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Caroni 15 year rum

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42 Caroni 15-Year ratings

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Another great bottle from Velier and at good value. I find this to be one of the better and more rounded caroni's. The nose is quite powerfull, and you can actually sense the rum just pouring it in the glass and placing it on the table. Giving the rum a closer wif, you pick up clear notes of sweet papaya and wooden lacquer. The palette is very powerfull but nicely rounded, with notes of wood, smoke, asphalt, sweet papaya and a pinch of salt. Very delicious. The spicy aftertaste lingers for a substantial time. (9,5)

My first Caroni experience. Strong, powerful. Explosion of aromas in your mouth... Quite impossible to compare with another rum styles. Not easy but really interesting. At first try I was not able to say I liked it or not but the complex, ever lasting finish gave me a pleasant feeling. More liquorice than asphalt. After some other attempts I feel like the 52% alc. is maybe a bit too much for me but the flavours and aromas are great. To be tested with a drop of water maybe ? I am very curious to taste some other Caroni's.
Edit : eventually after the sample I bought a bottle...

C'est quelque chose ces rhums Caroni ! Une vraie explosions de parfums et d'arômes dans la bouche, et ça n'en finit plus. On parle beaucoup de goudron, ce qui ne me faisait pas franchement rêver mais en fait ça me fait plus penser à la réglisse. Ce n'est vraiment pas un rhum "facile" mais il y a un goût de reviens-y assez terrible. C'est un peu trop fort pour moi quand même, il faut que je réessaye avec un tout petit peu d'eau pour calmer le degré d'alcool mais cette première expérience Caroni m'a donné envie d'en essayer d'autres.
Finalement j'en ai acheté une bouteille complète...

Même si je préfère l'attaque plus typée du 12 ans, cette version 15 ans mérite toute notre attention.
Une merveille ! qui bientôt aura disparu.

This is a rather dry rum that has a nice bite, but just seems to lack many of the classic rum flavors to me.

Smells and tastes of leather, oak, asphalt, and salt. Decent, but dry, and not enough spiciness or molasses to be great imho.

Wie bei allen anderen Caronis kann ich leider nur das gleiche schreiben. Schön voll, wuchtig mit schönen Fassaromen, aber diese Gumminoten sagen mir einfach nicht zu.

Smagte denne under en bytur og i et shotsglas, kan se dem scorer højt normalt, men jeg mener ikke lige det var mig umiddelbart. Kan være den fortjener en tur mere

Bizarrement une préférence pour le 12 ans. Un peu trop lourd.

Strong, sticky and spicy, with lots of dried fruit

No better available. I thought it's better than 17 years.

Aaahhh..... Caroni....eine delikate Leckerei !
Klares Bernstein im Glas, etwas dunkler als der 12er.
Die Nase erkennt den Caroni typischen Duft sofort.
Diese schweren gehaltvollen holzigen Erdtöne, kombiniert mit alten gewachsten Tannenmöbel die in einer verlassenen Autowerkstatt stehen. Späne von frisch gesägtem Holz liegen auf dem öligen Werkstattboden.
Im Gaumen, eine Explosion von Aromen die deine Geschmacksknospen durchdrehen lassen.
Die 52% Vol. fallen bei dieser Aroma Vielfalt nicht ins Gewicht. Gebrannter Karamell klebt an einer rauchig salzigen Fassdaube, hart, ehrlich ohne Kompromisse ! In Petroleum eingetauchte Lakritzenstangen die mit dunkler Schokolade überzogen sind. Reiner Kakao den du von einem alten modrigem Holz leckst. Könnte noch hunderte weiter aufzählen....
Der Abgang zieht sich fast über Stunden hin. Herrlich, so wie man sich das wünscht, dunkle Schokolade, dunkle Früchte, dunkles Holz und vieles mehr.
Ein absolut genialer Rum (9+) für alle die, die die alte, ehrliche Machart von Rum schätzen.
Caroni Rum, die Perlen in meiner Rumsammlung.

