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Plantation 3 stars artisanal rum

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This is actually a dark rum, but cold filtered to compete in the segment of white rums.

The make up of the bottle is amazing and emphasises it's origin. Regarding the taste:
Actually, if you compare this rum with other white rums, you could sip this rum, sounds crazy but it isn't. The rum is pretty smooth with some lights of sweetness.

Comes out great generally in cocktails.

This rum surprised me from many stand points. I was impressed by the packaging, the blending, price point, nose, and most importantly the taste. This rum goes down smoothly but has a little bite to it to remind you its rum at least in a double shot. This rum is going on the list as one of my favorites at an incredible price. I've only had it straight up as this point but I think that is all I need. Why water down this great rum? I could sip this straight anytime.

I was never a white rum fan, but this one was a pleasant surprise. I've been a big fan of Plantation's XO 20th Anniversary, so I expected their white to be good, and it didn't disappoint. With eyes closed, you would think it's a dark aged rum - it's quite smooth. Just a touch of sweetness with a very nice finish. It's good enough to drink straight.

I can get this locally for $20 a ltr. and always have a bottle on hand. When people ask me what's a good light rum this is my recommendation.

Ok so it's not a sipping rum cause it's white.... Or is it? When you hold this rum up to light you'll notice a very off clear color almost between a light and a white rum. The taste neat is fruitful, although strong, it is nowhere near that of any white I have come across, in fact it's better then a lot of "dark" rums when it comes to its ability to be sipped. Mixed is where it shines beautiful in mojitos and even better in coke. Right now this has been my go to for cocktails.

From what I have read this rum is a blend of unaged rum from Barbados and Jamaica, three year old rum from Trinidad. and a twelve year old rum from Jamaica all of which is carbon filtered leaving a clear rum. Apparently the carbon filtering removes much of the oak tones from the aged rums in the blend. This leaves a rather smooth yet somewhat sweet white rum. The rum is rated at 41.2% ABV or 82.4 proof which is just a tad stronger than the typical 80 proof rum. The aroma in the glass and in the bottle is rather of simple alcohol with subtle hints of things I really cannot identify (I'm not all that good at figuring out smells) but the flavor is quite delightful. I detect molasses and vanilla in the flavor with a bit of a burn that fades into a sweet caramel aftertaste. Another winner from C. Ferrand. This could be used as a sipping rum if you're in a bind but it is better suited as a mixer. And at under $25 (U.S.) a bottle it is a very, very good bargain.

A good "white" rum no doubt, and perhaps the best value you can get in this catagory. The nose is fresh and fruity with notes of pineapple, grass, citrus and molasse. Sipped neat, the fairly smooth palette brings notes of vanilla, citrus, pineapple and a bit of barrel. It has a great balance, and it's one of the few white rums I sincerely enjoy neat. Obviously it's killer in cocktails.

This is a very good white rum, full of flavor and it mixes well with everything. Excellent!

I had the pleasure of tasting this for the first time in the Bahamas at Rum Bahamas. It won 1st place for the whites there for good reason. It is very clean and tastes great. I have loved each release from Plantation, but was curious how they would do whites. I was not disappointed.

This white rum surpasses *many* a $20-$50 dark rum, but has an asking price of $20. This is an insane deal.

The rum itself is smooth, with a fruity nose. Tastes of bananas, coconuts, and sugar. Really delicious stuff. It's good enough that I'm, frankly, suspicious. How have so few other places produced such a delicious brew if Plantation can?

Pokud bychom se pohybovali pouze v kategorii bílých rumů či například v cenovém omezení do 400Kč, patřil by tento Plantation zcela jistě k těm nejlepším. Pokud ovšem rozšíříme stejná kritéria hodnocení na všechny rumy bez omezení, považuji za naprosto férový výsledek "pouze" známku 5/10. Nejpříjemnějším zjištěním byla totiž „jen“ celková jemnost rumu s úplnou absencí hrubé lihovosti ve vůni i chuti, ale to samozřejmě na vyšší známkování nestačí. Aroma bych maximálně přirovnal k čerstvě posekané trávě, čímž jsem ovšem seznam objevených vůní i chutí definitivně vyčerpal. V míchaných nápojích zřejmě odvede svoji práci dokonale, ale pro samotné popíjení jej tedy nemohu nazvat ani jako chutný, abych udělil známku 6/10. Přesto si myslím, že výsledné hodnocení při plné konkurenci, pro tento rum za cenu cca 350Kč, v podstatě znamená zlatou medaili.

