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Stroh 60 rum

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It is said this rum was used by senbernar dogs that had small cask under their neck to help to freezing people after the avalanches in swiss alps. Nevertheless its a mixer only rum to drink with hot drinks or in my case i pick it up a shoot drink mixer (layer it on top and put it on fire).

Heavy nose of chocolate, rumessence and fermented apples. The spicy pallete is potent with nutty notes of chocolate and dried apples. It is by no means a refined product and should be reserved for hot chocolate

Ce rhum est fait pour les desserts, le gout de caramel et d'alcool sont intense

A cold winter day mix this with hot chocolate. Otherwise this is no rum to buy. To harsh and no good taste.

Only to drink when you have it with you in a snow storm, want to have a black out or after you have set it on fire.

Very unpleasant experience, artificial aroma and taste. Might work pretty well as throat desinfection product...

It is virtually impossible to convey in words any idea at all of how undrinkable this is. Discovered it on a stag night in Estonia and it quickly became a go to punishment/dare drink. For a rough approximation mix equal parts Jack Daniels and Campari. Inexplicably becomes drinkable when dumped in hot chocolate.

Bought after a holiday in Austria, this appears regularly in winter hot drinks. This is what it is good for and try to avoid using it for anything else. Certainly not a sipper, it does have a niche for long winter nights!

Goes with Hot Coco as does the stronger one. This might be even little more useful than the stronger one since after few of this you wont pass-out

Heavy artificial flavour. Very sweet smell. Tastes more like an overproof liqueur. Used for warming up when it's cold.

Still trying to decide if it's a cleaning product, a cough medicine or something I should be drinking... Funny to see people's reaction to it. Sippeable in very small amounts I guess.

This is what I have in a flask when I go skiing. Instant kick and it sends your blood pumping.

Other than that, it does have an amazing flavour and is quite decent with Coke. Not my first, second or third choices for a mixer, though.