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El dorado 3 year rum

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29 El Dorado 3-Year ratings

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Great flavor, smooth, little bite. Definitely my favorite light rum I've had.

Perfect for mixing which it was made for. So...mission accomplished :) Very smooth for a rum that young, nice hints of vanilla and coconut.

After tasting it I drank it with tonic, lemon and a sprig of thyme. It was a nice alternative for gin and tonic.

Nice white rum probably best white rum not a fan of white but I'll drink it

Great white rum for mixing. Simply love this stuff.

A nice mixer, not my favorite but good enough. Its has an easy flow didn't burn but lack the vanilla I've come to enjoy.

An okay white rum. Tastes most of coconut. Greta fornmixing

I think it is one of the best light rum I know. Great for populars rum cocktail like Pina Colada, ti punch, Cuba Libre... More taste and more smooth than most of competitive product. I believe is underestimate especially at this price.

Flavour has no trace of aging, funk, or anything at all for that matter. Maybe a faint sweetness but I'm reaching. Could have been a bad batch but gives the impression of being filtered an inch from its life.

Aged white rum with tastes of chocolate and coconut.

I needed a bottle of light rum, which I don't usually buy, for a punch. Tried it with a cola first, very average but was happy with the taste. Can't expect an over whelming flavor for a rum that's not aged very long.

Chocolatey and vanilla initial taste but then goes pretty quickly.

Barely any aftertaste (good or bad).

Exelente, intenso, lleno de sabores, uno de los mejores rones blancos que he probado.

Samler genet slog til og denne gang er vi så i den billige ende :)
Dette er så en jeg vil mikse med en god iskold Cola!

I use this for mixing drinks like Daiquiri's and Pina Colada's.

I have given this a 5 but to be fair I am not really a white rum drinker. That said I found the flavour rather harsh and not at all smooth. Mixed it with coke

I keep this on hand at all times. Sweet and yummy. Rum is my drink of choice, but I have not yet learned to review and distinguish all the nuances and subtleties. I just know what I like. And I like this one very much. I have tried nearly every El Dorado rum that I have had the opportunity to purchase. I actually like this a little better than the six year Silver. Much better than the Superior White.

Nothing really much to write about this. Great step up from the basic silvers out there, however I would probably still rate it lower than its alternatives (Havana club 3, Plantation 3). Paid 25 CAD.

Nice body for a young rum. For $14 it has a lot of bang for the buck.

edited to add sugar test results- 2g

This is a decent white rum, has a strong initial blast, fairly smooth going down, faint vanilla, light fruit, a bit of sugary sweetness detected in finish. Fairy cheap, sweeter, less dry, and harsher than Matusalem Platino, which I would recommend over this.

Mijn favoriete witte rum momenteel. Lekker zacht. En nog wat van die El Dorado smaak ook.

This is a flavorful white rum, great to mix cocktails with such as the daiquiri.

Don't normally consume clear rum. Good value for money if you're looking to buy it for a party or night out. Mixes well with cocktails.

It has all the characteristics of a great white rum, yet this doesn't do it in the same way as the dark (8 year, is champion), it's cheap so that makes up for the lack of smoothness, still it mixes well...

Color : Clear
Flavour : Banana, vanilla and citrussy notes
Palate : Soft, smooth, clean

Ideal for a Julep or a Daiquiri


El dorado 3 year rum