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Tanduay superior 12 year rum

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8 Tanduay Superior 12-Year ratings

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A very competitive mixer with Coke. Slightly spicy, smooth. But 12yrs old? Flavored 12 yes old? Can't really feel it's natural...

Smells and tastes mainly sugary and way too young. Also too bitter in the finish. No way all rum in this bottle has been aged for 12 years.

I drank that during visit in Philippines. Not bad...of course like 12 YO nothing special...not as rich in taste. But hey.....that's cost around 5 US....for that price - fantastic :D

The rum has a long dry finish filled with charred flavours of caramel (treacle), toasted walnut and a beautiful cocoa fade. The finish makes the experience worth repeating.

I rated it a six. However, I was told the bottle was only about four dollars. For that price, it's an 11! More seriously, it's not bad at all. It is smooth enough to be a sipping rum, and it is completely unobjectionable in every way. But, that is also the issue with it, as there is nothing that stands out as being wonderfully tasty either. I'd say it tastes like a common, good quality, standard rum should, and that is not a bad thing in any way. In fact, I've not found a more "standard" rum anywhere.


Smells like nail polish remover but thankfully tastes better. Strong caramel sweetness masking a young rum IMHO. Not a very pleasant after taste. Probably ok as a mixer with cola. Plenty of better 12 yr rums out there.

Caramel drink, but bearable. Sweet start good finish.

High end Rum from the famous Tanduay in the Philippines. Very sweet and round. Super caramely.

Pleasant for everyone but you don't know what or how this rum is really made.
Could be a spiced rum - from ll of artificial flavors when you know you pay the bottle only 3-4 dolars.