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St  nicholas abbey  12 year rum b

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2 St. Nicholas Abbey 12-Year ratings

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a finely balanced aged rum, generally smooth and with plenty of natural flavors accenting the rum taste. not overly refined or too artificially sweet, pretty darn good straight up but would be very nice in strong rum cocktails that doesn't hide the rum flavor (like a ti punch). a little pricey but worth it if you buy on-island. until recently it was only available on Barbados but still hard to find and at a premium in the states. I put this a few steps above Pyrat XO, and maybe closer to a more balanced 12 yr old Appleton. (this is significantly improved from their 8 or 10 yr old rums. but if you go there just for rum, splurge for the 15 year old!)

The 12 yo is nothing but fantastic, it has deep flavors and so good it should be reserved for sipping but if you mix with it, make sure you chose a type of cocktail where the rum is allowed to shine, like the Mai Tai and a stunning Mai Tai it makes...The nose is warm, rich and fruity with a touch of spices, wood and caramel. It´s like it tells you – taste me…In the mouth it`s a journey into the land of what a really great rum can be…it´s such an explosion of flavors completely filling your mouth..