute perfect taste. For me 😊
Sweet and soft.

Another rum that proves you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a great rum. I found this locally for $24 and after reading some reviews decided to give it a shot. Glad I did. This rum is produced by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, the same distillery that brings you Ron Zacapa. But make no mistake, this is not the just a cheap version of the sugary Zacapa. Wonderfully smooth, and just enough sweetness to compliment the play of flavors without over powering them with a syrupy, sugariness. According to other reviewers, it's coming in at a 0-5g sugar test. It mellows into a comfortable finish, with virtually no alcohol burn. I'm giving this an 8 based on quality and price. Will definitely buy again.

I had a tasting of K&S a while back at a liquor store and thought it was pretty good, but I'm thinking now it must have been the 18 I tried, because this was simply not as good as I remember. This rum has a lot of good elements, but they just do not seem to work together very well, and the balance just isn't there. The oak over powers the other flavors, which gives way to a bitter finish, with a bit more alcohol burn than there needs to be in rum of this price point. Certainly not a bad rum, but not a great rum, especially considering it's price.

Can't appreciate anything about it. Received one for a gift years ago and its still half full.

Not my favorite. Too strong a flavour and not smooth enough.

Makes a good Cuba Libra. But there are much better choices.

I shudder to think of all the wasted $ spent drinking this in my youth... but at the time... it did make for fun nights .

The nose is awesome, but the taste falls a little short. I'm a fan of the sweeter rums, and this one has a some sweetness, but is a little on the bland side. Hopefully the further into the bottle i get, the flavor becomes a little more complex.