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Unique in flavor with the marriage of various Caribbean rums and heavier Indian rum. Honey, caramel, warming spices, hint of Indian spice, subtle vanilla and some citrus nuances providing a flavorful change of pace from the so called beaten path.
I enjoy the many offerings from India, and this is yet another rum that satisfies as a sipper or mixer. This is not an easy rum to find...

A nice taste of Haiti, albeit, a pricy one at that. This rum will set you back about $50 US, however, it provides a nice representation of a fine French Agricole rhum. Complexity, smoothness and earthy characteristics usually associated with agricole rhum, due to being distilled from pressed/squeezed fresh cane juice, play out favorably with this rhum.
Very nice sipper that should be avoided as used for mixing with the high price tag associated with it. Definitely the best of the Barbancort line!

This rum starts out very nice when you see the unique decanteresque bottle. However, the rum is not as pleasing as the glass looks to the eye. The solera method and the 18 year is kind of misleading because you are led to believe that this is a rum aged for 18 years and thus must be very complex and superb in quality.
Unfortunately, this Panamanian rum doesn’t achieve those superlatives. Oak, vanilla, baking spices some dried fruit and somewhat drier than other Carta Vieja offerings.
Yes, this can be sipped neat or mixed, it’s just for the price, their are other go to rums that are better suited and of higher quality and taste to be enjoyed.

Zlatožlutá barva moku předjímá svěží závan citrusových plodů, které se v letmém přivonění nenásilně mísí s jemným aroma čerstvě prolisovaných bílých hroznů. Pokud se čichové fázi věnujete ještě důkladněji, rozeznáte i alkoholový podtext shodný s českou vínovicí či italskou grappou. Samotné tělo vámi propluje velmi rychle a lehce svou ovocnou příchutí, občasně doplněnou i náznakem vanilky (myšleno skutečné vanilky, nikoliv vanilkové tresti). Přestože osobně preferuji rumy samotné a bez ledu, věřím, že na tomto specifickém agricolu dokáže kreativní barman postavit i velmi zajímavé mix-drinky.

This is a very tasty butterscotch rum. Not quite as good as the Bones Gold, but still good.

As expected, this rum smells and tastes of butterscotch, which I think is a good flavor for rum.

If you really like butterscotch, however, I recommend the Bayou Spiced Rum over this. Even though that's called a "spiced" rum, it's really a butterscotch flavored rum in my opinion, and a very good one at that.

An industrialzed flavored commodity rum that is certainly not hand made. A total nothing burger ))

Not expensive and really good. This is the real stuff ... Can very much recommend it.

The label and presentation is cool, the juice is not even Rum. Just aromas with industrial alcohol. No small batch ... The distillery doesn't even exist. 100% marketing fake. Just google it and you will find much about this impressive fake.

My favorite rum so far, very smooth, sweet and flavorful, rich but not overwhelming. Great for zipping and enjoying the complex flavors.

My go to when I want to sip a rum with little commitment to a second drink. Sweet enough for an after-dinner drink, smooth with sweet molasses and cocoa lingers in the pallet

Not the best rum I have tasted. But is ok mixed with some cola .. won't buy it myself....

At least in the first moment. Very good equilibrium, not too sweet, a bit of wood. But then, after a few seconds, there hits the alcool. A pity: in the palate, it only burns.

I enjoy white rums both neat and in a drink. With that said. This is not it for me. The funky Jamaican notes are just to overpowering and completely dominates everything else.

Nose: Very strong smell of bananas with underlying notes of freshly cut grass
Taste: Exotic flavours powered by bananas and the classic Jamaican funk. Long and powerful aftertaste
Overall: As said above. This is just to much funk for me to handle. It may be a rum for the hardcore funk-lovers, but you really have to be into that kind of stuff to like this one.

You can´t judge a rum by it´s smell. That is especially the case with this one, which have a completely different taste from it´s smell.

Nose: Big hit of coconut with some hints of vanilla and apricot
Taste: Very mild taste with notes of apricot, raisins, green bananas and a small hint of coconut
Overall: From the smell I feared that I was about to experience a liqiud Bounty-bar, but that was far from the case. Pleasantly surprised and a drinkable rum for me.

Don Pancho is a legend in the rum business, so a rum with his name on it gives me very high expectations. It doesn´t hit a 10/10, but it is still a pretty damn good blend.

Nose: Sweet tea, honey and figs
Taste: So much going on. Hits of honey, dried fruits, spices and a hint of bourbon. Aftertaste is very smooth with a dominant vanilla feel mixed with dried spices
Overall: The aftertaste is a little to bland for me, but apart from that this is a really nice rum blend that you should try if you can get your hands on it.

Agricole rum have a special place in my heart. The idea about no suger added have always intrigued me, and it is something that is needed in a world filled with sugary bombs.

Nose: Vanilla and cinnamon with a hint of baked bananas
Taste: Vanilla, brown sugar and a long, warm and almost flowery finish
Overall: This is a nice agricole rum for people wanting to get into the style. The aftertaste is a bit off for me personally, but it is a rum that everyone should be able to enjoy.

K pivu je to výrazný parťák, není to na vychtnávání, ale pít se bez problémů dá. Hezkých 7. Kdo nechce riskovat, přeskočte 5tku, 8čku a jděte rovnou po 12y, která je v poměru ceny a požitku za 9b. Speciale 15y mně nepřesvědčil, asi by to chtělo mít víc času si ho vychutnat a poznat.

Oproti 12y verzi je osmička neuhlazená, ostrá, dřevitá. Není to taková šílená lakovost jako u Brugalu, ale jde znát kratší doba zrání. Nicméně chutnal, ale 12y je jistota sázky na správného koně.