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St. james royal ambre rum

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This rum comes with the standart rectangular bottle, nicely done, nothing too fancy yet still very stylish in my opinion. The producer states it is aged up to 24 months and contains 45% vol.

The colour is amber (it is no surprise), not too dark but still quite full, doesn't just leave an impression of coloured water. In a glass, it has very clean structure, when I twirl or tilt the glass, I can see thick legs slooowly running down but leaving a visible trace.

The aroma starts with general sweet grassy and cane feel. I swear I could also smell something reminiscent of a certain flowers, can't say which ones. After that, notes of honey and vanilla appear here and there, burnt sugar and if you try really hard, you can catch a small moment of oaky undertone, really minor in comparison to Saint James 12 y. o.'s which really smells of wood and leather. I really recommend to let this breath in the glass, the aroma spreads and it is very pleasant, unless you literally stick your nose half an inch above the glass and inhale as hard as you can, in which case you smell some alcohol traces, too.

The taste in the mouth starts with quite strong burn followed by spices, vanilla, slightly sweet taste finishing with heavier wooden taste, perhaps even some nuts. This spreads into your nose. The finish and afterburn is quite agressive, quite short and not really too memorable, rather uninteresting and perhaps bit dissapointing, do not like the taste in the throat but I guess it is a debt to be paid for the interesting and enjoyable smell and aroma.

In a cocktail this is an absolute blast, it is good rum to sip too, but not for everyone, and there really are better rums to sip. I would say you cannot go wrong with this, but it isn't the best bottle for really special occasions or nice afternoon with your beloved lady, might be too harsh for her.

The taste of Martinique but not quite the standing

One of these good value for money rums you can buy from supermarkets in France.
Of course this is not for sipping on its own but more for cocktails.

Pretty decent taste for a mass market Rhum Agricole.

Pas vraiment fan de ce type de rhum très sec, pas de saveur particuliaire..moins désagréable en mix certainement...pas fan du Rhum agricole.

Aucun intérêt pour lui-même, éthylique au nez, terrible en bouche. Pour les mix essentiellement, et encore.

It's not smooth and rather punchy. Don't like the flavour

It's a taste of the island, sweet and sugar cane accent.

Cheap rum, harsh and fiery... Closer to an armagnac or a cognac than to the aged/sweet rums I'm used to sip. Never found the "notes florales légèrement épicées et délicatement fruitées" elsewhere than on the label. At that price, could be interesting when mixed but that's not my way of drinking rum...

A very smooth aged agricole, very much more mellow than it's white cousins, worth having on the self.

Goog rum.
It's one of my favorites. Sure, I drank it more, than others.
Good taste and good aftertaste.

My all time favorite. Best rum to drink straight up.

Beaucoup l'apprécie, mais pas moi. Je n'ai pas aimé du tout.

I think it could be a fun rum, but it taste juste like strong alcohol, without aroma...

Rhum and coke seulement sinon c'est vraiment pas buvable

Ruff, aromatisé, mauvais en drink. Très mauvais rhum

I prefer rum without anything else: no softdrink, no ice. But with this one that's not a good idea. I keep it to mix it someday with coke, probably. Don't even like it in my tea.

Taste is too sugary, plus it's got a nasty after-taste. It's (in my opinion) more to spice-up food like pancakes, than for your cocktail. hangover time

Nose: Woody, spicy notes mostly
It has been aged for 20 months in average in oak casks

Personally I believe that it is a very good addition to your own bar as a mixing Rhum given its price
(I found it around 20€), but I would never enjoy it neat


I had this one on a cruise ship way back in 1992 because it was the most affordable rhum agricole from the French West Indies. Little did I know that this was the French equivalent of Bacardi, aka rot gut. When I returned from the cruise, I even bought an entire bottle back at home in the hopes of improving on the bad sample on the cruise ship. It was still crap. The moral of this story is that when one wants to venture into the unique tastes of rhum agricole from the French West Indies, start anywhere else except for St James (and Negrita).

Cuando recibes un ron regalado por los mismos dueños y lo compartes con tus amigos siempre dejará un buen recuerdo. Así conocí este ron, ya se acabó y dudo que lo vuelva a encontrar.

Really struggled finishing this bottle. It actually taste more like Whiskey than it did like rhum

Passe dans un rhum coca mais sans plus... Bouteille édition 250ans de la marque

I have a bottle of this which I have in fact had for some time. Mainly because I find it so poor that I reserve it for cooking, but I don't know any recipes with rum, so it sits there, in the dark. When I finished many bottles of other rum, I have returned to it, and been reminded of why it is left in the drinks cabinet for so long. It is 45%, so has a definite kick, which is good until the alcohol evaporates to leave an unpleasant chemical taste in your mouth. My view is that there are much finer rums, at lower prices.

Not so good taste for a sipper
Maybe good for cocktails