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48 Matusalem Clasico 10-Year ratings

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I really liked the 15 but this one is not really close to it. Light colour , quite dry and sweetish , was okay to sip , bit of a burn , but like many middle of the road rums i thought it would make a good mixer... But not for me ! Don't know why but it just didn't gel for me , maybe it was my taste buds ? Will give it a second chance tonight...

Матусалем 10 классико -
Несколько приятней, чем матусалем 7.
Он жгуч, весьма, но и у него весьма выраженный вкус. В сравнении с матусалем 7 , у которого вкус менее выражен, но все так же жгуч, как и десятка.
За весь вечер дегустации не сумел уловить ничего особенного в этом напитке, говоря об это вкусе.
К слову запах, точно так же: несколько приятней чем матусалем 7, но все же при глубоком вдохе не очень приятно...
этот ром не для того что бы им наслаждаться и по истине смаковать его.
Я ставлю ему твёрдую 6, но не более.

Matusalem 7 : 5+
Matusalem 10 Classico : 6
Matusalem 15 : 7


Truly a high end drink for a discriminating rum connoisseur. A little high on the sweetness scale for me but it is a quality rum.

Taste smooth
Nice color. Nice nice nice nice nice nice some text for 50 char

This rum has a light yellow/golden colour to it along with a pleasant caramel smell. Sipping it is too harsh for my liking, although I do like the mild syrupy sweet aftertaste on my lips. Having just picked up a book on Rum (written by a whiskey guy), I went with his suggestion for drinking (some) Spanish Caribbean rums and tried it with a little clementine juice - wow - pretty good combo. I would rate this rum a 6.5, or higher if it had less of an alcohol smell and burn...

It starts off strong. There are some nice caramel aromas. The thing that gets me about this rum is the finish. Perhaps I am a novice rum drinker, but there is something harsh about the finish, which I don't like.I'll usually make a cocktail with this rum and avoid it for months only to question my earlier impression and try again. I'll have to try the 15

Rather sweet and floral perhaps a little sickly some similarity to a younger Pampero. Not impressive for its price point and if the youngest rum is 10 years old pigs have wings. Spirit of Cuba... no Dominican Republic, more false impressions. If you are after a light sweet floral rum this is good as a mixer. After 2 glasses I switched to something else

Tried the Ron Matusalem 23y, 10y and 7y back-to-back. The 23y is much darker in color, semi dark, but the 10y and 7y are very light. Surprisingly light for aged rums. Both the 10y and the 7y have the same smell and flavor profile as the older sibling, but obviously both younger ones are much less matured and developed in the flavor department.

It's drinkable. Not really interesting as a sipper.

A little harsh, but not too bad. Lots of spice, some toffee notes.

Its a good rum for the Cubas Libres, the people love it in the parties.

I like it. A little bit of sweet and very fruity. I prefer more young rums because the rum flavor. The older they are they smell more like burbon because the storage in burbon casks....

After drinking 15yo, I wanted to try the cheaper version, but it is much worse. Maybe for mixing, but if you want it neat, go for 15yo.

It just goes to show you how important it is for rum to age and length of time as well. Definitely get a better rum the longer it ages and the Matusalem is no exception to the rule. The 15 and 18 old siblings from Matusalem are far better products than their 10.
Having said this however, this rum is nice for mixing. The taste is not overly complex and their is a slight burn and sweetness to this rum. The price is not that bad for a pretty good Dominican rum.

příjemná nijak štiplavá vůně, chuť samotná už nevýrazná, lehce alkoholová, bez výrazné dominance.
edit. po zpětném hodnocení je lepší jak Matusalem 15

I tried it with ice, but the alcohol taste is to strong. Easily consumable when you´r drunk or with coke.

Classic brand of rum. For me similar to older Matusalem 15YO.

Moc me nezaujal, suchý rum, ale dá se pořídit v akci za slušný peníz. Na večerní popíjení to ale moc není...

Hodně mladý rum. S kolou se dá vypít, ale na samotné popíjení to není.

Comes on like a freight train in the nose with a potent alcohol burn. Taste is very mellow. Subdued vanilla and virtually no burn to it. A fine mixing rum, but I'd draw the line there.

Ron que se debe utilizar para mezclar, jamás lo compraría.

The noise is strong and you feel the alcohol.
The taste is mainly vanilla with some moka.
Nice length with intense final

Nice mellow aroma. A good companion when enjoying a sunset with taking time to sip and savour. Never embarrassed in sharing this with a friend when pondering matters of significance.

Tasty, nice mixer with cola. Average rum for a good price