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This is actually a dark rum, but cold filtered to compete in the segment of white rums.

The make up of the bottle is amazing and emphasises it's origin. Regarding the taste:
Actually, if you compare this rum with other white rums, you could sip this rum, sounds crazy but it isn't. The rum is pretty smooth with some lights of sweetness.

Comes out great generally in cocktails.

This rum surprised me from many stand points. I was impressed by the packaging, the blending, price point, nose, and most importantly the taste. This rum goes down smoothly but has a little bite to it to remind you its rum at least in a double shot. This rum is going on the list as one of my favorites at an incredible price. I've only had it straight up as this point but I think that is all I need. Why water down this great rum? I could sip this straight anytime.

There's a reason this rum stands above all others in its category. Plantation knows what they're doing here, and they're indeed doing it well. A blend of young and aged rums, filtered to remove most—but not all—color, leaving much of the original "character" intact. (In the bottle it's a very light straw color—not completely "white"). The end result is that this rum is far more interesting than most other "white" rums, and it's actually sippable!

There is only the faintest whiff of alcohol on the nose, accompanied by glimpses of flavors more commonly associated with aged rum. On the palate, the rum is sugary and delicious. A fan of dryer rums, I find this one not overly sweet, but it's a close call. Plantation has added minimal sugar (by their standards), though, as always, I don't think it needs it.

In color and flavor I might compare it to 10 Cane (Trinidad, 7-), though I don't currently have a bottle handy, and it costs nearly twice as much per oz. So the 3-Star is the clear winner there.

Of course, it's primary intended use is as a mixer. Here it performs admirably! Falling somewhere between a traditional "white" and "gold/dark" rum in flavor profile, one strapped for bar space could potentially use it as both. But more likely it will be used when "white" rum is called for. As such the results are delicious, though I can't help but think that I'm adding more body or sweetness than the recipe-maker originally intended. Hence, I would recommend stocking a bottle of this, as well as a lighter, dryer offering, such as Flor de Cana 4 Extra Seco (oh, yes, and W&N Overproof, because, seriously).

All in all, pretty solid. An 8 or a 9 against its peers. But it is rather sweet, and I still can't shake the thought that I'm somehow not honoring classic recipes by using it... maybe I'll get over that someday, and adjust my rating accordingly. It truly is a value white rum for people who actually taste what they mix with. We could use more of those!


From what I have read this rum is a blend of unaged rum from Barbados and Jamaica, three year old rum from Trinidad. and a twelve year old rum from Jamaica all of which is carbon filtered leaving a clear rum. Apparently the carbon filtering removes much of the oak tones from the aged rums in the blend. This leaves a rather smooth yet somewhat sweet white rum. The rum is rated at 41.2% ABV or 82.4 proof which is just a tad stronger than the typical 80 proof rum. The aroma in the glass and in the bottle is rather of simple alcohol with subtle hints of things I really cannot identify (I'm not all that good at figuring out smells) but the flavor is quite delightful. I detect molasses and vanilla in the flavor with a bit of a burn that fades into a sweet caramel aftertaste. Another winner from C. Ferrand. This could be used as a sipping rum if you're in a bind but it is better suited as a mixer. And at under $25 (U.S.) a bottle it is a very, very good bargain.

I was never a white rum fan, but this one was a pleasant surprise. I've been a big fan of Plantation's XO 20th Anniversary, so I expected their white to be good, and it didn't disappoint. With eyes closed, you would think it's a dark aged rum - it's quite smooth. Just a touch of sweetness with a very nice finish. It's good enough to drink straight.

I can get this locally for $20 a ltr. and always have a bottle on hand. When people ask me what's a good light rum this is my recommendation.

Another awesome plantation rum in my cabinet! So I`ve heard that this is a dark rum in a white disguise, it's been filtred to get a white colour. Thinks that's pretty neat because I don't think I would have bought it otherwise. White rum usually don't interest me but the plantation 3 stars certainly do! I think it's suppose to be a mixer rum but I drank it as a sipper. And what a treat it was! Looks awkward to have a white rum poured in your glass but your in for a surprise. This is a mix of three other rums from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad. The mix is done very well. The smell is a tone of sweet vanilla and coconuts. And taste is sweet and smooth with honey, dark chocolate and vanilla. The price is more than ok. In the same price range with the plantation original dark! Go and buy!


Ok so it's not a sipping rum cause it's white.... Or is it? When you hold this rum up to light you'll notice a very off clear color almost between a light and a white rum. The taste neat is fruitful, although strong, it is nowhere near that of any white I have come across, in fact it's better then a lot of "dark" rums when it comes to its ability to be sipped. Mixed is where it shines beautiful in mojitos and even better in coke. Right now this has been my go to for cocktails.

