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Nose is a bit hot and not super flavorful. But there's cut grass, and some plastic-y notes. In the mouth: fairly briny. Mellows after time.Also with time: cherries.


Warm, grassy nose. Subtle brine. Not as much grass on the nose; it's sweeter. Very cane-y. With time, some plastic. This rum is fantastic! Tasty on its own, but I can't wait to try this in a Ti' Punch someday...

8, 8-

A surprisingly strong rum! Rich and almost cloyingly sweet in flavour, it would probably do better mixed with a soft drink. I'm a fan of the piratey aesthetic and the cracking name (heh) more than anything.

A very good sipping rum; smooth and sweet, with a rich caramel taste.

Very good quality rum at a reasonable price. With not so much sweet and not so much spicy taste this rum is perfect choice for anyone who want to drink not so expensive but quality rum for all night.

Fin rom. Synes prisen er lidt meget i forhold til kvaliteten. Skulle den have haft 8/9 skulle den have været 100 kr billigere.

The rum hit the palate warm if not hot, but quickly turns into sweetness from the diffrent fruits. the end is evergoing and has a sweet burn too it.. that i would charred bourbon barrel(oak) the burn and sweetness of coffee, leather, tobbacco, guava, pear apple, and baking spice.

After finding out from the “LC” that they would not be carrying this product (Brutal!!!); I was able to nab three of these bad boys in South Carolina.
I am glad to report that if your a fan of the Appleton line; you will not be disappointed.
For a rum that has been aged between 25 to 35 years; they have managed to keep the oak under control. All the signature Appleton taste and smell is there as well.
For me this is almost a 10 but I think I will give it a 9 1/2. I just wish there was something else on the finish other then oak.
My wife and I opened this on our 9th wedding anniversary, so from this point forward; this will only be sampled on future anniversaries.

A pretty bottle of 1970s design. Vanilla is too much in the fragrance. Pleasure from taste no: alcohol and bitter herbs. The aftertaste does not please, but does not upset. Quality moderate booze.

Wauw, der er godt med power på smagen her. Blød/sød duft

Tung rom med en dejlig rund duft af frugt. Smagen er frugt, rosin og masser af egetræ.

I love this rum! Smooth and sweet, great straight.

Tasty rum but if it was a little less biter, I think it would be much smoother and tastier. Although, with a cigar you can make a nice pairing. It doesn't go with all cigars.

This is a neat drinking rum and only neat. It has a beautiful balance of fruity flavours with smooth, caramel(ish) notes and a mild boozy burn. A very comfortable drinking experience.

This rum is full of flavour and really boosts your mixers with a rasiny/boozy flavour. It is still quite sweet and lovely to drink neat, too if you prefer. There are however far better rums for a similar price that would be better neat.

Nice bronze color. The nose is very about fruits, peach, apricot and citrus fruits. It's gourmet with pastry notes like waffles, butter, sugar and menthol notes. On the palate, we pass from the sweetness on a nice well-structured structure with spices, woody, smoked. Finally, we discover the influence of the finish. Pretty final, beautiful rum. Interesting.

This distillery cannot be matched due to the historic equipment they use to make thier Blends. I scored it a 9 note because it doesn't dederve thr 10, but because it is a bit to complex for my palate.

Nice amber color with golden reflections. The nose is very pastry and well balanced with notes of caramel, citrus, candied fruits, vanilla and after some time chocolate. On the palate we can feel a very nice and hot sweet sensation. Vanilla still present with citrus fruit, but also apricot; banana. The final is very long with tobacco and the chocolate is coming back. Very nice rum to finish a beautiful evening.

Nejlepe vonici rum, co jsem kdy ochutnal. Karamel, maslo, kokos, ovoco. Proste nadhera. Chut sucha, dub, karamel, kokos. Pokracuje v pepr. Dozvuk dlouhy a prijemny.

oveľa lepšia náhrada za diplomatico 8YO vanilka drevitosť úplne iné diplomatico aké sme mali možnosť piť doteraz

I'd heard a lot about Plantation rums. They seemed legendary. I usually research rums a bit before I buy them in the store, but the reputation of the company led the charge for this impulse buy. Not a great idea on my part. This rum is sweet--cloyingly so. Whatever cocktail you use it in can easily have the amount of simple syrup reduced as an offset. The aroma is distinctly overripe bananas. That pretty much sums up this rum--cloyingly sweet, with a hint of overripe bananas. It makes a passable rum Old Fashioned, and it's not unpleasant in Coke. I cringed and had to force myself to finish the glass when I tried it neat. It's a mixer only.

Alkohol: 38 %
Původ: Dominikánská republika
Aroma: Typická dominikánská nasládlost. Navíc jsme u firmy Oliver and Oliver, u ní je voskově medové aroma hodně časté. Včelí plástve, trochu větrové. Mléčná čokoláda a broušené kůže. (86 b)
Chuť: Jak voněl, tak i chutná. Voskově medový, pikantně větrový, s kůží a kakaem. Jemný, uhlazený, pikantně větrový, nasládlý ale i trochu peprný. (86 b)
Body: 86/100
Shrnutí: Lahev byla mým příspěvkem do další společné akce s kamarádem. Stylově mi Opthimus dost připomíná rumy Quorhum.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Trinidad
Aroma: Sladký ananas, kandované ovoce, vanilka, sušená citrónová kůra. Lehčí styl, decentní, jemný a příjemně nasládlý. (86 b)
Chuť: Bohužel v chuti na mě dost suchý. Vanilka, jemná dřevitost, citróny a ananasový nádech. V dochuti pak lehce agricolová míza. (82 b)
Body: 84/100
Shrnutí: Ochutnávali jsme na společné rumové párty s kamarádem, tohle byla jedna z jeho nově otevřených lahví.

15 let v sudech po bourbonu a 2 roky v sudech po koňaku Ancestral. Plněno v sudové síle 56,3% alkoholu. Cena za toto plnění je od 3200 korun.
Původ: Guyana
Aroma: Ostře kořenitá a štiplavá vůně, až do chilli. Rumové pralinky, rozinky, skořice, hřebíček, staré exotické dřevo, hořká silná čokoláda, propolis. (87 b)
Chuť: Pikantní, typicky rumová chuť, s malým nádechem sladkosti lesního medu. Hřebíček, včelí plástve, propolis. V závěru trochu vysychá. Chuťově mi napřed připomněl styl Compagnie des Indes. Po přidání pár kapek vody se teprve rozvine. Chuť v puse skoro exploduje, med se zvýrazní, sladkost nabírá na intenzitě. (89 b)
Body: 88/100
Shrnutí: Ochutnávali jsme s kamarádem na další rumové párty. Vzhledem k už docela brutální ceně jsme využili možnosti koupit vzorek v baru Kocour. Mít víc, než jen každý jednoho frťana, určitě bychom víc experimentovali s vodou, vypadalo to s ní velmi nadějně. Měli jsme vzorek z lahve číslo 024, sud 4. Tohoto rumu jsou jen 4 sudy.