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N: Vegetal funkiness
P: Gasoline and poprocks.
F: Funk
I didn't think this stuff was too bad. Absolutely not for sipping, but that's not what cachaca's for! It's for producing en masse and for upping your tropical drink game. If I had to guess, I think a lot of people hate this because it combines the raw veggi-ness of cachaca with a funk reminiscent of Jamaican rum. As such, if you're not ready for it, this stuff will slap you in the face. Hard. If you're open minded though, it makes a rather spunky caipirinha!

If you see a shrimp on a bottle just leave !

Terrible even in Caipirinhas ...

Widely used for Caipirinha, maybe that is why Caipi often has bad Reputation?
Bought one bottle once, and it is still well filled after years. It was my first Cachaca, and because I thought it was a reference I sneered at Cachaca in general for a long time.
So: Just use another one, this is the Bacardi of Cachacas!
I prefer Cachaca 51.

Definitely not my favorite cachaca. Quite aromatic in the nose but way too aggressive in mouth.

Made from freshly pressed sugar cane and it's rest in a wooden vat for several weeks before fermentation. Seems like it went through an organic fermentation before its actually fermented.

Vegetal and grassy in the glass with burnt tobacco and citrus notes of grapefruit peel.
It's dry and ashy/ smoky. Slightly green where manage to taste the raw alcohol, fresh basil and crushed pink peppercorn.
Peppery finishing with tobacco leafs and citrus peel.
Finishing wasn't up to expectation where it ended as soon as it's being consume and only left with ashy notes. Nevertheless, it's good product to mix in Caipirinha where its less leathery.


It smells like Cachaca, which might be an acquired taste for some. The flavor definitely surprised me though... Very mild and clean, almost like they were trying to make vodka, but some of the funk got through. Its not entirely bad, though I tend to treat it like a weird vodka, with very faint vegetal and mineral notes.

Don’t bother drinking neat. Some lime and caster sugar are all that’s needed.

A nice Cachaca, very suitable for Caipirinhas. Oily and tasty

Tried the Pitu Light Cachaca in Brazil and it's not a neat sipper like most of the high quality Brazilian Cachaca's are. The Pitu Light is not even a decent base for your Caipirinha, so stay away from this one.

I have a very old love affair with Brazil and cachaça was my introduction to sugar cane spirits. So: two points for the souvenirs – pleasure is multidimensional also when sipping/drinking (with Pitú stick with caipirinha and basic mixings) – plus two points because this is a good one when explaining to your friends the difference between cachaça, molasses rum, “agricole”… Pitú is very, very cachaça even if not a good one.

NB: I am not a specialist. It just happens that I like rum.

Cachaca pitu is the "Bacardi superior" of cachaca's. Not for sipping, but for making mediocre (at best) caipirinhas.

With the Olympics going on I thought it would be cool to make some Caipirinhas in honor of it being held in Brazil. The clerk at Specs said this one was his favorite cachaca and boy could I not be more disappointed (with the clerk for recommending and myself for not doing my research first). It has almost no flavor and what flavor it does have is quite harsh. Even the lime juice and sugar was having a hard time cutting through it.

Nu mi-a placut deloc. Are o aroma de zici ca-i o tuica ieftina. N-am putut sa o beau decat amestecata.

I bought this after drinking Cachaca at a Brazilian restaurant thinking I could replicate the drink I was served. That was a mistake. This is not a bad mixer, but not what I think of as a rum. This bottle has been in my cabinet for many years because I am just not fond of it.

In mixed drinks only... There is no drinking experience...

This Cachaca is fairly common in the US. Its really decent actually. It has a nice pungent fruity, floral aroma. The tasting is similar, its smooth on the palate with a nice classic taste, while not complex it does offer a great experience.

Good for mixed drink its special made from fresh sugar cane Normally not called Rum but Cachaca

Gasoliney industrial cachaca, almost anything is better. Ypioca is about the same price and much better.

Podobná cachace 51, lehká, dala se pít i čistá, ale používal jsem ji spíše do koktejlů (místo bílého rumu).