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Très doux et savoureux en bouche. Superbe texture, long en bouche et persistant...


L’attaque en bouche est sucrée et épicée. Des notes plus intenses de café, cacao...
La finale laisse une légère saveur d’alcool et fumé, reste doux dans la longueur.


Tout ce qu'on attend d'un rhum de ce genre...explosion immediate et longueur en bouche


Decevant par rapport au 15 ans. Pas different et toujours aussi rond sans longueur en boucheur.

Bon rhum mais deja trop rond à peine en bouche et aucure longueur. Goût de vanille très prononcé.

I was on the fence about trying this one after reading the reviews, but finally decided to give it a try. If I had to rate it right out of the bottle it would be lower. I inadvertently let this one sit in the glass for 30 minutes while I was distracted. When I got around to trying it I was pleasantly surprised. Not to overbearing or sweet and very smooth. A nice sipper. Tried another glass without the wait and it was good but not quite like the first. Give it a try but let it sit a while.

On my quest to find a replacement for when my only bottle of Koloa Toasted Coconut Rum finally runs out, this one was recommended to me. The coconut aroma is almost as good as the Kola, but that is where the good sensation ends. On the tongue, it tastes like syrup, with only a slight artificial coconut flavor for the after taste. No burn at all and one would not expect this at only 21% ABV. I would rate it slightly below Don Q Coconut and both are good just for adding to drinks so that you can tell everyone that it has coconut in it. So it looks like when that bottle of Koloa runs out, I will have to suffice with Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum and it's excessive sweetness. That would be going back to where my quest all started until I lucked out to find that bottle of 80 proof Koloa a week ago.

This was my third and final test of sipping rums as one shot neat for each from a well stocked bar. If you can separate yourself from the thought of what it used to be when it was distilled in Guatemala, you just may wind up enjoying it. On the other hand, the Guatemalan version must have rated as a 10 instead of a 7 here.

The aroma is incredible and the taste is smooth and sweet with no burn on the tongue or throat. It has a very pleasant and unique after taste which I cannot describe. It can be used as an affordable sipper at about $29 per bottle, but my shot ran me $9. I am on the fence about buying a whole bottle since I already have enough great rums in my collection. It is a good rum, but not great. And believe me, I went searching all over some forgotten liquor stores for any remaining bottles from Guatemala with the straw on the neck and having a real cork. My shot was the version from Trinidad.

It has been a very long time since I have tried any rum from Barbancourt and since reviews after the quake were mostly bad, I did not want to buy a whole bottle. So I ordered one shot of this 15 year old neat in a well stocked bar. The bottle is totally new, which is why I did not recognize it behind the bar.

It is very dark with no aroma and a slight burn on the tongue with no after burn. There are also no notable flavors and this is just an average tasting dark rum that tries to hide it's agricole roots. For what it is, this one is too expensive at $48 per bottle or $9 per shot. I could not wait to finish it so that I could move on to my third and final trial of rum shots tasted.

This really is a great rum to nose in the glass. Oak and wood spices provide a nice backdrop for the sweet baking spices (vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves) and rich molasses that rises into the breezes above the glass. There are hints of spicy orange peel, and fresh citrus fruit which appear and disappear within the aroma.

Deep dark brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and hints of orange peel and citrus fruit lay upon a foundation of oak and wood spices. Rich tobacco accents the flavour and some luscious dark fruit. The overall flavour is sweet but not overwhelmingly so, and a soft nuttiness lies under the other flavours giving the rum just a hint of bitterness which offsets that sweetness nicely.
Good stuff ...I’ve not seen it very often but it’s tasty and well worth having in a collection of quality rum

What I truly love about this rum is how I seem to like it just a little more every time I pour another glass. The flavours remain rich and strong but never cloying.

I tried this as one sample neat in a well stocked bar. Wise decision! As usual with Gosling's, there is a heavy molasses flavor. There is also a burn on the tongue, but with no after taste. I could not wait for this shot to be finished so that I could move onto my second rum out of three trials. It is definitely not worth the hefty price tag of $70 per bottle or $15 per shot.. With each sip, my rating just kept going down from it's initial one of 6.

That's cheap so I wasn't expect much.....but that's nice surprise.....maybe nose is nothing special...but taste quite good. I feel something new there. If you thing about cheap and common rum that's very good example to try.

Initial burst of coffee and wood flavor, them a slight caramel finish...not as sweet as I like more like a Santa Theresa...would be an 8 in my books if it was a bit sweeter.

Debo decir es un ron agradable, con golpe alcohólico y sabor dulce, un poco aromático también. Sin embargo no es un ron selecto como reza el nombre, para mi es un ron ligero y medianamente recomendable.

Very big mouth feel. Lots of molasses in the mouth, vanilla on the nose. Not terribly sweet, very complex. Still large on the finish but smooths out as it get cooler. A really super Rum.

I was unaware the high regard this Rum garners, my first encounter.

Medium amber, slightly floral nose. Mild honey, vanilla. Smooth finish

Rum when I need comfort, solace and meaning in life.

A bit sweet for some, but not me. Just flat out love this stuff

Beautiful rum for cuba libre... Tried many rums: flor de cana, El dorado, zacapa, Ron barcelo (I think), Bacardi gold and 8, cruzan gold and single barrel. Real smooth and full of flavor, not to mention a great price

Read great things about this and I like Venezuelan Rums so I thoght I'd give it a try.

Not much nose. A bit sweet, vanilla then some cinnamon. Nice spice with a smooth delicate finish. Mid bodied. I like it a lot, not my favorite, but up there.

The Flora 12 is a well made Rum, but is a bit smokey and not as smooth as I generally like. Evidently a favorite of many...not bad, but many I like more.

Single use. Makes a great rum punch. Not uses for anything else.

Single use. Makes a great rum punch. Not uses for anything else.

Single use. Makes a great rum punch. Not uses for anything else.

Single use. Makes a great rum punch. Not uses for anything else.