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St. james royal ambre rum

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49 Saint James Royal Ambre ratings

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The taste of Martinique but not quite the standing

One of these good value for money rums you can buy from supermarkets in France.
Of course this is not for sipping on its own but more for cocktails.

Pretty decent taste for a mass market Rhum Agricole.

Pas vraiment fan de ce type de rhum très sec, pas de saveur particuliaire..moins désagréable en mix certainement...pas fan du Rhum agricole.

Aucun intérêt pour lui-même, éthylique au nez, terrible en bouche. Pour les mix essentiellement, et encore.

It's not smooth and rather punchy. Don't like the flavour

It's a taste of the island, sweet and sugar cane accent.

Cheap rum, harsh and fiery... Closer to an armagnac or a cognac than to the aged/sweet rums I'm used to sip. Never found the "notes florales légèrement épicées et délicatement fruitées" elsewhere than on the label. At that price, could be interesting when mixed but that's not my way of drinking rum...

A very smooth aged agricole, very much more mellow than it's white cousins, worth having on the self.

Goog rum.
It's one of my favorites. Sure, I drank it more, than others.
Good taste and good aftertaste.

My all time favorite. Best rum to drink straight up.

Really cheap rum, payed something around 6/7€ at market. Not a great rum, just the entry level to agricoles from St. James... good to mixing.

As one of the basic "models" it provides a good introduction to agricole rhums.

The color is light brown/gold, the nose is strong of alcohol (the rum has 45% alcohol, which you really feel), but apart of that you feel the typical agricole aromas of spices, sugarcane. In the mouth there is not much of a taste and the throat/afterburn is quite unpleasant. The Saint James 12-year is the one to go for ;)

Very synthetic smell and taste, hard smell, just good for mixed drinks It stinks.


Smell of tobacco. The hay taste is not too present. The finish is tobacco and sweet. It's better mixed with soda.

Je m’attendais au pire mais finalement ce rhum n’est pas mauvais. Il n’est pas remarquable non plus, il manque de saveur, il est trop fade mais au moins il n’arrache pas la gueule.

Un rhum bas de gamme de Saint-James. Il est fort sec et n'à pas énormément de goût. je l'utiliserais plutôt pour les cocktails!

This rhum agricole (Martinique AOC) is easy to find in north western italian supermarkets.
It is a very young spirit, now bottled at 40%/80proof while before it was 45%/90proof.
Normally people don't understand agricoles saying that they tasted like "bad cachaça" and prefer sweet spanish style rums.
This is a correct, standard product, in my opinion.
It's the only agricole that you can find under 20€ and it could be a good starting point if you want to explore this different category.

All of Saint James Rhums are noteworthy. Royal Ambre is lighter than the Reserve, and both sippible and improves any cocktail.


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It's not really a sipping rum but it's a great Agricole for newbies to mix a better than average Mojito or a good 'Ti Punch. Compared to other Rhums Agricoles Ambrés it's cheap and easy to get even outside of France. Would always prefer it over a standard Havana 3 or at least use it in combination. Can't actually do much wrong with it although it's far behind the full skills developement of agricoles....

Non male per costare così poco, c'è sicuramente di meglio ma anche di molto peggio.
Ottimo nei cocktail, bevuto da solo non brilla per evolutività.
In definitiva un entry level per iniziare a scoprire gli Agricoli.

Nose was mostly a woody alcohol combo.
Taste was rather bitter, burnt a little, no real flavours coming through.
Unpleasant bitter aftertaste which unfortunately lingered in a long finish.

Un produit franc, une belle couleur ambre, pas trop sucré, fruitée légèrement


À venir prochainement..............................