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6 Rum Nation Martinique 12-Year Anniversary ratings

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Very 'thin" with lots of initial alcohol taste.

Some honey-ey sweetness comes through later along with some yellow wood and a not completely pleasant afterburn.

A burning aftertaste when drunk straight. But when mixed the floral and citrus notes come out. Not a sweet rum so if you don't like your mixed drinks too sweet this could be a good choice. But as a mixer it is rather expensive

For stærk og alt for mange sammenfald med en whisky :-(

æv, for indpakningen er helt i top, når den leveres skjult i en bog og flasken er jo ganske unik!

Tried the Rum Nation Martinique 12y and I was not convinced a bit. It's better than Rum Nation Panama 21y, but only barely. The Martinique 12y has a nice semi deep color, but the taste is super dry and lacks the aged rum flavors. This is very close to Rhum Agricole style rums, and I'm not a big fan of those.

God I love the Rum Nation Line. I just can`t seem to go wrong with these guys.
the bottle disappeared to quick

hormis le prix un peu cher, je le trouve agréable, fruité, gourmand...
je le conseille.