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It is quite smooth, better than I would expect from a Captain Morgan product, while still maintaining the signature spicy finish of Captain. Definitely on to experiment with more.

This is my favorite rum. It has a hint of chocolate in the after taste and is very smooth. My friends and I drink it neat (sometimes I like to squeeze a little lime into it). Its getting hard to find around here and I wish they would start offering it again.

Mixes great with coke and it's great to bring to a party. Doesn't have quite the bite that regular captain has.

The main thing on this Rum is perception..
Regular Captain Morgan Rums are taking down this type of high standard ones.

Another important fact is probably misconception on purpose of this Rum..
This Rum is a really good fit to mix it with cola. Also doing surprisingly great drinking alone unlike other Captain Morgan Rums.

Color is nice caramel color.
Aroma is vanilla yes it is sweet but not super sweet and if you consider it is blended with caramel it is as sweet as it needs to be...
Taste is more like aroma you'll get what you smell... Caramel and Vanilla and some other fruits (i couldn't differentiate either it was cherry or blackberry) Which is good

Overall it is a high quality effort and surprisingly amazing price. Hope they'll continue to sell it because i feel like i find my everyday rum&coke rum..

Normally I am not a fan of Captain Morgan, even private stock is not really enjoyable. However this rum really surprised me. Smooth and mixes quite well with coke. I will definitely be getting this again.

I think most people who have tried this agree. It was better than expected. I was surprised how smooth it was.

Finally this rum is available at a liquor store near. I really like the bottle, and I would classify this rum in the "flavored" category.
Very sweet, fruity with very distinct aromas, It reminds me a lot of Legendario Élixir de Cuba. A favorite.

I haven't been able to find this rum in my hometown of Longview, TX for over a year. I was told that it wasn't being produced anymore. Well, to my pleasant surprise, I'm spending the night in Ft. Worth and the liquor store across the street from my hotel has it! Woot woot! I am so excited. The guy there told me he had just ordered it a month ago and had no problem getting it. I had also found it in Austin last year so Idk why I can't find it near me.

One of my absolute favorites. Very smooth caramel flavor. Delicious easy drinking. Inexpensive but hard to find. Unfortunately I believe its a limited edition.

I started what would be my Summer of Rumn with 1671. This offering was well balanced, not to sweet, not to tangy. I am not sure they will produce it again, I wish I could find another bottle. As an artist I really liked the packaging, very nice looking bottle compared to the others on the shelf which surly influenced my choice.

I was born 300 years too late. My name should be on this bottle. I love the dark caramel and I taste chocolate notes.

This 1671 is one of the best made. I wish I could find it near me.

Sugar: 40 to 45 gpl. I was pleasantly surprised by this rum and admit that I bought it for the bottle plus this rum was on clear out pricing as it's been discontinued by the LCBO in Ontario. The 1671 has more spice and flavour than the Captain's Private Stock, plus it is not as sweet. Goes down quite easily and has a nice warm afterglow. It matches up with other spiced rums in the market and in my opinion is better than the Barcardi line. I might have to get another bottle before it's gone.

Love this rum, smooth as silk, great vanilla finish on the rocks, can't be beat as a sipper.

Actually not a bad rum. Ok to sip but more of a mixer with coke. Smooth taste straight and was good with coke.

Vanilla taste, no throat burn, and pretty long after taste.

Was selling out quickly in eastern Pennsylvania so I had local State Store transfer 2 bottles in for me. $19.99 a bottle here in PA

Nice bronze color. Slightly sharp with a cherry/sherry finish on it that really grows on you. Not as sweet and caramely as Zaya, but definitely an interesting finish.

Amazing to mix with coke And another one of my favorite mixing rums

This rum has a great flavor with nice legs and beautiful aroma. Strong hints of vanilla and spice. One of my favorite sipping rums

Normally I keep a bottle of original Captain around the house for a quick drink with some cola so when I grabbed this I was quite happy. It mixed very well, and was smooth on its own.

Love the aroma. Expected it to be too sweet however i was surprised to find this a smooth spiced rum. I'm a sipper and this is especially good with a twist of lime. I recommend this rum.


I only managed to pick up two bottles of this before it disappeared from our shelves. I loved it. Sweet and smooth flavours. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so what's not to enjoy from this Captain Morgans rum? I can only pick it up now by the case and I am starting to consider it.

Everyone has that one kind of alcohol that makes them gag because they once drank too much of it and vomited all night long. For me that alcohol is Captain Morgan original spiced rum, I hate the stuff. I also don't drink spiced rum very often and the last bottle I bought was The Kraken original spiced rum around the time when it was brand new. Somehow I decided to buy this CM 1671 bottle bc I haven't seen it at any other liquor store I've ever been to, and it was only 20 bucks. I can say that I don't hate this one, it's sweet and very smooth with tons of vanilla and some solid spice flavor to it. It still reminds me of regular captain but not gag worthy, idk all spiced rums tastes the same to me. I did have a tiny 50ml bottle of Kraken on hand at the time and when I compared them the flavors we're quite similar except the 1671 was sweeter and smoother which was expected. The 1671 is 70 proof with a lot of added sugar vs Kraken 94 proof w ?some sugar but likely less added. Nothing very special but 1671 is smooth and sweet and good to mix, I happened to bevdrinking it on the rocks and it had zero burn. My next spiced rum will be the new 70 proof Kraken Black that is not yet on rum ratings AKA "the Blacken". It reminds me of partying in the summertime and taking shots of some kind of spiced rum. Overall it's smooth enough to sip if u like the flavor but probably tastes best to make a vanilla rum n coke.

This rum is so smooth. Just put it on some ice and drink away or mix with Coke. Either way you won't be upset.. I wish they continued making this. Now that they stopped making it I'm buying it my the case to have it for as long as possible...

I have one unopened bottle will review when I drink it. just wanted to get in my cabinet


Captain morgan 1671 rum