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Mount gay eclipse silver rum

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Smells of alcohol...taste of alcohol, but not entirely. When I first had it, I used to say it wasn't much of anything, but alcohol. Its a sugary citrus kind of alcohol, however, and mixes quite well. Quite a bit of burn, its harsh, not a light rum. But it is a white and it is, what is, and does what I expect it to. Whites never get above a 6 from me. not much to them.

It's a very good rum for white you can taste flavours in your mouth

My number one choice for mixing, (if I was rating it for sipping the rating would be lower). For a white spirit it is light on alcohol kick and if you are patient and search you pick pick up hints of tropical fruit, dried citrus, very slight coconut and vanilla.

This is definitely not a good sipping rum, but if you're a fan of white rum for mixing, it's definitely more palatable than Lamb's or Bacardi.

Jeg har lige været på cruise og der var vi blandt andet på Barbados og der var jeg på besøg på Mount Gay destilleriet.
Der var der mulighed for at smage på flere af deres forskellige rom og denne rom er deres svar på Bacardi Superior.
Jeg vil mene, at den bedst egner sig til mix. evt. sammen med cola.

White, silver, plata, platino, blanco, however you want to say it . . . This is better than some and not as good as others. I like the Barbados rums, so I gave it a try - and it's pretty darn good.

its a great rum for cocktails not a fan of light rums

Do not drink this straight as it is slightly harsh. You get get vanilla and citrus hints

It smells great when you sniff it in your glass, and it is a white rum when held up to the light it is pure white and no colour can be found.

If your making tropical cocktails this is the drink to use, you will not be disappointed. The same applies to citrus cocktails too

Very mild rum and would probably be good in drinks when you don't want the rum to overpower the mix... like watermelon daiquiris. Not really for me.

This is by far one of the best white rums out there. Not a sipping rum, but great in mixed drinks. Even has a nice taste with cola.

Good for mixin, tikis etc. Not much else. Price often comparable to Cruzan White....very close in attributes.

Great to mix with. Mount Gay doesn't make any bad products that I've tasted.

Very dry and invisible in most cocktails. Interesting to mix with coconut water as you'd swear there wasn't anything there. If this is what you want from your white rums, this is the one for you.

It makes Really Good rum and cokes and is a nicer silver right amount of heat.