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Picked up a bottle in a specialty liquor store in Panama City, Florida. Never saw or heard of it before so I shelled out $40 in order to try it. First off, the bottle is very unique...reminds me of a Erlenmeyer flask from way back in my high school chemistry class. Fairly think glass which I read is supposed to be handblown. The info was from 2007 and my bottle has a join line so I don't think they are handblown anymore.

The aroma in the bottle is subtle with a slight woodiness to it. It has a drier flavor than I am accustomed to. I really don't get much, if any sweetness to it and that woodiness aroma shows up in the taste as well. As the burn fades the flavors linger and are actually quite nice. This would make a nice sipping rum for those who prefer a drier rum but I prefer this in Coke Zero.

Light-bodied, with a mild aroma and a fairly smooth finish. Nothing too complex going on here, making it easy to drink neat. Perhaps not a top-shelf rum, but good nevertheless.

Suffers from what I call the PR syndrome. Highly hyped Puerto Rican rum that doesn't deliver. Typical at best for its class.

So many rum drinkers have zeroed in on rum having to taste sweet. There are actually two styles of rum, one dry and one sweet. Trigo is in the dry camp. I remember buying this rum in Puerto Rico and carrying it back in my suit case. I grew up drinking rum gimlets. What a delight. Three parts rum and one part Roses Lime Juice. What I have found is that sweet style rums DO NOT work at all with rum gimlets. They are TOO sweet. Trigo and Lemon Hart and sometimes Appleton are the right rums for rum gimlets and many other drinks. Cuba Libre is not meant for a sweet rum. Lemon Hart is the best, Trigo is very good. Too bad it is so hard to find.

The aroma of this rum is rather light, slightly toasted oak, subtle molasses and caramel pastry. Light, smooth and dry; peppery spice, citrus peel, vanilla, caramel and almonds. It has a sweet oak warm finish. I like it neat.

When you think of Puerto Rican rum, you think of Don Q, Bacardi, Don Llave, Palo Viejo and Ron del Barillito. We need to include Trigo as part of this list because this rum really delivers. It is a smooth rum that isn't very sweet. It also isn't a heavy flavored or strong bouquet style rum similar to that of Jamaican rum. Just a nice enjoyable rum meant to be sipped straight and made part of your rum collection. Your liquor cabinet should contain Trigo as a nice representation of fine a fine Rican rum and what it should taste like.

Decent younger aged rum that is less sweet than other Puerto Rican rums like Bacardi 8 or Don Q anejo. This is thin bodied with a predominant bitter finish with a touch of sweetness. Cool bottle.

Jeg har netop fået denne flaske direkte fra Purto Rico.
Jeg ser frem til at få den smagt

Nadstandardně dobrý rum. Doporučuji nechat dostatečně vydýchat, pak chutný mnohem lépe.

Not a huge stand out, just a nice Rum that works as a sipper or as in a mixed cocktail. Rum Old Fashioned is my favorite mixed drink to make with Trigo.


Aroma a bit medical with some Carmel. Fairly light for an aged rum. Not overly complex taste, but nice that it is not overly sweet or spicy. A bit of an alcohol burn aftertaste.

Me gusta mucho este ron dulce y añejo, yo lo prefiero tomar convidado con Coca-Cola, sin embargo sabe bien con soda y un poco de limón

This rum was suggested to me being that we live in South Florida (and this is the only area in the continental US you can get it, from what I understand). It's a good rum from Puerto Rico, but definitely not amazing. To me it goes best with an ice cube or chilled with a splash of water (to take a bit of the bite off the back end). It would likely also go well with your choice of soda.

Havent been in PR for a long time. Good rum at a mid-price range. Very smooth, and sweet. Good to drink neat, with a splash of water, or simply with an ice cube.

another one I picked up in Puerto Rico. Was nice to find something I couldn't get in Colorado. It was enjoyable and drinkable, but I don't remember many specifics. Guess I'll have to go back and get another bottle

This is a little known rum from Puerto Rico but it is one of my favorites. It is a bit lighter in color that most other aged rums. Smooth and enjoyable, but lacks the complexity of others.

I always buy this rum when in Puerto Rico. I have not found it in the States. Great price.