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for the price. Sweet, but not too sweet. Good go-to rum. Excellent value for the price.

This review was originally posted on my blog!

This is something very different from other “black” rums I have tried so far. When I first cracked open the bottle the smell was pleasing and made me extremely curious about this rum. Clove, caramel, and vanilla are immediately apparent. On the first taste I was very taken back. There really is a lot going on here. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was tasting. Clove, molasses, and caramel like this is a very new taste for me. The vanilla didn’t really hit me at first as the darker flavors were the most prominent. It’s not an overly sweet rum. The clove is the dominant spice here. The vanilla, molasses, and caramel develop after, along with hints of pepper. The finish is very smooth and leaves a little black pepper lingering on my tongue. The taste of molasses seems to get stronger or more prominent as i get closer to the bottom of the bottle. Calico Jack Black Spiced has a very long finish, I might add. This rum is buttery smooooooooth when chilled. There is no way I would guess this is a 94 proof rum from tasting it. Malibu Black at 70 proof has about the same amount of alcohol burn as this. On the other hand Calico Jack Black hits hard and fast. Seriously the alcohol in this rum affected me very quick compared to other rums in the same ABV/proof range. I have no explanation for this.

Calico Jack Black Spiced doesn’t cost very much but to me this comes across as a higher priced rum. Calico Jack has a complex taste with a very smooth finish. This isn’t a firey hot spiced rum like Captain Morgan Black Spiced. There is some heat, but it’s only a little. I really get the feeling they were going for more of a smooth sipper here. There is a very unique thing going on in the flavor profile. I can’t quite make up my mind if I like it enough to keep drinking it. That isn’t a really bad thing. There is nothing I could find that I didn’t like though. Overall i do think it is a nice sipping rum with a very unique flavor profile. If you like the flavor profile of Malibu Black, Calico Jack Black would probably also make a great smooth sipper for you too. Give it a try! This is one rum I very much prefer served on the rocks!

added 9/1/2014:

Since I originally wrote this review i have been keeping my bottle of Calico Jack in the freezer. Truthfully i am really beginning to love this rum. Instead of just editting the review i thought i’d leave it that way to show how a little time and tasting something different ways can really change an opinion. Over a little time Calico Jack Black Spiced has really grown on me. So i guess now i know if i want to keep drinking it.

added November 3, 2014 4:36 am:

A new update? Indeed! I’m on my third bottle of Calico Jack Black Spiced Rum. Seems like they have adjusted the recipe slightly. The latest bottle seems to be a little less heavy on clove. Oh it’s still there. The molasses and smokiness seem to be more dominant now. I’m still loving this rum. It’s so smooth and easy really. Sneaky too.

Was boozing with some buddies too this. Safe to say it’s a good drink to get dumb to but there are definitely better choices to make

An okay spiced rum for the price. Much better than the clear Calico however.

This rum is cheap, smells great, definitely gives you a great time with friends, and the taste isn't too sweet or overwhelming, I highly recommend it at 6.99 a bottle.

The spiced rum is perfect for rum and cokes. And even better for making pona coladas. The taste is smooth with delicious suttle spice flavors.

A really great rum. Strong spice, with a hint of sweet, the smell is great. not to strong just right.

Bought it because of the price, very satisfied as a mixer

Good for rum and Coke. For the money it is a solid drink.

I just love the taste and how smooth it is. Its a good high.

The price is pretty good for the flavor and alcohol content (I just purchased the calico jack no. 94), 47% alcohol and only $13.26 with tax. The aroma predominately smells of vanilla and to me a hint of caramel. When pouring it into a glass, it is a smooth pour, it doesn't look thick or syrupy like some version of other spiced rums (which could mean it doesn't have an excess of added sugar or corn syrup). The flavor is definitely a mix of vanilla, caramel and maybe some butterscotch. The rum is sweet but not too much, I'd say it's a pretty excellent medium. For me, it is not a sipping rum but better used for mixed drinks. It would be perfect with Dr. Pepper, root beer or, some other vanilla flavored soft drink. I absolutely would buy again.

I love this rum. for an inexpensive product I think it is one of the best. I love the aroma of it, and it is very smooth. it makes great mixers, or just a little on the rocks.

Not a bad rum, especially for the price. Strong alcohol (but not "rum") taste. A little sweet.

Cost me 14.69 with tax included at a small local liquor store,not exactly what I expected,realize we are not talking Capt Morgan here but it's worth 10 bucks at best ! How it got reviewed a 8 is a stretch !

Incredible rum for the price! Good rum for any price really.