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Sunset very strong rum

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While a good overproof, at 84.5% it has limited uses other than to get people where they need to go, fast. It stays out of the way quite nice. I always found Wray & Nephew to be a bit on the nose and Bacardi to have a bad taste. This looks, smells and taste like almost nothing and that is sometimes exactly what you want. Very slight sugar taste.

Just like the name says very strong sipping not so much mixing still has a kick to it the smell close t pure alcohol

Goodness!! Feels good going down. Have not found anything better.....NOT looking either. :-P

I find this to be a good rum for both shots (at your own risk) and mixing. For mixing I prefer with juices vs cola. Good mixer for creating rum punches.

What is the point? Ruins most drinks and must be used sparingly at best. Just buy some Everclear and be done with it. Only uses are killing fish you just caught or cleaning engine parts. To be fair, it is a good conversation and fire starter.

This is ridiculously strong. Its pure, does not smell of much and I was not crazy enough to try it neat. I did ask a friend to and he was gasping for water after. This is perfect if you want to get drunk quick.

So strong So good. Perfect "additive" for that little extra "octane" in your drink!

This is a remarkable strong rum, can be taken as a shot, of course with a water chaser, might make you want to dance, great in mixed drinks, has a distinct chocolate flavour going on...84.5 ABV makes sure you know you've had a drink... one for cask rum fans...