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Rhum très ordinaire, même avec du cola. Pour ce prix il y n'a des meilleurs.

Very cheap rum with a distinctive sweet flavor, maybe a little bit more harsh than it's "Gran Anejo" brother. Still a very bad investment.


This is a blend of rum distilled in the Dominican Republic and aged for up to 4 years in used oak bourbon barrels from Kentucky.

I like this a little less than the Grand Anejo but really not much all that much.

It has a nice amber color in the snifter shifting a bit to a golden hue. The aroma does have a little harshness to it but not to objectionable levels. The blend of rums are aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels and that flavor is predominate at the outset as well as at the finish. There are hints of vanilla and toffee with some sweetness. There may be some sugaring present (the figures I've seen are to an older version of the Barceló Anejo -- I am unsure how much, if any, sugaring is in this rum however it's really not too sweet so it may be much less, if any).

The oak flavor is a tad too strong to qualify this as a sipping rum in my opinion however it works extremely well as a versatile mixing rum.

Fera lui aussi l'affaire pour un mojito ou un cuba libre.

I had it on a night along with Barbancourt. I both liked them but the Barbancourt was better.

A pretty good mixer but on the harsh side to enjoy straight. Great price to add this one to you collection or as a decent house rum. Being aged for up to 4 years and in ex bourbon barrels, I was hoping for something better.

Un ron agradable, sobre todo por la relación calidad/precio. Se siente mucho el alcohol al probarlo, sin embargo luego baja y se aprecia el dulce. No recomiendo para tomarlo solo o en las rocas, pero si para cocteles, ya que combina muy bien.

Nostalgia brings me to this bottle. summer beach days mixing this famous Ron with coke or Fanta.

No Great rum, but Great times anyways. To share with friends!


Un ron para combinarlo con cola y poco más, estándar

I think that this would mix well with just about anything but I can't say that it's a sipping rum. Not something that I would buy again unless I was planning to make mixed drinks, then maybe.

It is a little raw compared to it is superior and slightly expensive version Gran Aniejo, but the taste for this price is really good. It is better than anything in this price range.

Habe eine Flasche aus dem letzten Jahrtausend.
Flasche und Etikett völlig anders, wahrscheinlich auch der Inhalt.
Sehr lecker und süss, Karamell, Toffe, dunkle Schokolade.

Got a bottle from the last millennium.
Bottle and label completely different, probably also the content.
Very tasty and sweet, caramel, toffee, dark chocolate.

A little bit better than Brugal Añejo but still ordinary and tasteless. Nothing that I would offer a friend. There are far better runs out there for less money.

Πίνω το ρούμι σκέτο , οπότε αυτό το ρούμι δεν είχε κάτι το ιδιαίτερο να μου δώσει. ..... πολύ καλή τιμή που με παρέσυρε ..... Μάλλον είναι για άλλα γούστα, για κοκτέιλ ή οτιδήποτε άλλο τέλος πάντων!

На Новый год два дня пил только его. В общем советую, покупался прямо в Доминиканской республике.

My girlriend liked it, and she does not like rum at all. Not much taste in this one, although i drank it at just 13 degrees Celcius

Zpočátku potřebuje dýchat, ale k velkému výkonu se bohužel nenadechne. Slábnoucí intenzitu startovního lihového odéru již doprovází i „nějaké“ aroma, nicméně bez jakéhokoliv kapitána, který by jasně definoval směr této bezcílně bloumající loďce. Začínají se sice objevovat doprovodné vůně i chutě, ale pouze velmi slabé, téměř k nerozeznání, nijak se tedy nemění celkový nezajímavý stereotyp rumu. Po vypití zůstává ve sklence citelná stopa syrového alkoholu, kterou lze přirovnat k čerstvě vypálené vínovici. S koupí láhve tedy netřeba pospíchat, doporučuji pohledat na trhu verzi se slaměným kloboučkem o objemu 350ml, která pro testování rumu bohatě postačí.


Clearly meant to be mixed, its flavor is unique enough to stand out, but only really shines when combined with something containing cane sugar. There are better options, but it's worth the experience to try.

It is a good rum in it's price category - personally much better than same price (or even a bit higher) Bacardi or Captain Morgan

Recommend for cooking - taste is sharp, difficult to distinguish flavors of cacao or caramel

Tried it the other day at a club and didn't like it at all. Harsh, strong flavour, but not nice. Maybe the bottle was old, can't really imagine to get such a bad rum from a well known brand. But for the moment I'm afraid of giving it another try

It's good but I expected more from this brand. Maybe I drank too much of it on vacation in the DR. It just seemed a bit cheap or like a short cut rum.

Eigentlich nichts besonderes, allerdings für Mixgetränke wie Cuba-Libre gut geeignet. Zum pur trinken etwas zu starker (biterer) Nachgeschmack. Der Unterschied zum Barcelo Imperial ist deutlich zu spüren.

Not my favourite rum. Easy one to drink as a mixer though.

Barcelo anjelo rum