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Medium barbancourt 5 star reserve especiale 8 year rum

Barbancourt 5 Star Reserve Especiale 8-Year Rum is agricultural, meaning it's produced from fermented sugar cane juice rather than the more typical molasses. The sugar cane juice is double distilled and aged for eight years in Limousin oak barrels.

Dupré Barbancourt created the Barbancourt rum recipe in 1862 in Haiti, where the rum is still produced today. A French national, Barbancourt incorporated traditional French methods including double-distillation in the process.

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Not a great nose, but really pleasant taste. Not an overwhelming grassy taste common with some agricoles. Just the right amount of slight spice, short to medium finish with some leftover oil.

I'm generally not a fan of agricoles. Others I've tried (and there have been several) have not appealed to me so I've not rated them. With that said, this is the best I've tasted and I like this one. It struck me as on the dry side but subtly sweet with a mild whisky-like flavor. Unfortunately, for my taste it's over-priced (around $30 US / 750 ml) where I can get it.

Beautiful colors. Smooth, with pleasant notes of oak and a soft scent of the cane sugar.

I heard about this Haitian rum in the forums, which uses sugarcane instead of molasses and thought I would give it a try. I picked it up on sale for $18.99 which is a good price. I found it to be surprisingly good for the price. Nice color, good notes and quite smooth. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great rum at a great value.

Excellent on all fronts for sub $30. Bottled at 43% which makes it a great sipper. If I were to fault it I would say it's a bit generic and lacking a wow factor. But really it's far to good and enjoyable at it's price point to care about such a minor and petty thing.
It’s also an all around brown rum substitute. It can be perfectly used in any drink that calls out for brown rum.

UPDATE: Whenever I drink rum I let them breath in the glass for about 10 minutes. I did the same when I originally posted this rum and the initial results were such. However I had a feeling something was wrong with this batch as a whole, like the factory missed a mixing step. The smoke flavor was just way too high to be normal. I figured to get the smokey taste out would be just to stir it. So I poured the whole bottle in a pryex glass and put it on the stirrer and stirred for about 20 minutes. After having the whole room smell like a burning log I took it off the stirrer and tried it. MUCH better, the flavors are all there like they should be. Definitely can get the argicole taste now. And doesn't taste like a burning log anymore. Still not that good but enough to be enjoyable in a rum and coke.
I'm leaving the original review below \/
This is bad rum at all points. Opening the bottle it smells OK at best (kind of like a failed pusser's batch). Drinking it straight is okay for a millisecond (imagine a better tasting bacardi gold) and in comes a whoosh of harshness with so much smokey/tabacco flavor you mine as well suck the tail pipe of an 84' ford, there is only a faint hint of the grassy agricole part but that flushed out by the smokey too. In coke its much the same, it is less harsh but there is so much smoke flavor its not very good. It's not even a pleasant smoke like smoked jerky. It's more like the new guy left the space heater too close to the barrel and it caught them all on fire and they said "screw it we waited 8 years we are going to sell it anyway". Clement makes 100x better agricole. This could be good to marinate foods in for a smokey taste.

a pesar de que no es el de 15 años, llena todas las expectativas de los conocedores roneros

I found this has a distinct taste compared to D.R. Rums, must be something in the distillation or aging process. Still a fairly good drink when mixed, but not a lot of complex on its own.

There's nothing wrong with this rum, it's well made and has a certain appeal. But there's nothing that jumps out and grabs you by the short and curlies and makes you go wow. The fruit is nicely balanced with the oak, and there is a nice kick from the alcohol which is warming and has good length. Normally I prefer to drink straight up at 40% but this at 43% is perfect.

Note that this is comparable to a Martinique AOC Rhum at about half the price, and as such is going to have an unusual flavor due to its cane juice origin, as opposed to most rums which are made from molasses. The aging imparts a Cognac-like taste to it.

..nos,ez egy remek kis 8éves ital, olyan rendezettek benne az illatok és az ízek.Fűszeres ,tölgyes, pici illatában és ízében is VISSZAFOGOTT...viszont torokban már ÉREZNI hogy magasabb az alkoholtartalma mint az átlag !! Valahol ez a kettősség jellemzi a rumot !!! Finom , vagány az üveg :)

If 4 years old was not drinkable even with coke, this you can take if nothing else is available.

