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Now that is an awesome rum!
This is my first overproof rum, but I'm very impressed. It has the "typical" Riise smell, and when you get it on your tongue it first burns… but then, it's a slow explosion! The great taste rises and rises and fills your mouth with lots of aromas and develops itself the whole time.
In my opinion a really great rum, you have to try it!

Taste of rum and whiskey, had to try this series of rum...
Actually very good after few sips, just go for some more. Nice, though.

I got this bottle for a good friend of mine, he bought it on Free shop at Caribbeans. Not available here and the bottle went so quickly.
Will look for another one beacause this is great stuff. So smooth and drinkable.

So much on taste of 12 years laying in casks, it makes it more like some French cognac.
Still very good and glass ful of pleasure.

This rum is a good standard for rum. I don't think it is special tasting just a good tasting standard rum. So it is better than most rums.

When I buy a Rum I expect it to tast like Rum. This rum has been aged so long in sherry cask that it has taken on the tast. I think there best rum is the 7 year old, it tastes like rum.

Friend offered me a drink and I have been hooked since that day. It is a very smooth rum. Great tasting and makes an excellent gift.

Sugar: Off the charts at an estimated 45 -50 GPL. This is a rum liqueur and is only 35% ABV.
It has an interesting bottle and I give that a point as it looks good on the shelf. As for taste it's very sweet and my opinion is that it tastes like Cream Soda. It's an after dinner rum for doing a quick shot of sugar caused you missed desert. Yeah it's gimmicky and not really a serious rum, and it's okay to have it in your bar even if it's just for the bottle.

8 and a half. Price too high . What's the deal with 23 years? Is that the limit with rum? Probably would like this at 100 proof.

Seems to lack a full body at the end of the flavour but still drinkable straight. not that much of an aroma.

Haverokkal elmegyünk pár napra snowboardozni, akkor viszek egy üveggel, hogy legyen egy kis rum mikor szükséges...

with smooth alcohol, fruity and caramel, but low sugar

There is slight caramel and fruits on nose; flavour is very interesting, from leather, tobacco, minerals, medium sugar

Rum with caramel, medium sugar and medium alcohol, with some exotic fruits aroma and strong caramel. Bit boring.

Dry rum with citrous aroma, but too harsh alcohol and too short finish, not my type

...good spiced rum in a stylish bottle. If you come across it, grab a bottle you won’t regret it!


...really, really good stuff. Within the Kirk and Sweeney family only topped by the 23 years old one.

...what a tasty product and what a lovely bottle. I’ll keep one in my bar all the time!

...personal taste, but also not bad at all. I’ll buy another bottle when time comes. The new design with the net around the bottle and the waxed closure is pretty cool!

...product with for sure no sugar added, distilled by Foursquare. Hmm, did I ever have something bad from this distillery? Nope! be precise, but this is not a rum, it’s a liquor. A very tasty liquor! Mostly when I offer it to a woman, they liked it, it’s kind of a good entrance into the world of sugar cane.
Nose: Caramel
Taste: Caramel
Finish: Caramel
😂at least this is how I taste it