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52 Brugal Leyenda ratings

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This rum can't be described. It tastes all you want to taste. I had a tast orgasm the first time I drank it.

Its smell is sweet and makes you feel so quiet before drinking it, so you can savor this rum from Brugal.

Listen to the sound the cork make when you open it in 4 little weak times, and you'll laugh of pleasure !

Repûblica Dominicana is one of the best place for gold and black rums.


Die Firma Brugal hat mit diesem Rum dem Gründervater Don Andrés Brugal Montaner ein Denkmal gesetzt.
Der 10 Jahre alte Rum reift zuerst 8 Jahre in alten Sherryfässern, wird dann umgefüllt in amerikanische Bourbonfässer, um seine perfekte Ausgewogenheit und Balance zu bekommen.
Der Geschmack ist eine Mischung aus Karamell und Honig mit Nuancen aus Vanille sowie leichtem Ansatz von Sherry. Er ist extrem weich vom Geschmack, ein Rum der unbedingt pur getrunken werden sollte. Für diesen Preis das beste was ich je getrunken habe.


I tried this side by side with the more expensive (and slightly lower rated as of this review) Siglo De Oro. I liked the Siglo De Oro in that it is 40% abv, while this is a relatively weaker 38%. But the Leyenda has more spice and sweetness, and simply tastes better to me, so I'll give this the edge, and it is a high '9' to me.

Smells and tastes of caramel, spice, oak, and honey. Very good for the price of only $57 (2017).


Enjoyed the entire bottle of Brugal Leyenda while vacationing in Santo Domingo. The Brugal Legend is $18 per bottle. Amazing value if you ask me! The color is darker than so much more expensive Siglo de Oro which indicates additives. Smell is extremely sweet, too much for me. Taste has plenty of exciting flavors going on but why the added artificial vanilla and caramel. It would be so much better without them. No burn at the end, just a very nice smooth finish. At Punta Cana airport, the exact same bottle of Leyenda which was $18-20 on every single grocery store happens to be $32 at the airport tax free store. How disappointing to rip off tourists like that.


The best of the Brugal line that I've tried. However, there is so much added sugar that it feels like they were trying to cover up something. It's too much sugar, period. Oak in the nose, hint of spice. Flavor is an interesting blend of fruit, caramel and oak, and vanilla, but it made me feel like that vanilla was added.

Drink it straight. This is a classy drink; all your friends will appreciate it as something of quality.

Given to us by a friend who was born in and routinely visits the DR, this became our favorite. Sweet with vanilla and caramel and a medium draw on the pallet, and very versatile. Drink it neat or in your favorite rum mix. We can't buy this in TCI, so we get it when we get it, but it is a wonderful when we do.

Was so looking forward to it, but upon first sip, reminded me of dark toffee, burnt honey and sugar. Not a totally bad rum, but a little closer to Havana Legendario.
Drank the whole bottle while there. Glad I didn't buy one to bring home.
Nice treat for the shelf, especially for $20 that I paid but wouldn't go searching high and low for it.

If you buy this rum in dominican Republic, thé €20 is very cheap for thé smooth spiced Taste you get.

Ahh den er for sød, men er man til Riise er den helt sikkert et godt køb

I dont see anything special about this one. Solid rum, but not to remember.

Brugal Leyenda was actually my first premium rum that I've tasted on my honeymoon on Carribean.
Before there were Bacardis, Captain Morgans, so i wasn't much into the rum. I've bought 1 bottle home, and enjoyed every single drop. For me it has perfect smooth, wodden sweet taste. Sadly it is nowhere to be found in my country Poland. And shipment costs are too expensive. Luckly rum is getting more and more popular in Poland, and I am able to taste variuos different brands.

A Batman in Dominican Republic offered it to taste after I asked for the Zacapa 23. Since then I try to get it but it’s not easy... I don’t find it anywhere outside Dominican Rep.
I like it’s sweehtn

El Brugal Leyenda es un Ron para disfrutarlo a las rocas o con un toque de agua de coco. Su aroma y su sabor al paladar se distinguen por su suavidad. En mi opinion esta por encima de muchos rones añejos con precios y sabor que no estan a la altura de este ron.

Vanilla sugar cane sweet cherry oaky nose. Sweet start into oaky cork barrel taste with vanilla. Long oaky cork vanilla sweet balanced end. Abv well hidden... smooth...


High-quality Dominican rum from the Brugal range, which is double distilled then matured in American oak barrels. After a lengthy maturation is the aforementioned barrels, the rum then enjoys a second maturation in Spanish oak sherry casks, helping to accentuate the rich fruity sweetness of the spirit.
Nose: Toasty and sweet with charred oak, sultanas, dates and honey, with a touch of gentle smoke.
Palate: Buttery and sweet with butterscotch, Demerara sugar, manuka honey and wafts of wood smoke.
Finish: Toffee apple and salty butter.

Ceva diferit.. Extraordinar.. Suspect la început dar după 2 minute vine un aftertaste spectaculos... Recomand pentru cunoscători!


I picked this up in the DR while on vacation. The packaging was nice, along with the bottle (1 litre).
I'm not even sure how to describe it. Just fantastic. Smells and tastes of caramel, spice, oak, citris, & and hint of licorice. Very tasty indeed. It did not last long, & I long for more. 10 in my books.

I like the taste but I find it nothing special for the price.
I will change the rating maybe once I put a bunch of my rum in one tasting round.
For me a similar rum with a better price tag is Ron Centenario XX

Sherry smell with a hint of rum, the smell turns my stomach around.

top rum at honest price, for domestic market only, over sweet , need to sip with fruits

Cuerpo es gracioso y suave en boca. Que pedir mas ? Un poco mas de frutas quisas ?

This stuff comes to me straight from Dominicana. Nice one, but as for me is little bit to sweet and like sugar added.
Nose: smooth, caramel, honey. Actually it looks like real candy.
Taste: sweet, smooth. It’s something special here, and after some Time, I understand it’s liquorice.

This rum is my first taste of one of great Dominican rums. I definitely recomend it. Smells and taste very good. Salud!