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Takamaka bay dark rum

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I do not know how anyone could pass on this rum. It is a coconut based rum, and is decently sweet. It is very smooth, not only to the tongue, but to the nose as well. This is the only rum I can drink straight anymore. The first time I had this, I drank it straight out of the bottle, on a beach in Seychelles (where it is from). A few friends of mine had the idea to crack open a coconut, pour it in, and drink it that way. This rum just feels smooth when you drink it. When you take your first whiff, you are hit with a sweet, vanilla/coconut aroma. It should make you want to drink the bottle right then and there, but we want to enjoy ourselves, right? When you take the first sip, it feels like a smooth creme in your mouth, but somehow still liquid. The taste on your buds will make you wonder why you never tried this rum before. I am bad at separating flavors, so for you that have super taste buds, I am sorry. The only thing I can say is that if you do not enjoy this rum, then you are probably looking for the "highly rated" rums whom of which have tastes that are competing with bourbons, and smell like rubbing alcohol. I understand that is the "traditional rum" way, like the British Navy used to get. Let's face it though, there is a reason we started mixing our drinks, because it wasn't that good to begin with. This rum, you can drink straight. I love this rum so much, that it is in my only decanter, and my wife ordered it (from Seychelles) for my wedding gift.

Luckily I didn't pay for this bottle and I'll be sure to pass on it next time if it is offered to me once again.

I loved the original takamaka bay spiced however this one seems to hold a bit more of a dull flavour profile. Don't get me wrong, it has a lovely fruity vanilla flavour however it seems to disperse quite a bit faster than its younger cousin. I would drink this with maybe one extra ice cube than usual to take that extra bite off the tail end. Overall not that bad but could do better 6.5/10

Love this one. If you want to drink rum but not to much. I could easily drink one
Glass an evening with this one

Had this one a few days ago. A friend brought it home from his trip to The Seychelle islands. It's a very refreshing rum. Nice during a summer party.
But no wow factor


This is a drink to convert non-rum drinkers. With its sweet vanilla taste, it's great to drink neat.

It's an ok rum, but I prefer smoother rums........

As allways with takamaka bay.. You get a bit more then you pay for.. But this one neat.. The chemical taste.. Almost like tasting some cheap vanillasugar.. But in a drink.. Hey!.. This shit i great.. :)

Dieser Rum wurde mir von Freunden geschenkt, welche auf den Seychellen im Urlaub waren. Nun ja. Kein Spitzenrum. Der Geschmack ist nicht meiner. Zu flach

Meget spritet