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Very decent, very smooth rum, with wide sugary sweetness and body with hints of coffee and sweet spice. It has very slight after taste burn. I recommend this one as good bargain with high benefit cost. It's very drinkable rum, decent mixer and simple sipper (with no distinctive or surprising taste, however).

Quite a decent rum, first try is really sharp aftertaste, second try gives a smooth feel. The aroma of the wooden casks. Can be sipped.

The Dominicans scored big with this one! I can't believe all the poor or so-so ratings. This rum is fantastic. It's good iced cold and it also makes a punchy rum and coke. This should serve as the standard for "Anejo" rums! It is very balanced, starts with a nice rum bite, finishes smooth with a very subtle sweetness, and is not over oaked. The aroma lingers in the nose and the pallet for a while maintaining a vanilla and nutty finish. Molasses, fruit, and sugar are not the centerpiece of this Anejo. This is a "hotter" more punchy aged rum.

As always I taste my rum neat. Not a full bodied smooth rum but no overpowering alcohol or burn which is not bad for a rum priced pretty much on par with a Havana club blanco. Spicy and not overly sweet. Pretty decent.


Buen color y sabor, algo fuerte al paladar, se percibe el roble. Para ingerir con hielo y/o con cola.

This is a nice rum with a fair price. For some reason I always get a headache after drinking it straight. Would work well in cocktails but on the harsh side to drink neat.

It's just ok to me. It doesn't surprise you with anything and it's not bad either. It was just ok on the rocks and just ok mixed. Very middle of the road rum

Alkohol: 37,5 %
Původ: Dominikánská republika
Aroma: Ostřejší vůně, alkoholová, s kůží a dřevem, trochu větrová, dále lak na nábytek, leštěnka, vanilka, kořenitost. Taková jednodušší vůně. (82 b)
Chuť: Pikantně krémová, štiplavě alkoholová a jemná dohromady. Alkohol je tu zase znát, a to i přes nízké volume, trochu lihově nevycválaný dojem. Kořenitá až peprná chuť s lehkým nádechem vanilky. (82 b)
Body: 82/100
Shrnutí: Ochutnal jsem v Pivnici U Čolka v Brně-Žabovřeskách, kde mají velmi pěknou rumovou nabídku, odhadem asi 150-170 druhů. Doplnil jsem si tímto rumem základní vzdělání, měl jsem od Barcela Añejo a Imperial, Gran Añejo mi chybělo. Když jsem s rumy začínal, asi by mě bavil víc, teď už jsem objevil zajímavější kousky. Ale pro začátečníky nebo na rozjezd ochutnávky naprosto v pohodě. Ovšem co se týká nákupu lahve, tak se rozhodně vyplatí připlatit si na Imperial, cenový rozdíl není velký, kvalita ano.

My local shop has this priced at $15, which is great for the value. It's an excellent blend of Dominican rum and it's light brown color matches its smooth taste. Great alone or with mixer. Would buy it if it was $20 or $25 but not higher.

When I finally get the urge to crack this baby open, I will update this rating.

It's not as harsh as some of the cheap stuff. I drink it with either ice or ice and water. Good but not super smooth.

Just sae thisbat my locsl shop and though eh. I'll try it. I was pleasantly suprised and i enjoyed it very much. A deep taste and almost no burn what so ever. Despite being 40% most definitely going to get it again once i finish this bottle. But i currently have way to much stuff to be buying two of something at a time hahaha.

One of my "budget" alternatives when it come to a grogg

This was available 'all-you-can-drink' in my hotel room. I was sipping this after hard days at the beach. Solo, on the rocks, cola, it does it all.

Quite good rum for the price but not too interesting. It has balanced ttaste but a bit sharp for me.

I've been looking for years for something that tastes like that! It has this really nice odor and the tastes I just can't compare. I am drinking it 100% clean, but I am yet to try this with cola.

smak av fat karakter. kanel brunt sukker bitter apelsin. tommel opp for lite sukkerinnhold.
absolut vert pengene. trenger å puste litt i glasset om man skal sippe den.

Best rum I can pick up at Walmart. Nice and smooth over ice. Sippable straight as well, nice woody flavor. Makes a great rum and coke too. All around versatility.

Wie halt so jeder Dominikanische "Gran Anejo" in dieser Preisklasse.
Leckere Mix-Rom die durchaus auch pur getrunken werden dürfen.
Etwas scharf in der Nase jedoch auch fruchtig mit Vanille.
im Gaumen etwas Karamell und Toffee.
Ganz ok.

How just like every Dominican "Gran Anejo" in this price class.
Delicious mix-roms that can be drunk purely.
Slightly sharp in the nose but also fruity with vanilla.
In the palate some caramel and toffee.
It's perfectly alright.

Amber colour, nice bottle, tastes great in cocktails. It's a must for that price

The bottle is nice. The smell is of alcohol. No specific smell. The taste is neutral. No spice and not specificity. Unusual for Dominican rums. It is cheap and decent in drinks.

Great rum for sipping and enjoying the moment. Nice bottle and color, makes the moment look special

I drink this one a fair bit. I use it to mix a sort of rum-based caipirinha and it works great for that! Some nice anise tones in there.

Nice rum, nothing more nothing less. Slightly lacking the sharpness in flavour I like for mixing...