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Most of the agricole rums I've tried have been from Clement and I have liked them all to varying degrees. I even managed to snag a bottle of Rhum JM Gold which I liked rather well (rated it an "8").

So I had rather high expectations for the Rhum JM VSOP.

First thing is that apparently at some point they redesigned the label on the bottle. The bottle above used by RumRatings has an older label which has an old world charm to it with the artwork and hand lettering. Looking at it reminds me of the era of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and his poster art of the late 19th century. The current label all but eliminates that impression. The art on the earlier label had a more ornate and interesting portrayal of what I assume to be a distillery of some historic point. The lettering was made to look as if it were done by hand (and it very well could have been so). The colors had an artistic feel in of themselves.

The newer label lost all that charm in my opinion. The lettering is all mechanical (even the cursive). The artwork is much plainer. And the colors have no depth at all. It is less appealing.

Now off my art critic soapbox. Let's look at the rum itself. It is a deep amber color with a hint of bronze. It has nice legs and beads of the rum cling to the sides after settling from a swirl in my snifter. It has a recognizable agricole aroma but nothing harsh.

The flavor does have that grassiness and funk normally associated with agricole rums but this rums seems spicier. A definite pepperiness. And strong. Really strong. There is just a hint...and I mean minute hint of cane juice sweetness but this is a dry rum. Also it has a rather strong and lengthy burn. It is a slightly higher proof than most rums (43% ABV - 86 proof) but the burn is one I would expect from 95 proof or higher. The finish is dry as I would expect. However there is a flavor in the mix that I cannot quite identify. It is a flavor that I find odd and out-of-place. Sort of a kerosene type of flavor. I don't like it whatever it is. It's very pronounced on my palate drinking it straight however on the plus side it does seem to be lessened when used in Coke Zero. Just be careful not to overdo it on the rum. About an ounce-and-a-half for a 500ml (16.9 fl oz) bottle of Coke Zero seems to work best for me. I also think it would work well in citrus-based drinks. I haven't had the opportunity to try some. The downside is the price. At $50 USD a bottle (I've seen it as high as $60 USD online) it is a pricy rum. Frankly I don't think it's worth it. It's far too harsh to be a sipping rum and the strong flavoring limits it as a mixer.

I had higher expectations for this rum and was disappointed. I feel the Rhum JM Gold is much better as agricole rums go. There are comparable agricole rums that are less expensive and better than the Rhum JM VSOP.


Ce rhum est superbe a 22e a la distillerie il est le plus sucre et dur la canne.tres doux beaucoup moins complexe et moins sec que le xo il a pour un 4 ans beaucoup de vs aimez les rhums jm et les sucres celui ci est pour vous....note 8.0.

My first crack at RHUM JM. Very strong smoke taste that grows on you quite quickly. A lot of rooms are close in flavor but this one is distinctly different. Like it or not, you will definitely remember it.


I dont really know what to make of this. I had the opportunity to taste the VSOP and wasn't sure what to make of it. It's has strong afterburn and is a little spice (i quess it's the pepper notes). I was my first agricole rhum, but I didn't have the feeling that I was drinking rum, maybe it's because I'm more used to sweeter rums. I did buy the XO so there will be a 2nd try at agricole rhum.

I donot have much experience with agricoles but this is nice. The nose has many wooden oak tones and licorice. This initial taste is grassy and typical agricole, followed by the alcohol burn which i quite like. Then that fades a bit followed by a peppery taste and the long aftertatse is licorice and some undefined spice

My second aged agricole and so far I'm really liking these. Less sweet than other aged rums and full of character. Would definitely buy this again.

A little over priced for this one. the spice islands come to mind with hints of pepper, nutmeg, mace, coriander. Its tasty but dont think I would invest in another bottle. Might be nice in a holiday coctail.

JM a de très bons rhums mais celui-ci est bien fade

with a hint of peppermint, soft finish ...........

Rhum agricole fort mais à garder pour des ti punch

Different flavour to anything else ... Damp flavour that's on its own ...

Un rhum intéressant avec un très bon bouquet. Très belle couleur jaune thé. Épicé et légèrement amer. Puissant et complexe. Ne vaut pas les vintages de la marque. Du vrai rhum de capitaine... à emmener dans un navire.

It was not my type of rum.but maybe for other gents it is ok

This is a very unique and interesting rum that is unlike any I've tried before.

Smells and tastes of charred oak and spice (pepper, clove, and cinnamon). Maybe a hint of black cherry. Has a nice bite at 43%abv and would pair well with a cigar.

It seems like a pretty good spirit, but I prefer a little more sweetness. This is dry, almost bourbon like.

A decent tasting rum for sure for people who prefer a bit less sweetness in their rum.

Interessa, anche se mi aspettavo di più. Proverò altri J.M. Staremo a vedere.

Not great but acceptable, Very strong with lot’s of vegetal aroma’s like most rhum agricole.
Really not the best of it’s kind

Very spicy rum. Dry taste as every single agricole rum I know.

Quality rum where alcohol beats other tastes and smells. As i prefer exploring tastes, this rum is not so suitable for me.

Le design de la bouteille est quelconque.
On retrouve les odeurs sucrées, de miel et de vanille du JM vieux "de base".
Le rhum est assez sec en attaque (alcool), puis des goûts subtils se révèlent, fruits confits, canne
Vient une longue finale de canne, signature des rhums agricoles de Martinique.
Très agréable à boire dans l'absolu, il ne vaut pas le XO qu'on retrouve souvent au même prix, d'où le 7.

Very different than most rums. Lighter and drier. You can taste the wood it was aged with. Also flavors of grass and nutmeg before turning quite spicy and actually just a bit too harsh, for me anyway. Still a solid sipping rum.

The first flavour is the powerfull of alcohol. in a second time, we discover the candied agrums, cherry & vanilla. A good rhum after a big meals in family.

I like Rhum JM and this one is a great sipper, and also for a good punch vieux. Lots of flavor and smooth.

One of the best agricoles I've ever had. Honey, fresh grass, spice and a little heat, finishing slightly dry.

Color : Light brown
Flavour : nougaty richness with cinnamon & clove, spiced butter, toffee, vanilla
Palate : smooth and subtle finish

Good entry rum for this distillery that age this 3yrs old in in re-charred Bourbon barrels,finishing it one more year in new American oak barrels.
ABV 43%