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A.h. riise xo reserve sauternes cask rum

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26 A. H. Riise XO Reserve Sauternes Cask ratings

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Aged in French Sauterne wine oak barrel (famous sweet wine wine), this very sweet rum is unique and special and shows pungent aromtic aromas of mangos, apricot, orange peel and some flowers.

The mouth is extremely sweet, luscious, fruit and flowery driven. Very long honey finish.

Very pleasant and surprising but could not drink more than a glass. Best as a digestive


Now this is a rum that any true 'hardcore' rum aficionado would love to hate.

Sweeter than Charlies Chocolate Factory, the unassuming aroma starts of with mild and slightly cloying notes of apple-blossom & apricot that eventually deepens into heady honey tones.

These no bite whatsoever when it hits the palate, despite the 42% a.b.v. content, but the syrupy sweet molasses texture eventually ripens into a riot of flowery honey tones.
Afterburn is nonexistent but leaves a meady afterglow and sweet caramel coating on the throat that just keeps piling on unending honey metaphors till your are lips sealed shut by the sugars.

Excellent as a dessert aperitif and the comparisons to Pyrat XO is very apt, though I'd call this even more extreme.
Has potential as a very unusual high-end cocktail mixer or sipped neat for those who like their spirits sweeter than catnipped kittens assaulting a bowl of honey covered chocolates.

Whiskey & Cognac die-hards need to look elsewhere or choke to death trying to swallow this.

If you are into sweet rum this is it. I find the taste good

This "rum" is beyound sweet. It's litteraly like drinking sugar desolved in water. The palette has some notes of orange and a smidge of wood, but other then that it's pure sugar mayhem

Den smagte okay til en dessert.. kunne ikke drikke den alene uden noget til en aften. Alt for sød.

The taste clearly shows that this rum has aged in Sauterne casks. The taste is sweet and fruity, just like any other Riise rum

Ikke smagt. .

En meget, meget sød rom. Er god til dem med en sød tand. Men ellers OK

A light flavour of cinnamon ... The right one for advent season and Christmas ...

Underlig duft- men dejlig smag. Skiller sig lidt ud fra de andre Riiser

Denne Rom er virkelig god, den overrasker meget i smagen, rigtig lækker

Zvlastni, hodne, je to liker, strasne sladky, ale nenapodobitelny. Body mu strhava cena. V akci v Makru za 950 Kc je opravdu hodne. Ale ziskal si me.

En rom som jeg har nyt på min ferie de sidste to år. Lækker sød og blød.

This is probably the nicest rum I've ever tasted, it has a sweet almost caramel/honey taste to it, with very little burn. It is not a cheap rum, costing about £34 for a 70cl. bottle, but worth every penny. This is a novelty amongst rums, in that it has no "afterburn"either.
There are some beautiful fruit tastes, such as tangerine, and mango, but it is its sweet syrupy texture that brings the message home "I am gorgeous", is what its taste says to me.
I have drunk a fair selection of rums, I imagine over 150 brands, having been a fan since I was 16, and am now well into my 60s, but have never found one as nice as this. If you get the opportunity, try it.


ale presto hezky. Chut pro rum netypicka, ale rozhodne ne nesympaticka

Eye: Clear, Waterclear, light gold
Nose: Pineapple, Mango, Vanilla, Honey, ALOT OF SWEETNESS
Mouth: Sweet, Sweet, Sweet, Vanilla, Exotic Fruits, Honey
Aftertaste: Smooth, Sweet, Light Body
If you like sweet... you'll love this one! I really enjoy this rum, it's definately not made for mixing, even tho i'm thinking about creating something new.. i can imagine it pairing well in a fruit cocktail. Not for everyone, sweet as candy. DESERT RUM.

Einer meiner liebsten süßen Rum als Begleiter zu einer Zigarre

Too sweet for me. Tastes like the banana stuff you get in your mouth at the dentist

Very sweet with a melon after taste. Bouquet of flowers.

Farve: lys/gyldenbrun
Duft: honning og bær vanilje
Smag: sød i starten, meget frugtig, varm, sød og krydret eftersmag.


Bør anvendes som dessertvin! - Rom er det i hvert fald ikke! Sød, men med smag af sauterne som lovet.

A.H. Riise er ægter dansker som er grundlæggeren af denne vidunderlige rom.

This one is to sweet, almost like a winegum in a bottle.

thick melasse, great taste of fruits and vanilla, sautern finish it's so sweet