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Cruzan 5 estate diamond rum

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5 Cruzan 5 Estate Diamond ratings

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This is a good rum for a daily drink, such as a Cuba Libre. Has a nice nose and palate with a bit of a bite on the finish. Nothing overpowering and nothing to fancy. Just a nice simple rum. This is what Bacardi used to be in decades past. I wouldn't call this a sipping rum, but too much of a bite for that. Not worthy of sitting on the bottom shelf.

Perhaps it is placebo, but I can taste the oak in the barrels. My palatte is not smart, but this is amazing rum. Reminds me of pyrat rum

....and no where near as smooth. I like the American oak on the Single Barrel. It gives a much better and fuller nose. It also carries through on to the pallet. This one is inferior in all aspects. Maybe it is a quirk of a change in pricing (what with the recent Brexit decision), but I can't see why this is more expensive.

However, it is a nice enough rum, although given the choice of 5 year olds, Doorley's would be my choice. This is soft, smooth with a hint of a bite of alcohol. Medium bodied, dry but lacks power and sophistication.

Light Cruzan 5 year is like a more interesting Bacardi, nice and light. Dark 5 year is really good, compares favorably to Appleton.


I like the Cruzan rums, great for daily drinks.