Great white rum! Tasted good on the rocks, neat, or mixed. No complaints, will keep in rotation. A bonus is it's 1L not 750ml.,😁

This is my go to for everyday enjoyment with friends to share, mix or on the rocks. Very decently priced, your friends will enjoy. Promise

Excellent white rum, neat! Really great smooth balance. Packs a little heat.


Appearance: clear, transparent
Aroma: paint thinner, hints of cane juice and bitter orange
Taste: hint of sweet, hint of bitter
Flavor: alcohol
Texture/Body: thin
Finish: short

Alkohol: 41,2 %
Původ: Jamajka, Barbados, Trinidad / Francie
Aroma: Vodka, čistý líh, ale je tu i kořenitost a vanilka, trochu svěží větrovosti, hřebíček. Nic světoborného, ale ani nepříjemného. (76 b)
Chuť: V chuti je oproti vůni výrazně lepší. Bílá čokoláda, krémový dojem na jazyku, kořenitý a jemně nasládlý. (84 b)
Body: 80
Shrnutí: Ochutnávali jsme s kamarádem na dalším degustačním večeru v českolipském Baru/Kavárně Kocour. Hlavní jádro ochutnávky tvořily čtyři Plantationy, k tomu novinka od Diplomática - Mantuano, pak jsme zkusili El Ron Prohibido Habanero a na úplný závěr pak pouťovou atrakci RedRum. 3 Stars od Plantationu nezklamal, na bílý rum je v chuti zajímavý a dobře pitelný, ale z mého pohledu hodně doplácí na nevýraznou vůni.

I wasn't really sure whether to buy this. I'm not the biggest fan of rum Agricole and for the money I could have gone for a mid range Spanish island rum. I'm glad I didn't! A fantastic rumsperience! The smell is not really encouraging, but the taste is just smooth, fruity, flowery.

I am not a fanboy of white rums, this one is nothing special ... quite smooth and not so significant taste.

Jako nečekal jsem to, o 100% lepší než například Havana club. Fakt překvapil, jemný, nasládlý

Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal Rum is een mooie witte rum met een aroma van fruit, bruine suiker en rijpe bananen. In de smaak herkennen we specerijen en kruidige noten. Suikerriet en vanile afdronk. Het is een scherpe rum die levendig en mooi in evenwicht is, de drie sterren geven het een subtiele en stijlvolle Trinidad en Barbados geïntegreerd karakter mee.

Geschiedenis Plantation rum:

Oorspronkelijk uit Azië , werd suikerriet in de Caribische geïntroduceerd door de Spaanse kolonisten tijdens Christoffel Columbus ' tweede reis in de late 15de eeuw .

De eerste schriftelijke vermelding van rum is afkomstig van Barbados in 1647 , maar het is bekend dat rum werd gemaakt op het eiland aan het begin van de 17e eeuw . In de Franse Antillen kwam de uitvinding van rum later en wordt toegeschreven aan Père Labat in 1694 , als een geneeskrachtig middel .

Van slechte kwaliteit en goedkoop te maken, was rum in eerste instantie alleen voor de plantage slaven. Duurdere cognac en sherry waren gereserveerd voor de kolonisten . Het werd ook de drank van zeelieden en piraten, maar rum begon niet te groeien tot de 18de eeuw, toen de reële vooruitgang met destillatie technieken werd gemaakt om zich te verspreiden naar Europa en Noord-Amerika .

Vandaag de dag rum is de meest geconsumeerde gedistilleerde alcohol in de wereld . Het is gemaakt op elk continent , in Azië , Latijns-Amerika , Oceanië , Europa en zelfs Afrika en het Midden-Oosten , maar de meest gewaardeerde rum komt ongetwijfeld uit het Caribisch gebied .

Købt til og kun brugt som mixer rom til mojitos.....

Hatte Bedenken, weil weißer Rum. War doch überrascht, dass er ziemlich gut schmeckt, vor Allem, bei dem Preis! Fruchtig, nicht süß, etwas Schärfe, warm, Orange, Vanille.

That was my first white rum and I rate it average. I was drinking version Plantation Original Dark Double Aged and tested me better as the white.

Det her er nok min pt foretrukne hvide rom,
kan drikke den, både ren og mixet op med sodavand eller hvad man syntes

den er ligeledes til at betale, og jeg vil til hver en tid, vælge denne fremfor diverse reklame mærker

Plantation 3 stars artisanal rum