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It's a complex rum, great notes, great finish, very persistance, a lot of fruits in my nose.


Color : amber
Flavour : toasted nut, lemon & sage, mango, passion fruit, finish of spice like white pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg
Palate : mid-bodied, long lasting, sweet finish

Aged 100% in re-charred Bourbon barrels, it's an elegant rhum that suits any palate. Very nice paired with dark chocolat or exotic fruits

Not my usual kind of rum of choice but this was a very pleasant surprise. Anything with a bourbon ageing process usually puts me off but I found this rather subtle which pleased me. Nice flavours of honey and something else maybe sage? One I would try again without hesitation

Taste is still on spices. Alcohol is a bit more melted than the VSOP one (but still present even in the aftertaste). I would expect it a bit less harsh...

Interesting charcoal taste. A bit of a bite, but very nice.

Een lekker pittige rhum agricole van Martinique's mooiste distilleerderij Rhum J.M. gelegen aan de voet van de vulkaan Pelée en vlak bij de Atlantische​ oceaan.

Het gekapte suikerriet wordt binnen een uur geperst en het sap in de fermentatie tank gepompt. Na een korte vergistingaperiode wordt er gedistilleerd in dubbele column stills. Een aantal jaar op ex-bourbon vaten later levert een rhum op met die typische 'grassige' agricole smaak maar ook eikenhout en specerijen als peper, nootmuskaat en kardemom en fruitige tonen als annanas.

Een lichte en droge rum gebotteld op 45% abv (die merk je op) waar niet mee 'geknoeid' is want dat is tegen de wet op Martinique.


but still excellent. Sage and other spices, the finishing of some sweet white wine. Not to forget the bourbon that was in the barrells before. Probably not to everybody's taste, though.

Not very exciting, its an ok expression, but it falls a bit short.

This one I tested when joining a test seccion of different Rum styles together with ckoholate. The Rhum was much rounder and brought more flovours with chokolate then without. Vanilla and banans in long aftertaste.

Really not bad, although the alcohol burn was pronounced.

Had this skiing in France.
Pale gold in the glas, virtually no nose, harsh on the palate, grough afterburn.
I reckon a mixer at best.

I compared this side by side with the JM VSOP Rhum. Although this is more expensive, I prefer the VSOP. This was stronger at 45% (vs 43% for the VSOP), but the VSOP seemed to have more flavor to it. I enjoy strong rums if they're really good. But I didn't find this to be really good.

Smells and tastes of bourbon, charred oak, pepper, and a little cinnamon. This seemed harsh to me, and lacked a sweet rum flavor (too dry for my liking). Again, at 45%, I found this strong for what it is. Strong rums need to be great (like the 47% Diplomatico Ambassador Rum).

Tout se résume à 2 lettres. Que dire de plus. Achetez en

Grassy, pleasant and a wonderful finish...........

This is a spicy rum with a good bite. Good pleasant nose and flavour. And a very nice aftertaste. If You like sweet rum this is not the one for You. But try it anyway! You are in for a surprise!

Wow! Definitely a rum with some serious bite. Kinda grabs you by the booboo, but it finishes really smooth which was very surprising. Has all kinds of complex flavors from dried fruit to a hint of leather, earthy with a small touch of grass and we're talking the kind you mow. Not a hint of sweetness in a true RHUM.

Denne Rom er meget tung i smagen, minder lidt om cognac

En lækker duft. Med en utrolig underlig eftersmag jeg har svært ved at beskrive. Men når den har lagt sig efterlader den dog en dejlig eftersmag

Buon Rhum agricolo proveniente dalla Martinica, l'apertura è floreale con leggeri sentori speziati, l' evoluzione è su note di cuoio e olive, nel finale leggermente cacao.
Una nota di canna da zucchero fresca rimane sempre presente lungo tutta degustazione.
In conclusione un Rhum piacevole, con una discreta evoluzione che mi sento sicuramente di consigliare sia ai neofiti che ai più esperti.

Very good Rhum aricul . It's something for pirates.

...... Rhum JM XO ......

Notation Personnel : 5/10


Aika kirpakka ja polttava alku. Kun vähän maistelee, niin muuttuu kyllä ihan Ok rommiksi. Kokonaisuus kuitenkin keskinkertainen. En osta omaan hyllyyni.


Out the door for .49 shy of $70 this bottle sits in a lofty position. Options a plenty around this price point but was extremely pleased with my choice.
It's refined focused and to the point. A recognizable quality is embedded into each sniff and sip and it's hard to put down. Bottled at a generous 45% a little acclamation happens thus so the profiles are numerous. It's the Bees Knees if....
You like oak bourbon and dry!
You may have buyers remorse if you like sweet sugary molasses.

Ce xo a beaucoup de gout en bouche.mais il n a pas le cote fort de l est plaisant a boire.Il est sur les epices un boise sucre et sur les fruits secs.ce rhum est bien maitrise .Pour moi je prefere le xo de longueteau ou la version 40 eme anniversaire de bielle ou la cuvee speciale xo de clement.mais c un rhum atypique.noye 8.4.