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5 Rebellion Black ratings

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A poor contribution of a rum that has little flavour or distinct character. The spiced is amazing but the black is not good ...

This rum is imported from "The Caribbean" (whatever that means) and bottled in Holland. It's cheap and not worth your time, really.....unless you like your rum thin and heavy on the black pepper, with a little molasses and ether (?) thrown in. The Rebellion people really push their spiced rum on their website and ads. My guess is that they use this same generic rum, doctored up so as to satisfy the rum-and-coke kids. No thanks.

Decided to try this since the Spiced version is so good. This one's just like Captain Morgan, although I'd have this before that. Disappointing but was worth a try.
It's ok for a cheap mixer but you'll need coke zero (stay off that full fat coke syrup goo)

Tried the Rebellion Premium Black rum and initial look of the rum was very promising. Nice dark color, fairly deep smell test, but the taste test revealed a weird peppery flavor, very artificial in my opinion. Quite a strong burn at the end, so not convinced at all on Rebellion Black.

Lekkere donkere rum, niet te scherpe smaak goed te doen in mix met cola