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I picked up a bottle of Watling's Amber in Nassau recently after touring the distillery. Aroma is heavy on alcohol with some oak, citrus and maybe honey peeking through. Taste is also a little heavy on alcohol, but is fairly smooth with some oaky notes coming through. Burn is noticeable, but not offensively so. Not what I would look for as a sipper, but does make an excellent Piña Colada and is good mixed with cola or juice.

This is the same train wreak as the Pale rum. What makes this worse is they actually wasted a barrel by putting fuel grade rum into it.

This stuff is mean! Definitely not a sipping rum, hardly a mixing rum. How can we kill this taste? A funky amalgamation that nearly induces vomiting on the initial smell alone. Drink this, if you want to taste it for the next day and a half. Not my favorite.

Visited Nassau last year with a colleague of mine and we wondered to the John Watling's Distillery by accident. It is the only distillery in Nassau and the distillery tour itself is definitely worth the effort. At the end of the tour there is a tasting of their 3 main rums and the Single Barrel for a tiny extra fee. The John Watling's Amber rum is not a neat sipper, but has to be mixed with a soft drink. The flavor is very off putting as a neat drink and the burn is just intense.

Maybe I missed something with all the rave reviews I read, but it was just OK. Maybe in a mixed drink? Hard alcohol taste to me.

Although not my favorite of their three offerings (just a personal preference), it's still smooth, nutty, well balanced and worth trying.

With a honey amber color, the aroma is pleasing as soon as you remove the hand done cork top. The smell of vanilla, oak and nuts come to you as you swirl it in your glass. When you sip it, there is a smooth caramel flavor with a hint of nuts and oak.