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Barcelo imperial rum

Barcelo Imperial rum is produced in the Dominican Republic using column stills before aged in white oak casks for up to 10 years.

Ron Barcelo was founded in 1929 by Spanish entrepreneur Julian Barcelo in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The brand was sold mainly in the Caribbean and North America until a much broader international expansion began in 1992.

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Not a rum for beginners or for all palates. Very dry, smokey, leathery. I am sure it would be a great rum with a cigar, but I am not a smoker.

For the $20 I paid, I wish I had grabbed a couple more. When I tried, it had sold out.

I first had this in punta cana and absolutely loved it. i started having friends pick me up a bottle when visiting the dominican. The odd time the LCBO carries it in hamilton. I prefer this straight up or on the rocks rather than in a mix or rum and coke. Out of a dozen rums in my liquor cabinet, this is the one i reach for after a long day at work.

There are toffee and sweet brown sugar aromas, but the rum doesn't smell overly sweet. There is also the slightest hint of oakiness. There's a nice light sweetness to the rum initially and a touch of oaky bitterness which then fills your mouth with toffee. Not very complex at all but its tasty. More of a mood rum for me.

Average sweetness and quite easy. Fruity taste with oak/wood, some coconut and honey.

Velice nádherná vůně čokolády a tabáku. Chuť jemná a výtečná. Poměr cena/výkon, vynikající. Tento rum bych doporučil vážně každému.

Not my favourite. Not very Sweet, but a nice flavour

A very pleasant sipper. Not nearly as strong tasting as it's aroma suggests. Smooth.

Desi culoarea e de rom dark gustul e de rom golden. Gustul si mirosul se amesteca fara ca vreunul sa fie pregnant cu exceptia celui de alcool.

Μπήκα σε μια κάβα με διάθεση να δοκιμάσω κάτι διαφορετικό το μάτι μου έπεσε σε αυτο το ρούμι. Παω σπίτι βάζω ένα ποτήρι... ήπια τρεις γουλιές πόλυ σκληρό για τον ουρανίσκο μου ευτυχώς την επόμενη μετα η σύζυγος μου με ενημέρωσε ότι έσπασε το μπουκαλι

Worthy to try. Not to much sweet.. caramel flavours.. a bit smokey.. Very easy to drink..

A colleague of mine gave me this rum as a present.
I must say the way the rum is presented (design, color of the rum) did make me expect a whole lot. But, although it's a tasty rum, it's not very special.

A gift of this pushed me back into the world of fine rums, a superb standard.

This is just a really enjoyable rum. Not bursting with flavours or aromas, but genuinely delicious. You could have a glass of this anytime. A great straight up sipper.

Un des premiers rhum gouté lors de mon séjour en république Dominicaine. j'ai vraiment aimé son goût et c'est grâce à lui que je souhaite connaitre d'autres bon rhum.

Good rum but nothing special. Very easy to drink, quite oaky but it doesn't give you much else to sparkle the mind...

Rhum à cocktails, avec du coca ou en mojito mais pas sec.

Vítejte u další recenze, tentokrát se jedná o vlajkovou loď firmy Ron Barceló z Dominikánské republiky, dodávané v krásné elegantní lahvi o obsahu 0,7 litru a 38% alkoholu. Zrál nejméně 7 (některé zdroje uvádějí 8) let v sudech z amerického dubu.

Aroma: Výrazná vůně kůže a tabáku, čokolády, nasládlost se potkává se zemitostí.
Chuť: V chuti neobyčejně uhlazený, sametový, lahodný, plný a rozinkově nasládlý.
Když budu hodně přísný, líbila by se mi větší výraznost dochuti, je na můj vkus příliš jemná.
Shrnutí: Tento rum jsem podrobil opravdu náročným testům :-) , srovnával jsem s celou řadou rumů, které se u mě sešly. A patří k tomu nejlepšímu, co jsem poslední dobou ochutnal. Stroh 40, Abuelo Añejo, Matusalem 15y, ti všichni zůstali ve stínu Imperialu, jediný rum, který dopadl ještě lépe, byla Angostura 1824, ale tam už jsme v úplně jiné cenové relaci. Imperial seženete už kolem 550,-Kč, takže další muzikant, který vám zahraje hodně muziky za málo peněz.
Přijde mi, že mi s každou další přechutnávkou chutná víc a víc. Výraznější dochuť by z něj udělala supernovu...
Body: 89

I am perhaps taken in by the products of other islands, or maybe I have been seduced by rums in other price points. But, I no longer see the Imperial as a sipping rum. It's solid, no doubt - with a shallower version of the characteristics of newer rums from other producers. But, it doesn't light my fire.

This is one of my favourites now. Nice smell. Even better taste, smooth, sweet, little bit oaky. I'm not much of a pure rum drinker, but I could get used to this one on the rocks.

Relative cheap, but tasty fine rum with a little bit rough end

A friend got this bottle for me as a birthday present .It's maybe not the rum with most flavours, but it is really nice and easy to drink. Did put it first in a Cuba Libre and thought I did put a bit too much rum in it but after started drinking I though exactly the opposite, that I forgot putting rum in it, so smooth it was. Conclusion was I need to sip it and yes, definitely a smooth sipping rum, not sweet what I like a lot, but not complex in any way. I did not notice any wood or leather, maybe there is but so little I can't see it after all that cuban and venezuelan rums I usually drink. You can do nothing wrong with this rum, it will suit everyone who likes sipping and not mixing. It's maybe not a rum for a rum expert as its lacks complexity but definitely a rum I would buy again.

The Imperial is Barcelo's first rum meant to be enjoyed neat. Their younger siblings are too harsh and their Premium Blend 30 is too pricey at over $100 a bottle. Good rum for those who don't care for sweet rums.

Very tasty rum and would highly recommend. It's best on the rocks. Not as good as the Brugal Leyenda for me but still a high quality rum and very tasty

I like this one a great deal for mixing. I tasted coconut?? when mixed with cola. I would always buy this when given the chance.