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Negrita spice rum

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Enjoyed a bottle of Negrita Spiced Rum while vacationing in Malta. Very boring and cheap looking bottle and label design. Cheap at EUR 14 a bottle. Pure alcohol to the nose and palate with plenty of artificial vanilla. Mix it with your favorite soda and down it goes, but just barely.


Im new but this is great, So far 1tot 2tots mix works out perfect.

Not going to win any awards but it's cheap and nicer than most spiced rums for the same price. great mixed with ginger ale and fresh lime

oh my god! I drink many...but that's like gasoline....normal Negrita is quit good rum. Spiced version....gasoline-like :/

Well, in the colour of piss you get light sweet smell, kind of vanilla tones. The taste is blend, sweet spices with alcohol burn. Anyway, if you need some spicy rum for your party drinks and you wanna save some cash, you can get for this one.

This is what we drank on our sailboat on a cold December day to keep ourselves warm. It serves no other purpose. I wouldn't drink it at home, not even mixed with coke.

Bien épicé, je le prefere en Cocktail que nature.
Je le conseil mélangé avec du coca.

pokud se nekdo rohozdne pro tento rum tak doporuci zakoupeni i nejakou colu, samotne nedoporucuji.

Nogen gange bliver selv Barcadi en god ROM . Det er dog det værste jeg har smagt. Selv colaen bliver smadret . Jeg måtte simpelthen hælde den ud!

Dette er hvad jeg kalder for slave-rom, altså ikke noget at råbe hurra for. Dog er en samling uden ikke komplet :)

Very plastic vanila aroma with hint of lemon. Harsh and bittery in mouth. just for coctails.

Sorry, but this you could use only for the drinks.

Negrita is my go to Spiced Rum. I drink Spiced Rum mainly with lemonade and this one works particularly well. Cola can be a bit overwhelming for it and can make it a bit too sweet but with lemonade you can still taste the strength of the rum while being smoothly spiced.
My favourite of the cheaper Spiced Rums!

The 'Negrita Spiced Golden' rum I bought here in Europe at Carrefour, has a different label than pictured here, with a pretty dark-skinned Caribbean girl in a skirt showing her thigh. Nice low price, 3 euros cheaper than Captain Morgan, 35% alcohol / 70 proof. Anticipating how the rum will be typically used, Bardinet has flavoured this spiced rum with ... cola, or a cola-like flavour ... and thus it is a bit disappointing.But very easily drinkable, even straight without ice, not harsh or bitter, tho the first sips leave some dryness in the mouth on the after-taste. Yet I wish they went with a more traditional vanilla & etc flavour, rather than the taste of a flat cola! As I like to sip straight on ice, won't buy again, but superb value for mixing though. I think the very pretty 'Negrita' girl on the label of my bottle, deserves a better rum!

ron para pasar el rato, no es lo mejor, pero como en México es desconocido da el gatazo! Bueno para noches de bar!