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Seven tiki spiced rum

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This was the best rum I ever found. I make a great Rum and Coke. I'm so disappointed that it has been discontinued. Please bring it back. I haven't found a rum I like as much as I liked 7 Tiki.

It’s a nice mellow tasting rum nice to use as a mixer.

That should be an indicator of the quality. I tried sipping, got nothing worth remembering. I'm sure you could mix it with something but as of yet it sits in my shelf and is handed out during parties as to not burn up my good rum.

I believe that Bacardi owns Seven Tiki rum now. It is a nice inexpensive rum that has many of the same notes associated with that many other spiced rums share. Cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, tropical fruits and dried fruit, oak, almond and clove.
Pretty smooth rum from Fiji, unfortunately this rum was discontinued, I believe, a couple years ago.
This makes a great mixing rum and can also be enjoyed neat. Very little burn or alcohol smell just a nice dark amber rum to spice up your life.

Dovedu si představit do drinku, ale na samostatné popíjení večer na balkoně určitě není.

Good spiced rum. Nice aroma and color. Strong vanilla and nutmeg taste. No after burn. Definitely recommend you drink it straight, no ice.

Not my favorite. Easy to drink, catamrl flavor very similar to Capt. Morgan

SMOOTH no burn WITH A CARAMEL AFTER TASTE good strait up goes well with coconut rum 50/50 with a splash of coke to take the edge off

Buono. Inaspettato. Affumicato. Rapporto qualità prezzo eccezionale.

The word that comes to mind with this spiced rum is "not-so-subtle" (okay it's a compound word). I have tried several spiced rums so far (two of my favorites as of this writing are Bayou Spiced and Siesta Key Spiced rums) and there always seems to be one or two dominant flavors among the spices used. This one however does not seem to have any such dominant spice. The spices are definitely there but blended in such a way to become a cohesive flavor unit. This is a pretty darned good rum on its own. Works GREAT in Coke Zero and I imagine would do well in mixed drinks. I probably will try some with some orange juice to see how well the spices blend with the citrus. Might even go a little more basic and put an ounce or two in a glass and add a splash of key lime juice. This rum has a lot of possibilities.

Really enjoyed this, but mixed of course, For a pure drink I would go for something else.

Spice is too subtle to stand out. I consider this a notch above the spiced megarums such as Oakheart, Sailor jerry, Capt Morgan etc - but not nearly on the level of the best ones such as Brinley's or The Lash.

Edit : just broke this one out after a long time, overwhelming vanilla. I agree with the reviewer above, maybe "subtle" is not the word I want - plenty of spice just nothing jumps out at you. Pleasant enough but not memorable.

This rum has potential, as it stands out is too light to be considered a real Spiced rum. Flavor gets lost even just from a snack.

Its an OK rum, just not good or great. Has some nice notes, color is ok, but left me feeling a bit disappointed.

Its an OK rum, just not good or great. Has some nice notes, color is ok, but left me feeling a bit disappointed.

Even though the bottle "tries to hard" and doesn't pass my cheesy test, it is a good mixer and not too bad with a couple cubes of ice.

This is one of the better spiced rums out there.

You have a add a rum from Fiji in your collection. This is a good mixer with cola.