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Havana club anejo reserva rum

Havana Club Añejo Reserva Rum is aged five to six years. This rum was not originally intended for public consumption but reserved for Don Navarro, the head master rum-maker for Havana Club.

This rum is one of eight produced by Havana Club in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba.

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89 Havana Club Anejo Reserva ratings

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Not for sipping, but makes a very addition to a punch or mixed with ginger ale

This is a decent mixer and perfect for Coke and a slice of lime over ice.

Like its 3 years brother this one this one shines as a mixing rum. If you sip it you will notice complex tastes. Its not too spicy.

It is ok, I bought this one due to the fact that the 7 year rum is one of my favorite rums.
I was very disappointed, though it is great for mixing.

Igen kun til at lave drinks med, der er min foretrukne Havana Club

I had my first Havana Club during my first ever visit to Cuba on my honeymoon, so this is more of a sentimental choice for me. It mixes well with a Coke at the end of the day. Nothing spectacular but not disappointing either.

Every time I drink this I am amazed at how uniquely different it tastes from everything else. I love it and try to make it last as long as possible.... if anyone is going to Cuba can you bring me back a bottle?

Dry rum with tones of oak casks and sugarcane quite spicy in mouth. Long after burn with lightly sweet finish.
Preferred for mixing

Definitely need to mix this Rum.
Very strong burning flavor.

In a bar in Ecuador, high in the Andes I, and I alone tried this rum. The sunset over transcendent glacial summits. And I remember a bold hitting rum. A beautiful amber colour and an urge for being naughty. Merriment and a night w/ Havana Club. Enjoy!

My sample is old and appears to actually be from Cuba. However, the taste was good but not great, I think my expectations were a bit high for this rum.


This rum is good. Not a high end sipping rum but more of a mixing rum for simple cocktails(i.e. Dark&Stormy, Rum&Coke). Gives more flavor than a Captain Morgan or Bacardi.

This rum stand between the Anejo Especial and the 7 Years, but in Italy it's priced as the older brother.
Could be a good option for cocktails that require a golden spanish style rum, but for this price you can get something better.
I don't like it on the rocks.
Neat reveals its identity, a medium tier mixing room.
If you don't have money problems and you a cuban style rum that still come from Cuba, this is for you premium rum & coke.

I will use this in a cocktail. I think it would be good in a mojito.

much lighter then I expected it the glass but one can't tell the color from a dark bottle .rum is nice as a mixer you can share with friends but they are better out there if you want to truly enjoy a fine glass

En af mine gode rom til cocktail og især mojito :)

heavy. For the same reason i praised Brugal Añejo. No originality.

I don't want to mix this rum with coke, because it's 7 years. So i put some ice in it. It becomse softer and nicer to drink.

I learn to drink rum neat on this one. It's actually good on the rock (almost as 7 Aňos), and decent neat. It gives extra kick to your drinks. It's like Especial one, but bit better on all sides, and more expensive. The step up from Especial makes it first really sippable rum in Havana Club product line. Make it cheaper and it will kill the Especial in same manner as happened with Blanco and 3 Aňos. Make it more expensive and it will be killed by 7 Aňos (but unlike Blanco and theoretically Expecial it will be missed). with oak-nutmeg-rum fragrancy and nice mild sweet taste, bit citrusy, pineapple and fresh with little heat on end.

It is fine mixed, but straight up this just isn't very smooth or complex. I wouldn't buy this again unless it was at least $10 less. Only fit for mixing. Better options for the price.

better than captain morgans. Relatively smooth for such a young rum - caramel, little oak and bits of vanilla.
tastes like a combination of malteco 10 and captain morgan dark.

can be sipped and it is good in cuba libre

Comparable in quality with the anejo special and 7-year.

À venir prochainement..............................

Another wonderful rum to host a garden party with. Bring on the tropical drinks or a nice rum and cola. Rich tones add flavour to any drink needing rum.