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Flor de cana gran reserve 7 rum

Flor De Cana Gran Reserve 7 is produced in Nicaragua using a three-column still process. Distilled according to a precise recipe, the rum is aged for seven years in charred oak barrels that previously held Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.

Flor De Cana is part of the Grupo Pellas, Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua, SA. The name, Flor De Cana, means “flower of the sugarcane.

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115 Flor de Cana Gran Reserve 7 ratings

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Does not seem to be sweetened like so many "aged" rums, so might not appeal to fans of Zacapa and the like. Subtle flavors of smoke, tobacco, leather, dark fruits. It can often be found for under $20 at which price it is a good bargain.

I first found the 7 year several years ago when I was returning from Aruba. I've since limited myself to the 18 year and mixed with the Extra Dry 4 year. I just found a bottle of this in Kentucky and I realized how much I liked it as an every day sipper. Good middle of the road sipper.

This is my go to rum. No tricks or gimmicks here. Inexpensive. Good to drink straight up. I prefer with a little ice and lime. Rum to ya!

This is my standard rum of choice. Oddly enough, I found it mixed best with sweet tea.

This rum has a nice color. The nose has some caramel, hints of vanilla and some charred oak. Tasting provides nice caramel, vanilla, oak and liquorice. The alcohol afterburn is really nice and enjoyable. A good rum for any collection!


The first rum I tasted on it's own, and still one of my favourites. Good enough to drink straight, but you wouldn't feel bad about putting in some ice, a slice of lemon or, why not, a dash of coca cola (but only a dash). Flor de Caña always keeps its distinct molasses-taste, also in this younger brother of the family.

I hate this rum because anytime I open a bottle it just gone! Magic.

This my favorite rum and my friends have the same oppinion, it is good sipping and just exploited with mixing; cubata, floridita, punch, maitai all of them are special with this single state rum

Decent rum for the price. its a good mixer although it could def use some improvement, to smooth out the alcohol taste. its a good everyday rum and better than most others for the price. Dont know if I want to keep buying this one might switch to Appleton V/X

Very smooth and deep taste for a very reasonable price, one of the finest aged rums to date for me!

While you can enjoy this rum on the rocks, it's not complex enough to justify sipping on it's own. But it will clearly make your Cuba Libres better than your standard Bacardi or Havana Club.

Very similar to other aged. Great with darl cola for an all night drink. Smooth with creamy Oak flavors.

Not as nice as the 12 or 18 but still a really nice rum on the rocks or with coke

This is definitely not a sipping rum. It's good for a mixer of a shot. Not great on the nose, but not offensive.

One more offering of Flor de Cana and its unique tasting notes. This one is definitely better than the 4yo and I am not sure whether I like it more or not than the 12yo.

Flor de cana is a rum you can buy anywhere. The good thing is you can never go bad with it. But flor de xana in general doesn't have anything special. Just like the 7 year old one. Good to mix but it is always so so

While it's better than the 4 year old Anejo Oro, it's still not a sipping rum. It does make a better mixed drink so it's worth the upcharge. Tastes a bit more vanilla and woody and no after-burn.

Very smooth, on the sweeter side. A nice amber colour, dark caramel and hint of oak and nuts.

Don't ask me about nose or pallet - I just know that I enjoy it on the rocks. Not very sweet, I prefer sweeter, but I am a rum rookie. A good "budget" rum for me.

Too much like a harsh whiskey or bourbon. Not to my taste but I am sure lots of folk love it. Very sour afterburn that actually hurt! Never again

First try with this rum. Not bad at all. Rich taste, No harsh aftertaste. Pleasant straight up. -30 degrees with wind chill tonight and this rum hit the spot. I would buy again

just getting into rum normally being a whiskey buff. this is lovely sipping stuff, let it sit for a while , not very complex but nice for the price.

Mám kamaráda z Nicaraguy odkud tento rum pochází. Sdělil mi pouze jednu věc. Jestli Flor de Cana, tak jedině 25-Year. Zbytek je barevná voda do ostřikovačů. Tak uvidíme, zatím se přikláním k názoru kamaráda Garyho.

If compared to other rums this one is premium quality for the money paid. Great to combine in any cocktail or any drink.

Strong alcohol smell, even after breathing 15-20 minutes in the glass. Stout alcohol taste as well, even after adding a touch of water. Might be alright as a mixer, but wouldn't be my first choice as sipper.