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Great rum for a great price. Love the bottle and the rum is very smooth. Too bad it's gone already!

Dear readers, i bought this bottle today in a grocercy store. Nice bottle with a real and worthy cap.
Nose: dried fruits, candy, caramel. Mouth: banana, more dired fruits, toffey. And nice and long lasting.
This will not be my last bottle of this brand.

I would recommend it for shots, and maybe for Cocktails, it is a good rum for the price. Nice cake smell

Full of flavor on the nose. Coconut, sweet spices (nutmeg, vanilla), tropical fruit basket (banana, unripe mango)
Sweet tropical fruit such as banana will first hit your mind and follow with fully ripped pineapple. Buttery, sweet spices and honey too.
Cotton candy finishing with a light toasted aroma lingering.
A good bottle from Plantation!

Very dissapointed with this one. Doesnt taste rum, just very sweet artificiall spirit.

Light Bajan Rum and had a fresh un-open bottle which require some breathing. Pleasant creme brulee and toffee aroma. Nose finish with aroma of chocolate cookie and light woody-ness.
On nose, light caramel with good fresh fruits flavor such as plum. Minty and woody yet taste drier compare to nose.
It's dry yet fruity on the finishing with fresh berries (strawberry).

Pretty good. Sweet, a little astringent, would drink again.

Look this is the Grey Goose of rum. It looks amazing and has a big budget and great marketing team around, and gives the wannabe high end flash peoples ego a boost when they know other people can see them drinking it and relate them to "luxury".
But for the price, this rum is only ok. I enjoyed it, but I've had better for cheaper and was underwhelmed to be perfectly honest.

A bartender recommended this on a trip to Colombia. The night was a blurr, but I remember being wowed by this at at $3 an oz. It didnt need to breath at all with a very mild heat and a kick of sweet almost like candy. Complex flavors weren't dancing in my mouth, but it was enjoyable and easy to drink for a beginner who only ever mixed his rums in coke before having this

Première bouteille de rhum autre que bacardi que je m'offre et franchement je regrette une chose. Ne pas l'avoir acheté plus tôt. Il a un parfum exceptionnel et un goût unique même si il "pique" un peu les lèvres.

Un super cadeau reçu tout droit de Madagascar. Un excellent goût vanillé qui lui donne une douceur en bouche. Même ma femme l'a aimé.

Un bon rhum pour se faire le célèbre cubalibre. Perso je mets du rhum, du Coca-Cola, le jus d'un demi citron vers et un peu de sirop de sucre de canne tout ça avec des glaçons.

This is the best spiced rum I have ever drink.Price is not high. Brand is funny. Some reviews are saying that its not sipper but I have not that opinion.

Found that in Germany. Seller said that's german production so I was interested. First view - bottle nice, label not bad. Color like light amber...and just 13 Euro...from that part - look's great. First smell....ok that's just spirit....awful...nothing what I can find there..just sweet spirit. Ok not good but let's try! I drunk many bad rums but that is more than poor...Maybe I make mistake but rate 3 is just because of bottle, label and colour. Aroma and comment.

Great mixer. Much better than Captain or Sailor. Try it If you are looking for spiced one with great value for money.

Sweet and smooth rum with nice aroma. You will enjoy.

Best rum ever. Soooo smooth. No burning. Special unique tastes. Hard to describe maybe a hint of fruity?

I drink this as my everyday sipping rum. A couple of nips in a crystal glass with a big spherical ice cube lasts an evening in front of the TV watching rugby or on the deck with a couple of mates and a cigar. It is an acquired taste with an overpowering initial orange taste, but the subtle caramel and vanilla rum flavour opens up as the ice cools and slightly dilutes the spirit.

toto si viem predtavit ja iba v daiquri, ja radsej starsie rumy

je to rum z kategorie vypic a zic :-). urcite sa ale neda porovnavat s niecim ako C.M., toto je hodne lepsie

na mile daleko od 5+5, skoro by som povedal ze to nieje rovnaka destilerka. rum je velmi jemny, skor suchy. sladkost trosku pocitit v tele, ale skor ju tam musite hladat, co tomuto rumu vobec neuskodilo. jemne pripominajuci rumy od dictadoru, ako vonou tak chutov (kava, kakao, karamel, vanilka). skvele vyvazena chud bez akehokolvek palenia alebo skrabania. jeden z najlepsich rumov ake som pil. toto je rum pre zvlastne prilezitosti vyzorom aj chutou, neodporucam rumovim zacitocnikom. 9.1/10

tak ako som napisal, prve co pocitite bude alkohol a potom uz toho moc nepocitite. alkohol prerazi od prveho momentu a prekryje vsetko ostatne. mozno keby som ho den nechal postat v pohari by sa to zmenilo :-) 4.8/10

mna tento rum nicim neoslovil. vytlacit don limetku a mame homemade daiquiri z tmavehu rumu :-)

tento rum urcite nikoho neurazi. od olivera som pil uz vela lepsich veci, ale urcite tento rum patri medzi tie ktore netreba podcenovat. flasa na exlusivite urcite nepridava, a ani cena nie, ale je to run kde hned spoznate destilerku oliver&oliver. slusne vyvazeny, jemne ostrejsi, prijemna ale nie vyrazna sladkost. 7.3/10