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11 Barcelo Dorado ratings

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By far the least tasteful of the whole Barcelo lineup. Drinkable in cuba libre only.

Ramené directement de St Domingue à l'occasion d'un voyage, je n'aime pas du tout ce rhum qui n'est autre que de l'alcool à bruler !

Аромат - выверенный испанский стиль, сладость, бочка. Вызывает доверие.
Поначалу ненавязчивая маслянистость уступает горечи, заметны небольшая кислинка и отсутствие сладости. Неприятные ощущения не задерживаются в послевкусии и поэтому закуска нужна в минимальных объёмах.
Отсутствует ощущение тяжести/давления во всех частях тела во время и после освобождения стеклотары.
За его цену (около €10) и весьма приятное качество неразумно покупать только одну бутылку.

Barcelo Dorado Anejo is not a neat sipper. Tried a small bottle in Dominican Republic and noticed that it goes down much better with some Coke. Smell is strong alcohol. Very strong burn at the end. No clear flavors at all, just pure alcohol.


I must collect something, else i get crazy, so why not Rum?

This summer there was an invasion of this rum in italian beach bars.
I had a shot of it (offered by the bartender) and tasted a rum & coke.
You can find better spanish style gold rum for mixing, but this is probably very cheap.

I had plenty of these in the Dominican on the all inclusive resort... Lovely mixed with coke... Useless to drink with everything else

this was a great tasting rum at a very low price point smooth and suttle

More harsh than Anejo and Gran Anejo. Spirit too dominant in taste. Drinkable with cola, but if you can spare a few $ more, Gran Anejo should be your choice by all means.

I had a bottle of this in my room in the DR. Its not the best for drinking straight, its a decent mixer. Its only slightly different from the flavor of the Anejo barcelo. This is a cola mixer unless you are in a very serious bind. I mixed mine with Mexican coke and a few cubes of ice from the room minibar. For the price though you can't complain.