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Plantation trinidad overproof

Plantation Trinidad Overproof rum is created by the Cognac Ferrand estate. It is a blend of rums from Trinidad & Tobago which are column distilled that are slightly aged in oak Bourbon casks in France.

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17 Plantation Trinidad Overproof ratings

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Its an overproof with its share of ethanol smell initially. Though it opens up to beautiful toasted flavors, citric zests, wood skin. A killer!

Of course not a sipper, but the best overproof mixer I know. No filler will destroy its taste. Unfortunately this bottle will leave the market soon and be replaced by the Plantation O.F.T.D., because the producer is running out of trinidadian Rum.

Very impressive and powerfull rhum !!.. Ideal for up cocktails ...

I opened the taste of this rum with a little water , I thought that a full grade rum like this could unleash many more aromatic scents ! Fruity and burnt wood notes.

This warms the stomach but not in a good way.... Wow wouldnt fuel your car with it

At 146 proof you'd expect to feel an unpleasant burn, but this rum is smooth and tasty. Overtones of chocolate and bananas provide a delightful sweetness. It's a versatile player...straight up, or with a few drops of water or maybe even an ice cube, and certainly an indispensable addition to your Tiki cocktails. Some acetone in the aftertaste. It's from Trinidad...

Kanon rom til drinks. Har blandt andet brugt den i romtopf

Jeg er ikke selv til overproof rum, grundet styrken. Men nu når jeg er samler måtte jeg naturligvis have denne med på hylden.

This rum work great in cocktails without overpowering and still adding needed depth. Great in a coffee cocktail.

This is a great over proof my go to for mixing drinks. Straight up with water its flavor is not joke either incredible flavor. The rum shines through strongly and smoothly when mixed.

Denne rom er meget stærk, hvilket 73% også indikerer.Det interessante er, at den faktisk kan blive god, hvis man tilsætter 1-2 dråber vand og lader den stå og dampe lidt af. Derefter kommer der faktisk nogle gode smage frem, som gør den til et interessant bekendtskab.

At the Miami Rum Festival, they said they start with this, then dilute down the proof for the other versions. I believe it with how good this tastes. You may look at this and say, "For crying out loud! It's not dark enough to be called dark rum." But when you taste it, you'll believe too (and believe anything you's Truth this what sodium pentothal tastes like?)

This rum is one of my favourite, but I need to be in the mood in order to enjoy it.

My first encounter with this overproof rum was in Hong Kong where a friend of mine used it to spit fire. I will not recommend that kind of use for this rum.

Regarding the taste it is very harsh and it burns all the way down. Despite that it actually has a great taste to it.

So if you are into the overproof category I will definitely recommend this.

FYI: Do NOT start with this rum if you are using it in a tasting - it will ruin every rum you drink after.

Not my cup of tea, but I would recommend if the over-proofs are your preference. The fine taste of the Plantation comes thru, but a little harsh until it is adequately diluted in the right proportions in the right mixed drink. It is currently the only overproof I have in my bar, but not on top.

This is 73% and far too strong for me to zipp.
I made it somehow work with ice, but I dont think it can do anything else than work as a mix in the future.

For me to seriously handle. Just not something I find I can actually "enjoy"

I found this bottle at the Liquor Barn in Lexington, KY. They carry all of the best Plantation Rums. I've been using this to mix drinks with some kick. It is a little much to be sipped, but has a great sipping rum flavor.