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Seems like this rum used a Costco sized serving of artificial flavors. Can't knock them too much for it because it says so on the label. I found it to be pleasant but with a lingering unnatural vanilla syrup aftertaste. The price and presentation is right for large parties. Would explore other brands for my personal use.


This a good rum by volum. It works well when people just drop by for a drink. Hid the good stuff.

This is a very well priced rum that's not a great choice for drinking neat, but perfectly good for a dark & stormy.

Just had a Dark and Stormy head to head with Lemon Heart Blackpool Spiced. This came second. Not offensive in any way. It's only negative was being too mild in aroma and flavor. It came across more like a decent 3-5 year unspiced than anything else. Certainly drier than the Demerara sweetness of the Blackpool. Given the proof and the price it owes no apology.

Decent spiced rum. Not going to win any contests, but a decent bottle for mixing, and great at the price. I bought one bottle, and will happily drink it all, but probably won't replace it. No complaints, just not anything special, and for what it is (a cheap spiced rum), I prefer Captain.

...or Goslings or any other $30+/fifth bottle of rum. But I don't think it's nearly as bad as some of the reviews I've read. I almost didn't buy it purely on the number of negative reviews. But then I realized many of the complaints were based on it having too much bite.

Just like anything I drink straight, I put a splash of water in it to knock down the alcohol. Doesn't matter if it's a $75 bottle of single malt scotch, or a $16 bottle of rum. Since this is higher alcohol content at 92 proof, I just put a little bigger splash in it. Once you knock down the alcohol content a bit, it's actually very smooth, mildly spicy, and has a strong vanilla overtone. No bad aftertaste. Certainly for $16 a bottle plus tax, it's a great value.

As a side note, I had a similar experience with Costco's blended scotch (not the 12 year stuff... that is quite good... I'm talking about the cheaper one). The first time I tried it, it was so harsh I almost returned it. But when I upped the water splash a bit, it took the bite away and left me with something inexpensive and pleasant to drink.

I was surprised at the smoothness considering the cheap price. I have had far worse for a lot more money. Not bad neat paired with a cigar. Keep on hand for cheap company.

Smells like bad vanilla extract, and taste like poor decisions. On the front it has a strong vanilla and carmel flavor follow by a throat punch of alcohol. If you consume the whole Costco size bottle I'm sure you'll skin your knees, then wake up feeling like you have been eat by a wolf and shit off a cliff. So pick up a bottle today and give it to a friend.

Probably best as a mixer, but it’s smooth enough to sip, and a great value in that regard. Very strong on the vanilla if you like that.

Don’t start with this rum, but use it later in the evening after you have had your fill of the good stuff. It’s spiced and, since you bought it at Costco, you have a lot of it, so drink it up as a mixer with lots of ice. Fine in a pinch.

I had rum on my OneNote list ostensibly to make a kind of Venetian carnevale cookie, so when I saw 1.75 liters at my local Costco for $14+, I was giddy-guilty and bought it anyway. The first drink I made was a hot toddy, and I was impressed even with the addition of honey. For some reason, my Cuba Libre now sitting nearly quaffed away at my laptop's side is almost too sweet to take. I agree with the poster who said he'd most likely not replace this, but my Scottish side will not allow me to waste it. Still haven't made those cookies...

My neighbor turned me on to this and I found it very amateurish. Asked him where he got it. That answered my question and should answer yours. Costco! No need to carry on any further.

Nice sweet nose - almost exactly like vanilla extract and gingerbread. Would certainly make a tasty cookie, rum... to be determined. Taste starts with a huge amount of rubbing alcohol, then a little cinnamon and spice. Tough to get down, strong and like a spoiled syrup - not made to sip alone. Short finish with a lingering tartness that isn’t great. Next mixed with Coke, not a huge improvement and the same core flavors coming through. There are certainly better flavored/spiced rums.


Great for mixing with cola. Smoother than captain, a little sweeter too.

I really enjoyed the Kirkland spiced rum when it initially hit the shelves. This rum + diet coke became my go-to cocktail of choice and I adored the reasonable price. About a year or so ago I had noticed they've completely changed the formula. I've Googled for information about this but I'm not able to find anything. On occasion, I'm able to source an "old rum" bottle from Costco, but I've recently made the mistake of purchasing a case of what I thought was the old rum. It's really nearly undrinkable. Adding some straight up vanilla extract helps, but ...yuck.

Looks good. Smells good. Have only mixed it, but it sure worked in eggnog. Tasted super sweet with ginger too.

Very strong on the vanilla but at 92 proof it's not bad to have in your cabinet for nights with the kind of company that you want to get a little rowdy with.
I received this as a Christmas present and the aforementioned strength of the vanilla make this pretty compatible with eggnog.

I thought this was good when I tried it at someone else's home. However, when I bought some and had a few drinks, I needed allergy meds for whatever added flavours that were put into it.

Very smooth rum, mixed with water and ice. Taste: horrible! What on earth is that nasty dishwater flavor they added to this? Wasted my money on this stuff. I certainly expected more from a Caribbean rum.

i will say I like This rum and it is my normal house brand to share with friends , priced right / proofed right / mixes well
Keep going back to this one , one tasty tasty rum 👍👍👍👍

Du rhum de chez Costco. Oh boy! Là je reconnais mon père grateux. J'ai demandé au paternel d'y goûter. En prenant la bouteille, c'est à ce moment que je réalise que c'est du rhum épicé. Je prends mon courage à deux mains et j'y goûte à sec. Malgré des attentes minimales, la gorgée à bien passée. Il y a bien sûr beaucoup trop de sucre, mais il est acceptable pour être mélangé avec du cola. Pour ceux dont le prix est une variable importante, pourquoi pas considérer ce rhum.

Its actually pretty good with coke..for the price its very good .its like a cross between Oakheart and Kraken..vanilla and caramel.

Very disappointed. Harsh to mix with both ginger ale and cola. Strong wood taste that was too sharp and barely any hint of spices, other than Old Spice perhaps. Not worth the price.

Of all the spiced rums I've ever tried this is by far the worst. It's just not good. Doesn't mix well, doesn't taste good in its own. It's just terrible. I really wish it was better.