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Easy sipping but lacks the complexity of a truly great rum.

I'm also from Iowa, so I have a soft spot in my heard for this rum. It has a very smooth mouth. More liquidy than most rums I've tasted. Has an almost butterscotch taste but lacks the body of a well aged rum. Still, if this is what they can make, I can't wait to see what else comes from them.

Being a native I'm glad to see that someone produced a rum we can be proud of. For a "dark" rum it is rather light but still has good flavor for a small batch company. Keep up the good work.

Good Carmel flavor, not to hot.

A very Amber look. Immediate aroma upon opening. From a woody, spirit air to butterscotch in the air.
Let's smell – Immediately I get sweetness. I want to say butterscotch but more of a caramel smell, it's not as sweet but my tongue tip never lies. This is what I was missing the first taste! Also a smokiness.

A Taste – Yes sweet immediately.. I can taste the sweetness spread across the tongue. First the tip then right down the center. A little wood bit, pleasant; a counter. A spiciness is there too. I venture to say a bit of heat. Warming and comforting. After swallowing...?

After Taste – Smokiness, slowly returning sweetness. Very refreshing to the mouth. After swallowing I smell the snifter and pick up some spices. Cinnamon, but, not just that. A savory perfume as well. Tasters out there – take you time and re-inhale a glass after swallowing, oh my. Perhaps just a whiff of clove.

Mixed with just water or over rocks wakes up even more. Very happy with this Rum and it became a huge hit when mixed with Horchata! (Rumchata)