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Old monk supreme rum

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26 Old Monk Supreme ratings

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The taste was good but not very special. No after taste, not really any new spices. Good but a dime a dozen!

Its a rum with a typical rum taste. I'd Say if you like Brown rum. You will get this down your throat

Great bottle! In the shape of an old monk. My choice of rum while in India. Don't drink it on ice if in India!

use and .........................................................................enjay it

Definitely smoother but not refined enough to distinguish itself from XXX.

What a disappointment and what a hard bottle to find here in the US. Smell is offputting but quite mild, color is nice dark but hardly any legs so indication that very little sugar in it, but the taste test was a shocker. The Old Monk Supreme tastes like a damp wet cellar, very offputting to my taste buds. Maybe the barrel was all moldy, who knows, but struggles to score even a 4.

This rum has an incredible sweet aroma (if you like that), a lot of vanilla or brown sugar scent. When drinking it neet it is pretty good without any heavy alcohol burn. Did a flight of this with El Dorado 12 and Kraken. Old Monk came second behind the El Dorado. So much sampling to do.

celkem fajn rum, hodne silny, plny ve vuni i chuti. Nejsem fanda takovych baleni, z teto saskarny jsem cekal horsi rum :-)

Pretty strong rum with a bit specific flavour. Nice bottle

molasses. dry.
i smell dark chocolate and ester. some notes of espresso.
i taste smoke, dark chocolate, molasses, some burn, spicy notes. in the aftertaste its burning a little bit, peppery with notes of espresso. chocolate, some dry fruit tones at the end.
7/10. some kind of rum with a very special taste. torn back and forth in betweeen dark chocolate, coffee and plastic.
not for the lovers of sweet rum.

The bottle is what made me try it at first. The smell is of "caramel brûlé". The taste is caramel with a nice sting at the end. I was hoping the bottle was not just a nice face. I was not disappointed.


I love the original design of the bottle showing a monk great detail.

As far as taste goes its a more refined version of the Old monk XXX. the vanilla and molassess are stronger. getting a bit more oak. one i had was sitting on shelfs for at least 2 years since the one i got was bottled in 2013. was a pain finding the bottle in my state but managed to get my hands on one. and for only 10$ more than the XXX. id gladly pay for just the bottle design itself!.

also its alot more smoother than the XXX dont even need ice to sip on it. no burn at all.

if you like the XXX and want a more flavorful experiance. go with this stuff.

Bottle is very funny and I suppose that rum will be not too good... I was surprised. I can recommend this rum to everyone to try it.

The most smooth and amazing rum I've ever had!...Great aroma, taste, colour and texture!...Awesome bottle!...And not to forget, absolute value for money!

Sadly the bottle is the best part of this drink..was ok as a sipping rum but really lacked on flavour

This old Monk is an OK rum. I prefer something with more of a vanilla note. You get a nuttiness and they heavy sweetness.

Color:light brown
Nose:strong alcoholic,nuts
Body:nuts, alcohol taste

Bottle:under-average,cheap looking monk

I am wondering if I will ever like an Indian rum... Definitely not this one with kitschy bottle and under average taste...

Nice bottle but not rum . Not big different from XXX.

This is probably one of the top 5 rums in its price category. Strong presence of a vanilla flavour may put off some more refined rum drinkers but this is a great one for mixing drinks.

At jeg fik købt denne flaske rom. Hun syntes den var så pæn at kigge på, og da jeg i forvejen har plyndret kassen, kunne denne lige så godt komme med i kurven. 215 kr hos i Tyskland

Glæder mig faktisk til at smage den og sammenligne den med nogle af de andre jeg har :)

a rum for men,great feeling, like a smooth flowing river, good effect after effect and hangover,

surprisingly amaizing

If this rum is any different to the XXX 7 Year Old vatted. Other than the ABV tastes exactly the same.

Not for everyone but a nice sweet change

Auch dieser Rum aus dem asiatischen Bereich, ist nicht pur
zu geniessen. Kaffeearoma und mehr Prozente. Wer einen starken
Mix mit Cola mag, für den mag es gut sein. Ich möchte den puren
Rumgenuss und das gibt der Old Monk nicht her

Find the cloyish, sweet 7 yr a fun tipple but the bottle of supreme xxx in the glass monk bottle is just nasty