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Stolen gold rum

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9 Stolen Gold ratings

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A bit of bite at the start and a good finish with no harsh afterburn. This is a really good rum and very good value for money. As a sipper 8 / 10 and as a mixer with ginger beer , slice of lime and ice (as indicated on the bottle) also 8 / 10.
At present only available in NZ and Aus , on a slight down side the new bottles are not as flash as the one pictured !! Keeping the cost down i suppose.

The distillation and aging process takes place in Trinidad where the rum matures in oak barrels for a minimum of four years before it is carefully blended by hand. The result is butterscotch and cinnamon spice aromas on the nose with a smooth and buttery finish in the mouth.

I must admit I have not always been a major drinker of rum, but since I moved to NZ and discovered the Stolen brand I have been increasingly converted away from my usual Whiskey & Bourbons

I have tried on multiple occasions to sip this neat and with mixers and have always come across this lackluster flavour profile. The rum does have some subtle cinnamon, charred vanilla and nutmeg tones however they seem to die down very quickly. The rum has potential if there was a longer ageing process. 4/10

These guys have a lot of work to do. Their product just isn't there. Maybe some charcoal filtering? I don't know but this is the second rum I've tried from this company and its just not happening.

I've been trying to get my hands on this little number for a while. Upon a resent visit to NZ I finally did.
The color is in the name.
Smell: Very faint aromas.
Taste: With very light caramel, with a touch of smoke. A little warmth as it trickles down


A good gold, especially at this price. You can tell it was aged in whiskey barrels. It was a lot sharper than I had expected. Also great in a mix with gingerbeer.

This drink comes only with fine notes and aroma. The nose is only slight with fruit, toffee and vanilla. The taste also with fine but distinguished aromas, like toffee. The bitter aftertaste stays only short as well.

Special brand for sure! Though I wouldn't recommend the Stolen spiced rum (with coffee beans!), that one had a too specific flavour for me.

I am really impressed by this Rum. From a price point of view locally it was at the bottom end of the scale with a palate closer to the top end.

Smooth and flavourful without being overpowered with caramel or Oak tones, converted two whiskey drinkers and a bourbon drinker last time we busted it out at a party. Neat, straight or if you have to mixed, this is a great edition to try.