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St. aubin spices rum

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3 St. Aubin Spices ratings

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Truly unique and fun spiced rum! Strong notes of allspice and cinnamon. I'm a fan of spiced rums, and this one wins the award for "most unique". A rum you could serve to people who don't normally drink rum, and they would enjoy it. I would reserve it for a after-dinner sipping rum. Worth having in the cabinet for sure!

Such a fun flavor - apple pie with a bit of orange. Very unique and heavy on the cinnamon. Smells of brown sugar, as well. Great little rum from someone who normally doesn't like the spiced rums.


Dégusté à la rhumerie.
Un rhum épicé très agréable ou l'écorce d'orange est bien présente et domine le mélange d'épices : une réussite.