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Demerara lemon hart 151 rum

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Wow. I really wasn't expecting the new LH 151 to be as flavorful as it is. I really enjoy it, and in a shoot-out with the classic LH 151, it's smoother, less harsh, and while it has a bit less of the demerara note, it has a really consistent flavor that lasts. Tremendous.


Picked up @TheAustinShaker - sipping at full strength the 75.5% ETOH is a bit overwhelming but the caramel, dry fruit and dark molasses are all there and fantastic.

I have to say I only use this in small doses. It certainly adds a kick a Zombie. Having a rum that makes a fire extinguisher a bar tool can be intimidating. If you are having only one drink and you want it to be a kicker this will do the job. Don't think this makes for a wise choice as a sippe. Dilution is the key in using this one.

We are tough, I told myself and decided to try this on straight up. In the nose it did not betray the overproof, it has a faint smell of toffee. In the mouth, there is first - nothing. Then the heat sets in - in a very pleasant way, though. Once the heat ist gone, you have again toffee, a bit of some wood, even some fruit (apple?).

I still have to try it in mixed drinks - but maybe I'll stick to my custom of drinking my rum straight up even with this overproof. It can be done!

So many categories wrapped up into one bottle, so much flavor! I will miss it, and lament when there is no more left on the planet. Lemon Hart is the classic floater to original tiki drinks, also an unsubstitutable ingredient in other recipes.

When it comes to overproof, funky rums, this is in a class of its own. Fantastic.

This rum has only one job, and it does it extremely well. It's the perfect blast of flavor and strength for the classic tiki cocktail.

This is a rum to have and use in tiki cocktails calling for 151

I only had the chance to sip this in a rather expensive bar. It's pretty good, but a little too strange to compete with better sipping rums. Was made better by some cut apples and fancy chocolate the bartender prepared. I suppose this is better for cocktails, but I didn't get to try any. It wasn't too strong to sip, though, surprisingly. The particular bottle that the bar had (as in the picture) was from the 1970's.


When it comes to overproof mixers, this is my first choice for most Tiki drinks, especially a Mai Tai or a Planter's Punch. It combines all the characteristics of what you expect of a dark rum: Smokiness, woodiness, smell and taste of dry fruits, some hidden sweetness and a complex finish - and of course some alcohol. Add some drops of water and you can even sip it. It's little brother of 40% ABV does not even get close to it, seems more like a cousin twice removed...Grab one while you can, there are supply difficulties again in Europe atm...


A recent trip to Florida ended my quest for some. Well worth it!

I liked this more than I thought I would based on the low price of only $27.99 (K&L Wines 2016 price).

A little strong at 151 proof to drink straight, I added some water. Smells and tastes of toffee, brown sugar, molasses, spice, cinnamon, and oak - all the right flavors of a good rum. Should make a great mixer.

LH 151 was a legend in the world of Tiki and exotic cocktails for decades. It was an indispensable ingredient for classic drinks such as Zombies and Jet Pilots, and there was nothing else quite like it. There was no substitute. Period. So, you can imagine the intense grief and shock that rummies across the US and elsewhere felt when LH 151 disappeared from liquor store shelves due to distribution hassles. What were tiki enthusiasts to do? Folks resorted to trying all sorts of concoctions...mixing Wray and Nephew Overproof with Appleton XV was just one of many panic-driven alchemy experiments, all met with mediocre results. Anguish ensued. (Cue the sobbing soundtrack).

And then, the amazing Ed Hamilton (Ministry of Rum) came to the rescue. He bottled and distributed his own 151-proof rum from Guyana, also the home of the original LH 151. In no time at all Hamilton 151 Rum became the new gold standard for Overproof rums. Not only is it a superb substitute for LH 151 - it's actually better. I invite you to taste and compare the two. The new LH 151 is very good to be sure. It's loaded with many of the flavors common to Demerara rums, as is Hamilton 151, but the latter is smokier and oakier. It's a fuller-bodied option which makes it, in my opinion, a more interesting rum and a richer, more versatile ingredient. To be sure, LH 151 is really good...but it is no longer "indispensable". Rest assured, you won't go wrong making your Jet Pilots with either rum. But if you have the chance to buy and compare both of these fine products you'll no doubt appreciate the difference.


Wonderful dark smoky flavor. First time i Tried it pure . .!. It reminded me oft some stachelbeer palinka from hungary... Realy a gold remembering. Emptied a bortle, now my store doesnt habe it anymore:( found out about 1\4 - 1\5 pussers 40% mixed Ingo goslings comes close in a mixed drink.

Herkomst: Guyana
Fles: 70cl
Abv: 75.5%
kleur: donkerbruin

Deze overproof gekocht voor in de cocktails maar ook puur erg lekker. De burn valt eigenlijk wel mee en hij smaakt gewoon als een demerara rum.


Overproof. Oaky, brown sugar notes with caramel and spice taste.

Intense treacly flavour. Not as pungent or harsh as mosts 151's.

Great rum

love it as a floater in tiki drinks. A must have in the cabinet.

This is a great overproof for mixed drinks offering a nice fortification with a pleasing taste and aroma.

I keep this on on my mixing shelf.

This is the quintessential floater in tiki drinks! no other rum can replace it, except maybe for some of Velier`s or Silver Seal`s heavier demeraras. It has a very punchy flavor, full bodied and strong, perfect to boost up any cocktail.

I use this a float when I am fortunate to have a bottle on hand. Smooth for a 151 and rich in flavor. Not for the weak. Next time I get a bottle, I'll try it in a Coke.

There's no denying this is 151 proof. Had it neat, it burned, but it had lots of flavor as well.

surprisingly not harsh for a 151 proof rum. Much better than bacardi 151

I have only had this twice in my life and I would buy a bottle right now if it was in front of me. It has an overproof burn but has a smooth taste to it as well. Great to mix with ginger beer.