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It's Saturday night and it's time for the rum review. The house of Angostura can trace its start back to 1824 when a German Doctor, Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert,who at the time was a Surgeon General for the Venezuelan Army. He created the now world famous blend of herbs of which we know as Angostura bitters. When he developed this blend he called it Amargo Aromatica. Originally founded in the one called little town of Angostura (now called Bulivar city),the production was relocated by his son and grandson to the Port of Spain, Trinidad in 1876. Remaining famous for its aromatic bitters the rum was starting to get well known. Their rums are and have been distilled in a 5 column still and have been awarded several awards for gold and silver for all the rums they make. The Angostura 7 year old rum is no different, 80 proof and produced by taking out of the first column a good helping of heavy distillate it is then aged in American white oak and then blended with one that's been through the entire 5 column system. Once blended it is then aged for an additional 7 years to mature in single used American Bourbon barrels. Once aged it is again blended and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. In the glass Angostura 7 year is light amber and gold in color and leaves a thin film on the inside of my snifter. Once the medium thin legs form they slowly crawl back to the reservoir. This rum is loaded in aromatics and flavor. Upon first pouring, butterscotch, vanilla and fine pipe tobacco fill the air above the glass. After a few minutes a milk chocolate and a fine Equadorian coffee arise and join the other scents. The entry is extraordinary and smooth. Lightly sweet with honey and oak spice flavor. This is followed after adding a ball of ice, butterscotch mixed with orange zest making this one very sippable rum. The finish makes it even better a good vanilla bean flavor from the oak goes down smooth with almost no burn.
Drinks can range from the Cuba Librè to a frozen tropical drink. This eve I'm drinking it with Goslings ginger beer a splash of Austrian peach schnapps and key lime juice. Neat is the favorite but I have to have a cocktail with the review. This rum will be transferred to my onion bottle once the review is posted. For the weekend that's it from me have fun with the remaining weekend visit family if their close by or at least call them up and wish them joy and happiness. Till the next week stay safe stay alert stay alive and drink responsibly. Another great rum will be reviewed by yours truly, till then down the hatch.


A dolid benchmark but definitely not anything special. Good mixer I think

Was expecting something better...nothing special.. dry.. ok with coke..for the price there are alot better...

After giving the Angostura 5-year a "7" I feel a "7" is applicable to the Angostura 7-year rum. However consider it more of a 7 for the 5-year and a little over a 7.5 for the 7-year. It's just a tad bit better.

It has a slightly darker amber color as compared to its younger sibling and has a more appealing aroma. Its flavor has that oak tones from the barrels in which it was aged. However the extra aging has caused it to cross over the line, albeit barely, into sipping territory. Definitely smoother with the vanilla and caramel tones as well as butteriness element. There some spiciness to it as well. Doesn't have as much of a burn as its younger sibling.

A very versatile rum enjoyable in mixed drinks, colas, on the rock, and even straight up.

For the price I got this bottle, I can get better value. As a sipper try the 1919. As a mixer there are better ones for a lower price. All in all I don't see a market for this bottle.

While not approaching the 1824 and 1919 expressions, the 7 years old is a fine everyday sipper on ice.

Not overly bold, there are some mellow burnt sugar, spice and marshmallow notes present with a warm creme brûlée finishing off the taste.

I will definitely keep this stocked in my person shelf - especially as a trainer for those beginning to appreciate sipping rum rather than guzzling it.

Good standard rum. Excellent sipper and a good mixer.

This is definitely a step up over its younger 5 year old sibling. Not as much burn going down. Similar notes as with the 5 year old with a nice amber color. A flavorful rum that also is appealing to the nose as well. A nice price for a mid range rum distilled in a column still. Yet another good example of a good rum from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Nice notes of chocolate, honey, maple, oak, toffee and some citrus thrown in. Aged in bourbon casks for up to 7 years.

This makes for a Good Mixer. It's got that barrel flavor you get from aged rum, but its not too sweet or spiced.. it's just got a good RUM flavor which I think lets it not color drinks too much like other rums. Would not drink this straight.

This rum goes easy, it's smooth and had an easy flavour. Sweet smell and and aftertaste. Good for sipping everyday but not extraordinairy.

But thats about the only difference. I really like Angostura rums and this is no exception. Maybe more sippable but still a good mixer for me.

very good mixing Ron for Cuba-Libre and many more Longdrinks.

Not a terrible rum, was fairly smooth straight. Was worth it on sale.

God, len och mjuk. Verkligen helt OK att smutta på en kväll i glada vänners lag:-)!

Jemny, ne moc vyvazeny, ale peknych 5 bodu za 90,- je to cajk

Angostura rums are uncommon in Italy, here the brand is only known for their legendary cocktail bitters.
I bought this bottle online at a very good price, under 20€.
I think it's not bad at all, could be great on short cocktails and you can enjoy it over ice.
As a neat sipper i think that an upgrade to 1919 is required.
I believe that a good amount of caramel is contained, because this rum is darker than 1919 even if it's younger.

One of the best 7 years rums I tasted, well done idd


An nice but not excellent drop , quite sweet which I like (Yes I mix). I cant imagine anybody being offended sits between Appletons (VX aka Signature) and Bacardi Gold on my palate

For that price is not bad, i felt vanilla tones, but not too much

i found it to be a decent sipper and a good mixer. but i actually perferred the 5y and the 1919 over the 7 year. which has a different flavor palette. maybe thats what threw me off.

overall Solid Rum and good to add to the collection.

It tastes young and flat, but still there is bit of harshness. The smell is nice, even better diluted. Vanilla, fruits, nuts with strong freshness. The taste is smooth, but with brief harshness, which sublimes in... well into nothingness. I'm not saying it is not good sipper. It's mostly sipper, because I can't imagine it into mixers. Unless you're going for binge drinking. I actually like this one, because it is some kind of... outsider. There is no great taste, but it still have own specific personality. So if you're rum explorer, don't hesitate to taste. If you are rum purist... stay away.

This column stilled aged rum from the family of Angostura rums is great for tiki drinks. It's complex enough to shine through. I wouldn't say this is a sipper, though.

For this price you can find also better rums. Despite that fact, it is not bad to either sip or to mix.

I feel the taste isnt my type, it taste too much liqure. I can see myself using this to mix drinks with.