I've been attempting to support independent spirits producers in my spirits purchases, attempting to avoid buying brands owned by any of the major liquor conglomerates. This isn't easy to do, by any means. I was happy when I learned that Cognac Ferrand, the respected cognac producer (and, maker of Citadelle gin) produced the excellent Plantation line of rums.

Plantation three-star rum is a white rum blend of rums from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad, following Ferrand's tradition of aging the rums on their islands of origin, and then sending the rum to France for additional aging at Chateau de Bonbonnet. This rum is bottled at 82.4 proof. This rum evinces a deliciously fragrant nose with hints of vanilla and spice. The taste is smooth, with the rum's molasses origins clearly coming through on the palate. Plantation three-star is superb in cocktails, smooth enough to be a great mixer, but, with an assertiveness and depth of flavor that takes it beyond standard white rum offerings (e.g., Bacardi).

If you read the original press release for the rum's introduction back in 2012, Cognac Ferrand proprietor Alexandre Gabriel basically concedes that the white rum category is a crowded space dominated by huge corporations, so, this offering didn't make sense for a tiny house such as his, from a purely fiscal standpoint. But, because he believed that he and his team could produce a superior product, he chose to do it. That's the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that anyone can drink to, and, also, gumption and artistic daring that I'm happy to support.

At a price of roughly $18.99 per bottle, Plantation three-star is a great rum and a great value, as well.

A good "white" rum no doubt, and perhaps the best value you can get in this catagory. The nose is fresh and fruity with notes of pineapple, grass, citrus and molasse. Sipped neat, the fairly smooth palette brings notes of vanilla, citrus, pineapple and a bit of barrel. It has a great balance, and it's one of the few white rums I sincerely enjoy neat. Obviously it's killer in cocktails.

I give it only a rating of 7 as i enjoy my rums straight up,even without an icecube. To me, a rum needs to be enjoyable that way. Well,if i'd rate white rums it would be a 10! Despite its young age its an excellent rum,in the nose a bit medical,but in the mouth and throat a great,sweety rum .Sugar cane,honey,a very little bite. Let's don't forget ,this isn't a white rum,it's aged 3years and filtered so it lost its original(probably straw-yellow) color. I did't mix it,but it probably is the bomb . I enjoy it pure and am impressed.For this price,go for it,either way you won't be disappointed. Probably a perfect mixer and if you fancy to try a white rum straight up-this is the way it should be

This is a very good white rum, full of flavor and it mixes well with everything. Excellent!

I had the pleasure of tasting this for the first time in the Bahamas at Rum Bahamas. It won 1st place for the whites there for good reason. It is very clean and tastes great. I have loved each release from Plantation, but was curious how they would do whites. I was not disappointed.

Good nose, kind of tropical with a touch of sweetness but still dry and savoury at the same time also a grassy note. More body for a white rum, will make a great cocktail.
Can’t wait!

This is a good light rum. It doesn't really taste like a classic light rum; other reviewers have said it's a filtered gold rum. Smells and tastes of oak, sugarcane, nuts, vanilla, tobacco, and subtle spice.

Gold rums are my least favorite style, but this is nice, either for a gold, or a light rum.

Ok rom og den bedste hvide rom jeg har smagt, men vil nok bruge den til en god mojito Wauw

Tastes wayyy too funky for me, if you smell it from far away or happen to get some splashed onto your hands it actually spells a little bit like poop or diarrhea water believe it not... super funky. also the cork cap they were using flaked off inside of the alcohol and its full of little bits of cork, probably wont be buying a bottle of this ever again. when i do drink this i either do shots or make mixed drinks.

I really do taste the melding of "The Three Stars" - the fruity banana, the spiciness, the nuttiness, the touch of citrus... Its rather delicate, as most aged whites can be, but showcases its power and finesse quite well in daiquiris or even neat (give it some time to breath, and you will be rewarded).
I like it a lot. Expertly blended to make something unique, and delicious.

For a white rum this actually has some flavour. Good in cocktails.

This rum makes all other light rums taste like vodka and all dark rums feel intimidated. A bottle I use for fancy cocktails when I want to impress on my guests and a rum I wouldn’t say no to when it comes to sipping.

Para ser un ron blanco es simplemente bueno. Tiene notas de caramelo y cítricos y combina de forma espectacular con los cócteles.

Normally I really dont like white rums, to young and sharp, little taste.
But this is something else, this is a real good white rum.
Taste like fruit and marshmallows, real smooth but not to sweet.

Im not a big fan of the white rhums. But this is one of those what I could say it's good.

Perfect mixer on drinks. And why not on neat on the rocks too.

This is a great little bottle of white rum. It actually is an aged gold rum which is filtered somehow to become white. It's very versatile. Nothing mind-blowing but it's what one would expect from plantation.