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Travellers 1 barrel rum

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13 Travellers 1 Barrel ratings

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Gobs of caramel on the nose and a whisper of vanilla. One of the better offerings from Travellers. Good for R&C or Petit Punch. Cheap when bought in Belize (~$15 US for a 1L bottle)

I expected to like this rum more than I did, as it was described to me as a sweet gold rum, which sounded good, as most gold rums aren't sweet enough for me. But this kind of let me down.

Smells and tastes of toffee and sweet caramel. Very artificial, without much rum flavor. Too young to taste any barrel aging. Has a slight alcohol burn. Not really my kind of rum.

This was not great rum, but I will say it is authentic. If you happen to be on a cruise that stops in Belize, you simply have to boost the local economy by taking a city or jungle tour that just happens to stop at The Travellers Distillery. You can’t argue with free samples and you get to experience a taste of the country. I like to think this is as close to the original “moonshine” of rum as it gets, the kind of stuff real pirates of the Caribbean would have longed for. Hey when in Rome!

Tried the Travellers 1 Barrel rum at the Travellers Distrillery in Belize City and this is not a neat sipper. I can't believe how some folks like this taste. 1 Barrel is years away from being even slightly enjoyable. It has a very strong alcohol smell and taste and the burn is just awful. Mix it with Coke and move on.

Gold colored rum very sweet with a strong caramel flavor. Can be consumed neat or as a mixer. Whennin Belize drink as the Belizeans drink!

A very easy to drink tropical flavored rum that is great for mixing. I gave it a 7 because it mixes so well with coconut water. Very refreshing blend.

Not bad for the price,. My dad paid $15 for a bottle in belize. Light in color, not much aroma and a bit of an after taste. OK for mixing.

A minor difference between my bottle and the bottle pictured here. The top where it reads "Belize Travellers" is replaced with a self-promoted winner of gold awards.

It's a light amber color both in the bottle and in the glass. It has a very pleasant fragrance hinting of toffee and caramel. Kind of sweet in flavor but exhibits a bit of oak astringency due to it being a relatively young rum. Allow it to age for a few more years and I expect it would be quite better.

Overall a good mixing rum workable in all sorts of cocktails and Coke Zeros but nothing really remarkable about it.

This is a young rum with a lot of artificial flavouring. Unimpressive

This rum is meant to be a mixing level rum, but is able to be enjoyed neat if you wish.

This was the popular choice on our vacation. Tasty enough with just a splash of soda water. I would drink it again.

ok single note rum

Aroma very carmal, carmal carries over to the tast. Much to sweet a rum for me