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Skořici mám rád, používám ji docela často, a i když to s ní přeženu, tak je mi stále příjemná. Tedy to platilo dříve. Moje nová zkušenost změnila i můj pohled. Ve vůni Foursquare Spiced jsem cítil obrovské přearomatizování, které působilo velmi podbízivým až levným dojmem. Kvůli tomu, že rum zpočátku pracoval, se mísily různé kořeněné vůně výrazných tónů, které ale působily přehnaně silně a hlavně chaoticky. Cítil jsem takový tlak na pilu, až to nebylo vůbec příjemné. I silná směs bylin v čaji by konkurovala jen stěží. Po patnáctiminutovce se vše ustálilo a guláš se změnil konečně v něco hmatatelného. To něco byla skořice, ale jako by překročila stonásobně svoji obvyklou vůni i intenzitu. V chuti jsem bohužel zacítil více jakoby oddělených složek a mazlavost. Naštěstí alespoň beze stop čisté lihovosti. Cítím snahu, ale hodnotím výsledek. Abych udržel objektivnost hodnocení, které jsem nastavil, nemohu překročit 5/10.

As others have pointed out, there's a couple of other spiced rums that match this as a sipping rum, but in my opinion nothing that matches it as a mixer.

The vanilla is very, making it at but not sugary. The rum base is excellent, and the flavor is lovely but not so overwhelming it launches itself at you. And considering how good it is, it's surprisingly affordable. So you can burn through a whole bottle or two at a party (and you will, once people try it) without feeling hurt.

Fantastic with coke, ginger beer, or a good root beer (try A&W) .

Certainly in my top 3 spiced rums alongside Chairmans and Element 8 but id say it's the sweetest and has the most vanilla. Try making a spiced Mojito with just a splash of pressed apple juice for a summer cooler.

Cinnamon and Vanilla are most dominant flavors with a peppery aftertaste. Good for on the rocks and great with cola.

This is a lovely very vanilla flavoured rum , nice with cola and a slice of lime

If you see this stuff, buy it. Very hard to find and very delicious mixed as well.

Not over-spiced or sugared. It is a fine subtle spiced rum for most mixed drinks.

If you don't know that this is a spiced rum, there is a chance that you wouldn't notice.
This is a spirit with a very good body, spiced but not sweet, very good on the rocks or to mix great cocktails.
Try it in a spiced daiquiri, straight up.

rum dle vune lehce ostrejsi koreneny, vune svetle zlatave, stiplavy a lehce alkoholovy.
neni to muj salek. verim ze kdo rad korenene a vyraznejsi typicke rumy tak doceni vice.

I didn't really get to experiment fully with this rum as a mixer but it made a great sipper. I wouldn't go out of my way to find it, but if you stumble across a bottle, I'd recommend buying one.

A mediocre rum which is too expensive considering there are better options at similar or cheaper price points. Spices don't mix too well and are underwhelming and is not for drinking straight,mixed only. Even then, I'd prefer to spend less and buy captain Morgan to mix with coke than this.

This rum has quite a bit of spice to it. Smells and tastes of sweet vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, and honey. Not bad at all for a spiced rum, and an incredible value at only $13.99 (Total Wine & More, 2016).

So smooth you'd expect a much higher price tag. A hit of spiced flavour the moment you drink it with no unpleasant after taste. Would happily drink this straight up or with a bit of coke

I read many of the descriptions of Foursquare Spiced and decided to try it with some coke. As usual I order them separately to taste the rum straight prior to mixing. For the first time in my life I simply sipped on a spiced rum straight... It's that good! It's hard to believe, but then even better in Coke, likely the best rum I've mixed with Coke ever!

Lots of Carmel and vanilla in the nose, but not overwhelming and slightly mild. The taste is mild as well and sweet, no overpowering notes - similar in fact to Zaya. The finish is medium and seems to get better over time.

While it might lack some complexity of aged rums, this Foursquare Spiced is unbelievable for a spiced and likely minimal aged rum. Great value, strong buy recommendation.


J'aime bien un rhum épicé de temps à autre et j'ai essayé celui-ci chez un ami qui en a rapporté de la Barbade. Je l'ai trouvé très bon, un nez de vanille très présent, une longueur en bouche et ça en fait un rhum délicat avec ses 37,5 degrés en alcool.
Ça change des rhums épicés que l'on peut trouvé chez nous au Québec.
Je l'aime sec, sans glace.

If it didn't say 'spiced rum' on the label, I wouldn't know it was... The colour of this rum is a decent light amber. I found that it was fairly odourless, although because was looking for it, I sensed a faint, maybe vanilla, scent. While I didn't taste any spice in the rum when mixed with cola, it did have an amazing "mellowing" effect on the drink. One of the most mild aged rums I've ever tasted. I'd score it a 6 or a 7...

The finest rum to mix with coke.... Wow such a delight

Ok this is a decent rum, nothing to bragg about but you gotta try their whiskey and port barrel aged stuff. Now were talking, very original an unique right there. But hey for a rum under $20 decent libation!!

Goes down smooth but spices could be better, goes well with coke

I don't drink a lot of spiced rum. The main reason I bought this was because R.L Seale's name was on the label, and his rums are almost always excellent. It's pretty tame straight up, fairly understated. Easy to drink, not at all offensive, but lacking something. Maybe more spice?

Nice mixed with coke.
Well made product, but not good enough to sip straight.

Gifted to me and now I don't want to share, while most happy to sing about it!
Light and full of flavour, waxed bottle a bit unnecessary Though.

This was a decent find while I was in America. Very nice with coke. But wouldn't drink as a sipping rum.

I still try spiced rums now and then. My wife and son like the flavored and the spiced, so I try them as well. This is a good choice for spiced, but I so much like the flavors provided by a good aged rum instead.