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Demerara skipper rum

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This rum has a distinct molasses taste and packs a nice punch. The latest addition to the shelf for dark mixers.

Skipper rum has a really nice deep dark red colour, and a pleasantly sweet (with a little alcohol) smell. This rum starts with a heavy molasses taste, followed by a sweet treacle flavour.


The nose is great, the aftertaste is really nice, but the taste itself is a bit bland.

On the nose you have - lovely burnt brown sugar, molasses, wood, madeira wine
On taste - not much compared to many rums, but molasses and a spirit kick, certainly, mainly a touch of sherry
On the aftertaste - a lot more comes through and a certain woodiness, leather, fruitiness and a sweet tang

Un rom straight... Pur, adevărat. Ușor after taste, probabil foarte bun în mix-uri dar eu îl prefer "on the rocks" :)

This is not a rum to have on its own, but it's powerful enough to come through with a molasses flavor when mixed with anything. A recommendable mixer but not a recommended rum.

Not great but not too bad either. Smooth but without real character, smoke notes and a bitter aftertaste. Used in a cocktail it works out fine but gives it a bit of a strange note. I´d always prefer a Wood`s or a Lemon Hart to this one. Best in a Dark and Stormy with lime and Ginger beer...

A dark rum but does not have a depth of flavour compared to others ..i had it with cola which was lovely but not outstanding

Skipper rum has a really nice deep dark red colour, and a pleasantly sweet (with a little alcohol) smell. This rum starts with a heavy molasses taste, followed by a sweet treacle flavour. Simple yet enjoyable. Unlike some dark Navy style rums, Skipper mixes easily with Cola or Ginger Beer, making for a nice light (er than expected) drink.

Not as 'rich' as Wood's, but certainly smoother, and tastier making it one of the best dark/navy style rums out there. Mixes well in the common favourites like cola, dark n stormy, grog, lemonade etc, and isn't too bad straight either. I would agree with the 'lack of complexity', but rum is rum and this is a dark rum and this is how dark rums should taste.

I must have something to collect, so here is another fine rum.
In time, i must taste it, but not now :)

A mix of 7 rums a minimum of at least 3 years old and then shipped to Bonnie Scotland for blending and bottling.
Nose , lovely strong brown sugar smell , smooth but quite hot in the mouth , quite pleasant as not an alcohol burn.Long , long finish , real Navy type rum.Only tried straight but would go great with ginger beer.This would warm the balls of a brass monkey !!

Good enough to mix but don't expect more, demerara has much better things

Was recommended this after expressing an interest in dark rums. It's great in dark and stormys and with coke.

Wasn't expecting much as I'd never heard of it prior to spotting it in a rum festival but I was pleasantly surprised by a fairly smooth and very rich demerara rum. Nothing special in terms of flavour and complexity but a solid dark rum.

Nose: Strong dark sugar and spices
Feel: Very smooth. Surprisingly sippable. Long finish.
Taste: Familiar Demerara taste. Quite woody with a hint of spice notably black pepper.
Price: 35 CAD.

I was waiting for my local to get more Lemon Hart 80 proof in because I was getting low and to my surprise another Demerara showed up. Normally this kind of rum is reserved for cocktails or on the rocks however I find this to be very sippable neat. I wouldn't say it is a replacement to LH - which is 10 bucks cheaper and works better in cocktails - however I think can sit on the shelf quite comfortably next to it.

Nice dark rum,ok for sipping but I prefer with coke.

A one dimensional Demerara which is similar but less sweet than Lambs Navy Rum

great colour, very smooth for a navy rum and easy to drink.

Quite a statement i know, but as im not the biggest fan of dark rum and trying this was an absoulte pleasure of a suprise, im going to stick to it! Really nice heavy mollases content gives you a great taste of caramel, almost treacle actually aswell as a light oak finsh creeping through... Would happily drink this with coke but even happier with on top of my Zombie!