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Ron botran  anejo 12 rum

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For the price this is a good choice for adding to your favorite cocktail. Bit of a burn and harshness going down to deter from drinking neat.

This was disgusting wow what a surprise standard and rum

Heavy and chocolate taste. Try it with a chocolate together.

Este ron de 12 años de añejamiento, es bueno para tomarse con Coca-Cola y para disfrutar un momento con los amigos


A gift from Mexico. Sharp rum that is not for me. :)

Good valmue for money 😊 Not AS complex as big brother Ron Zacapa, but pretty close

Firstly: it's cheap. Also people should note, the Botran 12 is, like most Botrans and most Zacapas, a solera-style rum, so it's not actually 12 years old. When I was in Guatemala I drank this far more than the often praised but wildy overrated Zacapa 23 (which to me is an overly sweet cloying licqueur, not a proper rum). This is a lot dryer, more honest. You do get some alcohol, and a somewhat unrefined sensation, but at half the price of the Zacapa 23 this was always the better option for me.

Had higher expectations from a 12y old. Don't like it with coke too much, like it better on the rocks. Strong alcohol flavour, lacking character. Don't like the aftertaste a lot, but not too bad considering the price.

Decent sweetness, but too harsh alcohol. Overall lacking a decent taste (some oak, vanilla, liquorice): too 'watery'

A good one for a reasonnable price. Tasty and perfumed, this is the kind of rum you'll enjoy after dinner along with a piece of dark chocolate.. Not revolutionnary but a good choice that every amateur should possess.

Un ron de sabor suave y dulce, en México la botella es más bonita q la original con tapón de corcho.
Según dicen es un Zacapa económico. Ya que también son de la misma región.
Muy recomendable.


Misma destileria que Zacapa. Mientras que el Zacapa es para beber solo o en las rocas, el Botran es bueno para Cuba Libre

OK rum uit Guatemala met veel karamel smaak. Beetje te scherp om te sippen. Met ijs iets beter.

Tasted this rum in Guatemala before discovering Zacapa and the wonderful world of rums.

similar to older Botran or Malteco, thinner and afterburn a bit harsher, but decent rum.

el akcohol se separa del resto de la figura, si tomas mucho sentiras los efectos

It got this for 20€ which is golden. I like the Botran rums,and i tried this younger one as a reasonable daily sipper. Tho not as deep as the 18yo,it is excellent. Just like the Guatemalan in general,you taste immadiately the molasses and you can blindly tell in the nose and palate that it's either a
Zacapa/Maltecto/Botran. The afterburn is a bit harsher but not disturbing. A sweety but light rum,eventhough quite cheap,still too good to be mixed

Für mich ein guter Rum, da mild im Geschmack. Pur ok. Aber gut auf Eis

This rum was from a dark time for Botran. Most their rums were horrible and could be found in close out in stores. This was a huge exception. It was actually decent. The problem was it inherited the black label from the old low end Botran (which was rebranded with a red label). People associated this one with that monstrosity the old black label was and it suffered.

Currently all rums from this times are discontinued. The line was replaced with Reserva, Reserva Blanca, and Solera 1893. You can notice the influence Zacapa had in these new lines.

Comfortable taste.

Great flavor and light dark color and a mild aroma.

This is by far the best rum of which mixing with cola isn't an insult. The subtle burnt sugar tones and desert like quality lend itself very well to creating one great rum and coke. Unfortunately this rum isn't more mainstream because it would compete well with, and easily beat the more common "aged rums"


Ron botran  anejo 12 rum