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Really strong, really good, really smooth... pleasantly surprised. Discovered a bottle at the liquor store next to the Danbury airport, probably the only place in Connecticut where it's available. Had never tried rum from Hawaii before, and for the price, it's quite affordable, it's truly an awesome find! The bottle and the brand is unassuming, no loud gimmicks... just solid respect. It doesn't lean too far in any direction, a young rum. Distilled in San Francisco from island of Kaua'i sugar cane molasses and Hetch Hetchy water.

Rum from Hawaii isn't as popular as its famous Hawaiian Kona coffee, but Sergeant Classick rum should be making a name for itself. It is a flavorful inexpensive rum with fruity notes and baking spice. A semi sweet rum that is pretty smooth. Great mixed but could also be sipped straight or add an ice cube to change the flavor portfolio somewhat.
Not an easy rum to find...

I like this stuff. It's interesting. Starts off nice and sweet, but then finishes with a whiskey like burn. I've only ever seen it in one liquor store in Orlando, Florida, and so I ration the lone bottle in my cabinet. If you find it, try it and enjoy it. If it's not your thing, use it as your "house rum" for the next cocktail party, family gathering, PTA meeting, whatever, and the rum muggles will be impressed.

I find the aroma a bit more subdued. It has a caramel and brown sugar richness. I get a smoke hint as I would expect but very delicate. Taste; has to be a smoothest aged rum I have had. There is a fruitiness to it and just a hint of burned sugar (like the edges of Flan). Again I can't believe it is 80 proof for the mouth buzz is minimal and the flavors are so robust. Here is a wonderful sipping Rum. Character, robust oaken flavors mixed with a sugar crust sweetness that is never heavy but heavenly. The taste stays with you and fades nicely. This too will be a favorite of those looking for a rum that speaks to you.