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This hasn’t gone well. Floral to the point of tasting bad, kind of ‘mousey’ like when you don’t rack home brew for too long. I feel like it might have been a bad batch, cos they can’t have been aiming for that flavour. Soapy.

This was my first experience with agricoles. I was attracted because of the difference from normal rums and the stricter legislation (or so they told me) that guarantees a better product. I understand those who classify it as a different thing, as they do with Bourbon and Scotch. It is completely different from what I tasted before. On the nose I smelled almost an acidic, winey smell, very similar to whisky. The taste is very dry, with a mild burn. No taste of spice or sweetness, there is almost a raisin aftertaste that again remind me more of whisky or brandy. Doesn't go well with chocolate in my opinion. I recommend it to whisky lovers, but it is not really my cup of tea. The 6 is partly because of personal taste, as I love sweet rums and don't like Whisky instead.

Disons un 7.5 arrondi à 8. Parmi les rhums agricoles jeunes, c’est un de ceux qui me plait le plus. Bonne complexité de saveur, goût sucré très intense mais jamais écœurant bien contrebalancé avec l’alcool lui aussi très intense vu son haut degré.

Offert dans une bouteille de 700m, il est vendu (au Québec) plus cher que les autres rhums agricoles aux 750ml. /

I would give 7.5, but I’m comfortable with an 8 since it’s one of the best young agricole rum I’ve tried. What I like of it is the complexity of flavor and intensity of sweetness balanced with high degree of alcool. In Quebec, it’s a bit pricy. Even though it’s a smaller bottle of 700ml, it is sold at a higher price than other 750ml rums agricoles.

Tried a glass of J. Bally Rhum Ambre and the bottle looks pretty decent, but color is light golden. Strong floral notes to the nose plus plenty of alcohol at the taste test. Dry as a Rhum Agricole typically is. Not my cup of tea.

I'm not a fan of agricole, but I found this enjoyable: at nose caramello, exotic fruit, spices, cinnamon... at taste smooth and well structured.

I'm really not generally a fan of Agricole, but having jsut finished a Dillon 7yo, I realised that I really should have some more bottles in my cupboard in order to give variety.

The nose is a bit of a let down for me. A little unsophisticated and industrial. But on the palate, the body exhibits a lot more complexity. great balance between cane and oak. A richness and sweetness is wonderfully married to the dryness. And 45% is as smooth as a 40% rum.

Getting to think that maybe I should really explore Agricoles a little more often.

Interesting and easy and rewarding to drink.

J. Bally Ambre Rhum is a great introduction to french style rums (rhum agricole). It's a fairly young rum, but quite complex in terms of flavour. Bottled at 45%, it's got some spiceness and a dry quality to it. The nose is pretty good as well, quite floral and herbal! Value wise, it's a great rum!

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The Martinique Classic. On view, we can identify an agricole, by seeing an hot amber colour and a density tipical of vesou.
On taste, it is a youg rum but very full with a little bitterness and chestnut honey aroma and a pungent smell. It's a big distillate.The ratio quality/price is great!
according with me, the J.Bally Ambrè it the best RVM to enjoy on monday night soccer matches!
The only one weakness is the crown cap: a cork would have exaltend the hearing sense too.