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Travellers 1 barrel rum

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9 Travellers 1 Barrel ratings

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Gold colored rum very sweet with a strong caramel flavor. Can be consumed neat or as a mixer. Whennin Belize drink as the Belizeans drink!

A very easy to drink tropical flavored rum that is great for mixing. I gave it a 7 because it mixes so well with coconut water. Very refreshing blend.

Not bad for the price,. My dad paid $15 for a bottle in belize. Light in color, not much aroma and a bit of an after taste. OK for mixing.

A minor difference between my bottle and the bottle pictured here. The top where it reads "Belize Travellers" is replaced with a self-promoted winner of gold awards.

It's a light amber color both in the bottle and in the glass. It has a very pleasant fragrance hinting of toffee and caramel. Kind of sweet in flavor but exhibits a bit of oak astringency due to it being a relatively young rum. Allow it to age for a few more years and I expect it would be quite better.

Overall a good mixing rum workable in all sorts of cocktails and Coke Zeros but nothing really remarkable about it.

This is a young rum with a lot of artificial flavouring. Unimpressive

This rum is meant to be a mixing level rum, but is able to be enjoyed neat if you wish.

This was the popular choice on our vacation. Tasty enough with just a splash of soda water. I would drink it again.

ok single note rum

Aroma very carmal, carmal carries over to the tast. Much to sweet a rum for me

Travellers 1 barrel rum