Aaahhh ..... Caroni .... a delicious delicacy!
Clear amber in the glass, a bit darker than the 12 yo.
The nose recognizes the Caroni typical scent immediately.
These heavy rich woody earth tones, combined with old waxed fir furniture standing in an abandoned car repair shop. Chips of freshly sawn wood lie on the oily workshop floor.
On the palate, an explosion of flavors that make your taste buds goes mad.
The 52% Vol. Are not significant for this flavor variety. Burnt caramel sticks to a smoky salty stave, hard, honest without compromise! Licorice rods dipped in petroleum and covered with dark chocolate. Pure cocoa that you lick from an old moldy wood. Could list hundreds more ....
The finish goes on for hours. Wonderful, as you would expect, dark chocolate, dark fruits, dark wood and much more.
An absolutely brilliant rum (9+) for all those who appreciate the old, honest style of rum.
Caroni Rum, the pearls in my rum collection.

The 12 year old is a 9+, the 17 year old a straight 10.
How to rate this? Well I prefer the others but this one is still marvelous!

Den 15 års rammer mange af de smags nuancer jeg godt kan lide i en rom. kan varmt anbefales.

Drsná vůně. Drsná chuť. Tohle není nic pro slaďouše.

Clear and Medium Amber color. .
Clean Pronounced and aromas of Burnt Sugar, Smoke, Vanilla, Tobacco and Leather.
Medium sweetness, with a Mouth-filling and Warming texture, Pronounced with flavors of Smoke, Tobacco and Meaty which lasts for a Long length and Very complex on the finish.
Very unique rum, which will only last till it last till it ends, since Caroni bought from the Trinidad government the stocks of a closed distillery left abandoned. Btw, today a bottle is worth more than a barrel back then.. a true pirate treasure found by Caroni.


Prefer this one to the 17. Dryish, almost smokey engine oil.

Une bouteille parfaire pour entrer dans le monde caroni ! Douceur et puissance, note pétrolifère caractéristique, bois brûlé...vraiment excellent !

Un rhum vraiment très bon! Un plaisir au nez comme en bouche! Assez complexe! Vraiment sympa! À découvrir! :-D

Velier Caroni, 15 years of age. This is everything it promises to be. Much sought after (at the right price). Classic Caroni flavors; asphalt, tarmac, smoke, wood, a slight saltyness. The nose is heavy, pungent, intruding in a nice way. This is Caroni the way we love it.

Virkelig lækker rom - noget helt andet end 12 års Caroni - lidt mere døme i min mund

Glæder mig meget til denne rom. Det bliver godt st få den smagt

Great rum, hard to find...Caroni Rum was founded in 1923 on the site of the old Caroni sugar factory. Unfortunately, the government of Trinidad decided in 2001 to sell 49% of the shares of Rum Distillers Limited (the rum division of Caroni) to Angostura for $ 35 million. Caroni remained open until 2002 when it finally closed its doors.

Le nez est plus prononcé en solvant que le 12, on y sent aussi de la banane et du boisé.
L’attaque est agréable, moins pétrolifère que le 12 et plus de boisé.
Le final a la longueur qu’on attend d’un Caroni. Un délice, à condition d’aimer autre chose que les rhums très sucré (diplomatico, zacapa, pyrat…)
The nose is more pronounced in solvent than the 12, we can also smell banana and wood.
The attack is pleasant, less petroliferous than the 12 and more wooded.
The aftertaste has the length that we expect from a Caroni. A delight, provided that you love something else than the very sweet rums (diplomatico, zacapa, pyrat…)

my french son in law introduced me to this and honestly it blew my mind. Probably the nicest drink i have ever had, such complexity and smoothness. absolutely gorgeous. sadly hard to find, limited stocks and once it's gone it's gone.

Je ne le conseillerais pas aux amateurs de rhums doux. Celui-ci est puissant, assez "pétrole", mais complexe et intéressant.