Al naso non regala sentori particolarmente dominati,arriva fatto l'alcool a coprire tutto. In bocca subito forte l'alcool che lascia il posto a pepe e erba verde. Il finale non é granché e lascia un po di amaro in bocca

Vic's recipe, according to B. Berry, calls for 2 rums: an aged agricole and a dark Jamaican. (There is some confusion about whether Barbancourt is truly an agricole, but the label says "100% sugar cane rum" and that's close enough for my standards). There isn't enough character or complexity for this to be a top-notch, stand-alone sipper, but it deserves respect (and an 8) for making authentic Mai-Tais shine like the sun.

Skvelý agricole rum z Haity za výbornú cenu, vo vôni trocha trávy, či dubového dreva, jemný.

Last night I opened the case of Barbancourt 5 star I had asked my niece to bring me from Haiti last Thanksgiving 2018. I poured a whole bottle in the bowl of Krémas I just made. Normally, 1 bottle should have been more than enough if not overkill for the amount of Krémas I made, but all I got was a thinner Krémas without the taste or smell of rhum. After a 2nd bottle resulted in more Krémas without the benefit of added alcohol, I poured it in a larger container and added a 3rd bottle with more or less the same result that it finally occurred to me that something is definitely wrong with the rhum.
I took an empty bottle to my nose and smelled nothing. I opened a 4th bottle and poured some in a glass. It was almost clear with a hint of amber, the beautiful aroma I’ve always loved was missing and it looked like I added a little rhum to a glass of water which is exactly what it tastes like. It’s really a shame that today I have to go buy some other good rhum in addition to more ingredients to bring the Krémas back to life! Very frustrating and a total waste of money!


I tried several glasses of this just to make sure I gave it a fair shake. I never made it through more than 2 sips on any glass. I tasted nothing but alchohol. I did not enjoy anything about it. This is a hard pass for me.

Way back in the late eighties during leaner times when travel was preferred over fine rums (which were not even available back then), this was my occasional "luxury" rum. My usual ones in those days were Cruzan Gold, Appleton V/X, and Pusser's Navy Strength. In those days, El Dorado, Diplomatico, Pampero, and the like could not even be found on shelves in my area. The complete Barbancourt line of rhums could easily be found in French speaking Louisiana. They were not cheap, so this here 8 Year Old was always my "luxury rum". I had absolutely no idea back then why the difference in taste was due to it being an agricole rhum aged in Limousin oak casks. I just knew that it was totally different from all of the other rums that I had tried at the time.

So why have I waited so long to try this one again? The reviews that mention smoke and "after the quake" decline in quality threw me off. Recently trying their 15 Year old neat at a bar also did not help. So after carefully studying all of these reviews again, I figured that there was less than a 25% chance that I would wind up with a bottle from a bad batch. I took the $27 gamble on this bottle and brought it home along with two pricey aged rhum agricoles from Martinique. This one easily beat those other two and I really lucked out on my new bottle of Barbancourt.

Just as I remembered it, it is very buttery and delicate with no smoke flavor whatsoever. The burn is kept to a minimal. The aroma is more floral than grassy, as well as the taste. Had I rated this one back then, it would qualify as a perfect 10, but these days I have found many more rums that are better, even if they cost much more.

Not a Grest aroma.The flavour Is compsed by dry fruit and a Little bit of vanilla but the alcool is very dominant.

On sipping, has quite a strong boozy nose punch, but mellows out to an understated fruitiness. The combination truly belies how smoothly it goes down the hatch. I can't go after a $25 bottle too visciously for the fact that I'm finding it underdeveloped. But I was imagining a little more complexity to go along with its 8-year life in a barrel. Little doubt it will make a fine mixer. But I can't see myself using it for anything more than that.

I don't know if I am being fair with this review since I didn't get a chance to truly appreciate it by itself! I was drinking it along with beer and food, so It was not the main experience. I remember it being very good for the price though, and I would love to try other older Barbancourts!

Got it as a gift by a Haitian friend that just returned from a visit there. Absolutely awful! Taste like Nyquil cough medicine mixed with prison hooch with a hint of sweaty ass! Didn't have the heart to tell my bud how bad it was. The toilet seemed to cringe as I poured it down its gullet. Really God awful stuff!

Doesn't quite make the cut for sipping on but is all right with ice or as a cocktail.

Do no ever try agri rum. Taste like petrol, not good at all.

I tend to fine Haiti runs a little rash for sipping, so i was happy when this initial mouth feel was round, and smooth, but it gave away quickly. The nose was mild, but there was no alcohol burn. There was a hint of leather, banana and a little tobacco. The taste had light sugar throughout, with mild bitterness in the end. It was not bad, but nothing to write home about.