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Seven fathoms premium rum

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The Caymans is where I had my first quality rums not mixed with coke. I enjoyed them so well I have started searching for the best rums available. This isn't it. Not bad and not hard to drink straight, but just nothing stands out with this one.

One of the easiest rums you can ever drink not much to it for taste or knows we're on the pallet I really don't know what to say

light, not complex, but very smooth. Almost no flavour to speak of. Nothing going on. Will have to try it with some coke.

My wife bought me a bottle of this for Christmas. It is very tasty straight up. I like the barrel aging under the sea. It is very unique. A great sipping rum, but not cheap.

It's an average young rum but it's different of others. I found out that this rum is kept underwater to age, due to the pressure etc. it is a different way as high above...and also..cayman islands...who knew they made rums too? it's a good addition in the collection and tell the story of it but thats it and i'd sip other rums instead

Near impossible to get her in Virginia , but one of my favorites while in the Cayman , the distill process of storing the rum in barrel under water gives it a unique oak flavor .

I actually tried Seven Fathoms Premium at a restaurant here in Michigan. I was really expecting great things from this Rum, as I have seen it on my past visits to Grand Cayman, but found it a bit harsh on the swallow. I am a Zaya Grand Reserva guy, so I do tend to compare many of the great Rums against Zaya, and Zaya always wins. Having said that, I think that this is an admirable effort from a young, newer Cayman Islands company, and as they gain more time under their belts in the years ahead, I would think that they will come out with more Aged rums. Until then, for me, this is a solid mixing rum, with good depth, a bit smokey, but not one that I would enjoy neat or with an ice cube at this time. Not yet anyway.

Pretty much just tourist rum. The poster child for soul less small company commercial rum.

Plain and uninteresting taste. Starts and finishes the same way. My bottle will only be used for drinks.

Seven fathoms premium rum