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27 Rum Nation Peruano 8-Year ratings

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Probabil că fiind destul de tânăr nu a fost chiar pe gustul meu deși tot ce am gustat de la Rum Nation a fost deosebit. Un rom bun, oricum :)

Nice sweet Rum with fruity aromas really easy to drink.
The aftertaste is pleasant but unfortunately not too long.


Un rhum pas bien méchant mais pas renversant bon plus.

Per essere un rum giovane merità molto rispetto, per chi piacciono i Rum semplici e dolci questo è un Rhum da avere in casa.

N- Not very molasses but with nice young mango, citric, mineral only then some dark fruits of fig coming thru. Oilmen, subtle herb smokes with masculine and consistent heats on each sniff. (21/25)

P- Loud spirit attack, spicy, dry and sour fruits, underlay with thick earthy molasses. Good if to compare with some syrupy sweet rum, the ripe citrus-y, and lightly earthy spiciness are quite decently balance and extended the length of flavours. (20/25)

F- Long, get quite aggressively spicy and dry with more phenol and citrus acid. Surely not the smoothest with sourness remains. (20/25)

Balanced:- Thick solera aged spicy rum, heady, feel more than the declared abv of 42%, which is always a good thing. (21/25)

Weighted Rate:- 82pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.


nez puissan , rond gourmand caramel doux
bouche , aromatique et puissants , orange , légèr clou de girofle
, belle longueur agréable sur fruit jaunes, fin sur goût de cigarette au chocolat

Quite a nice rum for drinking neat or in a mixer. Wortha try for something new, but not good enough to rush out to buy again.

Dolce e corposo, ha un delizioso sapore di cola, miele, frutta candita e caffé. Profuma di cola. E' il mio rum preferito :)

Sød og dejlig og vinder mere efter flere bekendtskaber

Ikke smagt. .

Blød, sød og velafbalanceret smag.
Duften af kaffe og frugt

Millonarios lillebror:-) smager super godt, og bliver måske købt igen.

Dejlig sød duft af karamel, vanilje, og med noter af fad, den er en smule sprittet, som førstehåndsindtryk. Dejlig rom med en del sødme og karamelsmag. Den prikker på tungen af alkoholen og samtidig med en behagelig smag af lakrids. der til sidst går over i kakao.
Karakteren er givet udelukkende med prisen taget i betragtning. Ville nog selv vælge en Millonario 15

I did not find the smell interesting nor the taste any better. I found a distant taste of plastic. Will not recommend this rum. Maybe I should try it with a coke.

Den smager ikke af meget. Den er let drikkelig. Det er ikke en man husker i lang tid.

Nice sweet Rum with fruity aromas really easy to drink.
The aftertaste is pleasant but unfortunately not too long.
Good choice for people who want an agreable rum for less than 50€

pleasant to drink, but nothing more ................

Doux et corsé à la fois. Beaucoup d'arôme doux puis vif épicé. On retrouve un coût de sucre roux très agréables. final long et ontueux. Très belle découverte

Notes of candied fruit with a little vanilla and slight hint of oak. The length in the mouth is not very long. Will not leave a lasting impression.

Dictador 12 is put to shame by this rum. But compared with othe rums at thos price, this is just a 4-5 star

Price value Rum and winner of best Rum up to 8 year 2009. Long aftertaste!

Douceur de melasse en bouche avec note de fruit confit. Finale longue sur note de reglisse.


Encore un rhum à l'équilibre bien pesé. Ni trop doux ni trop sec, beaucoup d'arômes comme on les aime, assez suave et finalement direct.

At the moment it enters your mouth, the impact of this rum easily compares to much more expensive bottles. Only downside is that the taste doesn't linger very long.